Cam walked slowly, having convinced Hushin that he did not need to escort them everywhere. He relaxed as he smelled the light wood burning smell; it reminded him of his home. He turned and watched as Sam and Daniel walked beside one another, talking in animated tones. He smiled; they were perfect compliments for one another, easily catching each other's thoughts and following them quickly. Ronan was pulling the rear with Colonel Sheppard, a man Cam had quickly become to bond with. They shared the responsibility of commanding high profiled teams and both managed to do it well.

"Do we have any idea how long we have?" Sheppard asked, coming beside Cam as he dialed home.

"No, just the standard 38 minutes. Ancients were cheap with the calling times," Cam said as the wormhole established. Sending his GDO code and walking to the MALP that Daniel and Sam were turning on, Cam wondered if 38 minutes would be enough.


"And you can't make a quick hop to the other side of the galaxy?" General Landry was saying.

"No sir. They are rather strict like that. We had to practically bribe our escort to stay behind," Sam said.

Landry sighed and sat down. "Alright. What have they proposed?"

Daniel took over, sending the map to the General and pointing out where Atlantis was in relation to the three offered colonies. "As you can see, they are on the outlying edges of the galaxy, and are rather far away from other planets even out there."

"When are we to give them a response to the treaty?" General Landry asked.

"Noon-ish tomorrow, sir," Cam said, leaning into view.

"Not long enough to send the Daelalus out there. No gate addresses per chance?"

"No. They only gave us the map today. Don't ask how the other days went," Daniel said. Sam went back to looking out into the darkness, Ronan scowling and Cam and Sheppard shaking their heads.

"Sounds like you all will be cashing in the much needed weekend then," Landry said, smiling. "So what about these planets is appealing?"

For the next 10 minutes Daniel and Sheppard gave a rather lively rendition of the sales pitch that the Chancellor and one of the delegates had done earlier. Landry sat back, looking at the map once more. The small team waited. "I think before we do this I will talk to General O'Neill and ring General Hammond on this. This may be too big for one General to take on," Landry said at last.

"Very well, we'll call in," Cam checked his watch. "Say two hours?"

"Sounds good. Till then," Landry said as he punched the off button, disconnecting them.

Daniel also turned off the MALP, straightening as the gate settled back into nothingness. He looked at Cam and raised an eyebrow. "Where to, Mitchell?"

"I think there was a small bench. We'll just play it easy for an hour," Cam said, leading them to the small garden they had strolled through earlier that week.

They settled on the benches, with Ronan standing beside one of the trees, keeping an eye on the small amount of villages who were coming by. Sam rested her weapon beside the bench, and loosened her vest. Beside her Daniel also loosened his vest. Even though they were in a protected place for most of the day, Cam and Sam had insisted that they all should treat everything as a regular mission - which it was, still. They were on an unknown planet, with unknown people, constantly on guard.

Sam smiled as the sun slowly lowered behind the Stargate, lighting it up a bit. "I forget how beautiful the gate is," she sighed.

"It's pretty amazing. I agree, the drab gray walls of the SGC do nothing for it. Of course the year Jack suggested to spruce it up for Christmas did not work very well either," Daniel said, chuckling as he remembered Jack's 'wonderful plan' on Christmas.

"I thought General Hammond would kill him. I still don't know where he got all those lights."

"Ever wonder why Siler seems to win the on-base quarters decoration contest?" Daniel asked, raising his eyebrows. As Sam looked at him in wonder, he nodded. "Yup, Jack said he could not return all the lights without looking suspicious. So Siler took them."

Her small giggles were interrupted by the sound of the Wormhole opening. She quickly turned her attention to the active gate. Ronan stood a bit straighter, a hand by his gun. Both Cam and Sheppard stopped talking as the Wormhole rippled and two people came out. They were going to relax when a third figure stepped through, sending a small ripple of cold sweat through SG-1.

Cam pulled his gun, Sam and Daniel following suite, training their aim dead center of the man who was now standing with the other two. The rest of the villagers simply walked about without interruption. The silence in the small grove was palpable and all eyes were on the three strangers.


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