"Shit," Cam breathed.

"I take it we know these people?" Ronan said as he too took out his weapon.

"Sadly," Cam replied. "All too well. Shit," he repeated. Clicking on his radio, he hit the button twice, hoping that someone was near one of their radios in the house. They needed to find out what was going on, and why their enemy was standing on the same planet as they were.


The radio crackled twice, making Vala look at it from the couch. She had found several books she could read and actually wanted to read, and was tucked under a throw blanket, trying not to laugh as Teyla did not even try to kick the snot out of Rodney.

"Hey! You two need to quiet, we have a call," Vala said as she picked it up. "Hello?"

"Vala!" Cam's voice said in a hurried hushed voice.

"So they say. What is wrong, love?" she said as she motioned for the other two to come over.

"We have some company. If you could find our escort, we need... wait."

Vala stared at the black radio, waiting for Cam to continue. She looked worriedly at Rodney and Teyla. "You think they need our help?"

"No. I think we need to either wait or find our escort... what's his name?" Rodney said, pacing.

"I agree," Teyla said quietly. "We need more information."


The group, guns now all trained on the three who still stood near the DHD, watched as the villagers moved around them, hardly acknowledging their presence. None looked them in the eye, and some made small signs as they passed. A figure also dressed in a cloak came from the village, head bowed as it approached. As it drew closer, the man in the middle also bowed his head and gestured for the clocked figure to come closer.

"We have some company," Cam said as he finally got Vala on the radio. "If you can find our escort, we need..." Cam stopped.

A small gasp went through Sam as she watched the figure pull back his hood to reveal Hushin now talking to the other two. She could not glance at anyone else, but was sure that they too were amazed.

"A prior," Daniel breathed.

Hushin was now gesturing for them to come with him, making the Stargate company hesitate for a moment. "Follow," Cam said barely above a whisper.

Silently they followed them through the garden, and then through the dense woods that ran the lane they were walking on back to the house. Cam clicked the radio twice and hissed, "We have a problem. Watch out for Hushin."


Vala looked at the box, wrinkling her brow and was about to ask why when Rodney stepped beside her and lowered her hand. "I have heard Sheppard talk like that and that means that nothing, nothing, is as it seems. They are in trouble, but we can't help them there. We have to stay here and help."

Teyla nodded as she bounded upstairs getting her battle sticks Sheppard had insisted she take. They were brought not only to practice with him, but also to defend herself. Coming back down, she saw both Rodney and Vala peering out the window. Drawing near she saw that the rest of the Priests had come down to the courtyard and were now waiting for whoever had just come.

"I don't even know what I am looking for," Rodney said, exasperated.

"I'm sure that's not a first," Vala said, trying to make the air around them feel less oppressive.

"You take a delight in torturing me don't you?" he said turning.

"A small one, yes," Vala said. Tapping the window she continued, "but they may enjoy it even more if this turns ugly."

"You have a sunny personality," Rodney said flatly.

"And so do you."

"Silence. I think I see someone coming," Teyla said stopping the banter.

There came Hushin with two men in cloaks behind him and a single man behind them. As Vala looked at the lone man in the back, her eyes widened and she wanted to quickly melt into the nearest wall.


"The Priests of the Order of Colonies," Daniel said, suddenly connecting the dots. "They did not defeat the Wraith by themselves." He placed a hand on Cam, stopping him as the small troupe before them went into the exterior courtyard of the home they were staying at. "The Chancellor, what did he say their new gods come from?"

"The same place as the Wraith," Sam said, looking at her husband. "The Ancients who found a way to ascend. Of course, they have power of good and evil."

"Classic fairy tale which I see are not tales," Sheppard said.

"The Priors came to the Dunes people hundreds of years ago? This is bad," Cam muttered. "So I guess the Dunes people accepted the stuff they have been pushing. They are already in the galaxy then."

"Remember, maybe two years ago, when they blew up that planet? They were trying to make a super gate," Sam said. "We thought they were trying to get a foothold, but maybe all they were doing was leaping across the galaxy closer to Earth. Daniel, you visited the Priors home world back then. Vala came back and trapped you in a coma."

Daniel nodded. He hated to remember those times, so far away from Sam and not knowing if he could come back. "Its been a while, and not the fondest of memories. I don't think it was here."

"Maybe it wasn't." Sam paused as she collected her thoughts. "The Dunes have territories all over, so maybe it was not here, but somewhere else. If the Priests are not just harmless teachers who go to their colonies, but are really a small sect that study under the Priors, the Ori, then this is more dangerous then we knew."

"Ok, you and Jackson get back to the gate; tell Landry to send some more SG teams. We need to cut and run and do the most damage possible," Cam said quickly.

Daniel and Sam nodded, turning and quickly running back to the gate. Years of experience told them that there would be lots of quick decisions and no time to second-guess your gut. Daniel glanced at Sam, her hat pulled low and her eyes straight ahead, but still a bit of apprehension he had seen forming as soon as they were married, and made her almost leave the SGC when Jacob was born. Her short blonde hair stuck out from her hat, making it stand out against the black vest, and her hand hovered over her zat.

"It'll be fine," he whispered as they stopped before breaking from the trees.

She flashed her blue eyes in his direction and nodded, the military woman taking over the soft woman underneath. "I know." She squeezed his hand and sprinted to the MALP, Daniel toward the DHD.


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