As they drove over Sam could not believe that she was holding the hand of her best friend, and one who held her heart. She would watch him, as if to assure herself he was sitting next to her.

"I'm not going anywhere, Sam," Daniel said as they pulled to a stop sign outside Jack's neighborhood. "To tell you the truth, if you were going to really marry Pete, it would have taken a good deal of will power to have even stepped into that church."

"I think I would have had to be chained to whoever was bringing me to the chapel myself. There was just some deep nagging feeling, and if I had not just stopped and faced it, we may not be pulling up to Jack's house," she said, as they in fact pulled up to his house. She squeezed his hand and continued, "together. The way we both want it."

"Always," Daniel said, smiling. He caressed her cheek and kissed her once more. "We have a mission Colonel: find who this woman is and disarm the bomb known as Jack with our news."

"The mission I have always wanted," Sam said giving a small giggle. "I have been waiting for that one to come across my desk."

"We will throw the smoke bomb in and then storm the place, side by side," Daniel said.

"That's a sound plan. Let's execute," Sam said giving him another kiss.

They made their way to the house, not seeing any smoke, and assumed they were inside. Sam and Daniel went to the front door and knocked.

"Hey kids!" Jack said warmly as he opened the door. "You're late for the good burgers, all that is left are a few half done ones."

"Thanks, but we are going to go out after this. Can we come in?" Daniel asked.

Jack gestured with a beer bottle. Sam smiled slightly and wondered if the mysterious woman of earlier had left. She followed Daniel into the kitchen where the well-done burgers and condiments still sat out. "You have company? We can leave if you are entertaining," Sam said lightly, gesturing to the food.

"Nonsense. I had company but they left," he said noncommittal.

"Oh?" Daniel asked, pulling anything he could, while being innocent of any knowledge.

"A neighbor... new to the neighborhood," Jack said, dismissing it. "So you two on another one of your science twin outings?"

"Jack, you are not in your house enough to know if there are new neighbors. I would actually think they would mistake you as being new to the neighborhood," Daniel said, pressing on past the question.

"Daniel is right, you are always complaining that you don't get out more in fact," Sam said, flanking him with her words.

Jack looked at both of them, lingering a bit longer on Sam. "Ok, ok," he held up his hand and beer. "I was entertaining a lady who is new to the SGC neighborhood."

Daniel smiled smugly, knowing that they could always get a confession out of the former Black-Ops soldier. "Well that was all we were wanting to know. Why didn't you say sooner?"

"Well... awe hell. I can't be sitting idle when I am home, I need to make a life for myself. I can't wait forever," Jack said, once more directing his eyes to Sam.

Sam was glad she had left and told Daniel before she ventured into enemy territory alone. Knowing Daniel was beside her, strongly in her heart, and with his love she could face Jack's almost confessional eyes she took a deep breath. "I broke up with Pete this morning. I could not let him suffer and be always looking into shadows, wondering if I simply said yes because I was scared. I had to tell him I would not have been loyal to my heart - a heart I have not been loyal to for a long time. I'm glad you are moving on; we would never have worked," Sam said, seeing the hurt flinch in Jack's brown eyes. "I need to be with the one who has stolen my heart."

Jack kept staring at them both, now focusing on Daniel. "You?"

Daniel nodded. "Me."

"Oh," Jack said thoughtfully. "Well I guess we don't need to be playing games any more."

"No, I think this pretty much cuts that out," Daniel said. "Look this is not something that has been going on. Sam just told me this afternoon."

"On the last mission, I realized I have been in my own world, being rather immature at how I have been handling the whole Pete thing, and the ring. I needed to realize that everyone was suffering in my indecision. Walking almost off a cliff helped me see that I had let too much cloud my mind, cloud my heart. I was denying something I wanted, needed, for what I thought was all I could look forward too. I needed to wrestle my demons so I could see what my heart was really crying for."

"We all wrestle demons. I'm glad they did not make you do something stupid like marry Pete." Jack took a sip of beer and placed it beside the burger. "To tell you the truth, I have been wanting to puruse the woman I was entertaining for awhile. I guess with your head back on your shoulders, you have freed a lot of us."

"Yes I guess I have," Sam said, nodding.

"I'm glad you are finding happiness, Jack," Daniel said, clapping him on the shoulder. "If you'll excuse us, I have a lovely lady of my own to entertain."

They left a smiling Jack waving to them from the front door as they drove away from the house. "We make a wonderful team, ColonelDoctor."

"That we do, DoctorDoctor," Sam said, mirroring his smile.

"How about a dinner and a movie?"

"Are you asking me on a date?"

"Well I think I am. We already have the who picks up who figured out."

"We do don't we? I guess it is only natural then we try a date or two."

"A date or two?"

"Well how else can I tell my dad I simply did not run away and get married?"

"Is that a proposal, ColonelDoctor?"

"Not yet. We may have survived Jack and found more about the mysterious woman, but we still have a dinner, movie, and perhaps more to get to."

"Intriguing," Daniel said thoughtfully. "Italian?"

"Perfect. Romantic/Action/Comedy?"

"I'm there," he said. Squeezing her hand he added, "Always. Until eternity ends."


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