If you have come over here, well, then I suppose you are in for a treat!
      Besides my quirky personality, I also come up with the weirdest of things. I have dubbed myself the "RandomQueen" on many groups I am on.
      So hopefully you will be entertained by the things I hear and put down, the things my brain works on, and the random peices that don't seem to fit anyother part of the website!
Here are two drawings I did. I have not drawn in years, so excuse the mess.

I colored them in PhotoShop.
Random Christine Fact: When I was younger, I wanted to drive a 18 wheel truck around. Adventure in a box! And it was driving, even so at the time I did not know how to drive...
Another Factoid: Going through Middle school and High school, I wanted to be: an Artist, Architect, and a Pathologist.

I still do some art (now mainly sewing and computer backgrounds), draw my own homes for fics I write (and on Sims), and have one of my minors in Criminal Justice and would love to do Crime Scene Investigating....

But always thought about writng as a back up... now I almost do it for a living!
I own 3 Macs. Two are in various stages of needing to be reloaded and repaired, and one that I am working on right now...

I grew up with PC's all  my life so I had a crash course when I got to college, and have been hooked ever since!