Sam fell asleep against Daniel's chest, a weight he gladly bore. He lightly stroked her short hair, wondering if this was what he had envisioned a few days ago when she had turned to him and smiled. Thank you. Who knew that it meant, You made my way clearer, and now I can puruse my heart. He was only expecting that they could have a talk and finally get back to their easiness around each other.

Never that she would make his heart burst with the acclimation of her love. And for him nonetheless. Love that was precipitated over and over. He would truly have died if she had said 'yes' to Pete, or dumped him and gone to Jack, a charade he had been watching from the sidelines for years.

Sam shifted in her sleep, and he stilled. He could now see her face better, and resumed stroking her hair thoughtfully. There was no day he remembered that he looked at Sam and saw the soldier and woman she was intertwine, yet separate. Sam had pulled a pair of ratty jeans out from her overnight bag after they came back from dinner and renting a movie. She had looked relaxed and comfortable as she walked from the bathroom, in a pale blue t-shirt and her hair devoid of the small butterfly clips that she wore during the day. He too had changed into a pair of comfortable jeans and a dark gray shirt, making them both seem like they could not wait to get out of their everyday clothes and into something the military would profusely frown upon wearing.

He sat propped against a stack of pillows, legs stretched out, curved around her slightly tucked legs. She had placed her hands on his shirt settling her head down on them, leaving his arms to wrap lazily around her. It felt natural, as if they had been doing such things for years, and not for the first time. Daniel smiled into the semi-darkness of the ceiling. There were no more words that could begin to describe how Sam's love had healed him. She had always been the silent friend who would keep the coffee coming, hand the extra cookie over and share the whipped cream in the cocoa. He could always find her door open, light on, and ready to listen to any new discovery he wanted to pursue, any fears he had in his search for Sha're. When Sha're died, a part of him did too, but when he would find himself wandering the halls, it was always her door he was knocking on. It made sense they would grow close, the two scientists, the brain trust of SG-1. It was a natural progression into realizing his heart had mended and was being slowly given more and more to Sam, even when she was off pursuing Jack or some other guy who glanced her way.

Daniel looked down at Sam, sleeping on his chest. He planted a kiss, deep and solid, into her hair, wrapping his arms once more around her and closed his eyes to dream peacefully.

When he woke, he realized the pressure on his chest was gone, and a warm, soft covering was teasing his morning stubble. "Sam?" he asked groggily.

"Here. Good morning," she said, a cup of coffee in her hand. She rounded the couch, eyes focused intently on his. They were clear blue, and he wondered if he had ever seen a prettier pair of eyes in all his travels. Of course not, he chastened himself, as he reached from under the blanket, grabbing her as she placed the mug beside his glasses. "Oh!"

"I want to make sure you are really here," he said gradually waking up.

Sam smiled as she traced the stubble on his chin. "Always." She kissed him gently, pulling back and smiling. "Here is coffee, wake up and there is food in the kitchen. I need to take a quick shower and I will be back."

"Ok. I should have moved a bit off the couch by then," he said playfully, kissing her again.

She got up and walked back toward the bathroom as he turned and inhaled the coffee's rich hazelnut smell. He sipped it, willing it to start coursing through his veins. After five sips, he threw the blanket aside and padded into the kitchen, wondering what kind of "food" there was waiting for him. It was a well known joke that Sam's cooking abilities were sometimes questionable, so he was surprised when there were scrambled eggs and toast sitting beside a glass of orange juice, that really looked like eggs and toast.

"It's not going to move, no matter how much you stare at it and poke it, Daniel Jackson," Sam said, coming into the kitchen.

"Well I am seeing if it is some science project in hibernation," he replied, giving it another poke for good measure. He slyly looked at Sam as she stood against the cabinet. He straightened and looked at her. "Hello," he breathed.

She was in a pair of khaki drawstring pants and a light green tank top. Toweling her hair she seemed like some kind of dream; that the light was streaming on her from the window, only enhanced the look. She stopped toweling her hair for a moment and stared at him. Darting her eyes around the kitchen, she cocked her head. "What?"

Daniel unconsciously wiped his hands on his wrinkled shirt, and ran a hand through his sleep-tousled hair. "You... you are," he licked his lips, stepping closer. "Stealing my breath away. If I knew that you waited at the bottom of every 2000 foot cliff, I would gladly fling myself down." He stood in front of her and, taking the towel from her, he let it drop on the floor beside them. "Get ready to catch me," he breathed as he brought his mouth to hers and inhaled her powder and flower scented skin and hair. He crushed his lips on hers as he held her face between his hands.

Sam rose on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck, amazed at the feelings Daniel was able to rise in her. She soared as his tongue explored hers and intertwined them. She relished the feeling of safety and power she felt when he placed his hands on her, reassuring her should she ever burn a path to another cliff he would follow and beyond.

Daniel at last pulled back, breathless. "I think we have established that we seem to enjoy each other's company. We seemed to have a wonderful date and the movie was excellent. I don't see that there is any point in doing much else."

Sam smiled and stroked his cheek. "We even cleared up the whole Pete mess, told Jack he was free to be happy also. And I realized that I have deprived not only you but myself also by not following my heart. That will never happen again."

He wrapped his arms around her and he turned to lean on the counter instead. "We did seem to accomplish a lot in 24 hours. We did well, all missions completed." He looked down at her and smiled, "Well all except one. Wait here," he said, placing a finger on her nose and kissing her forehead.

He headed back into his study, rummaging through his drawers until he came up with a mahogany box. Coming back into the kitchen and smiled when he saw Sam had not moved. "This has some things I received at my parents' funeral, things they were saving for me, and other things that the museum insisted I have." He opened the box, setting the dark blue velvet clothe aside, as he reached for a black box. He opened it and looked at the contents. Looking back at Sam, he smiled and stepped closer to her.

"I have saved it all, knowing that there would be someone to pass it on to. Some are just small trinkets from my early years, others are very precious things, but all of it means something. This," he held the now closed box, "is from my grandmother, my mother, and will be given to my wife, and then passed on to our children, continuing the bond of love." He knelt down before her, looking up at Sam with pure love. Her blue eyes were already wet with tears, and she was smiling like an angel. "Sam, I know we have only had one official dinner and a movie date, but we have had eight years to work up to the official stuff. Will you do the honor of taking my ring? You already have my heart completely."

"Yes," Sam breathed. If Daniel had not been watching her face light up and the small nod, he would not have known what she said. "Yes," she said louder.

Daniel opened the box and took out the ring. It had been reset into a new band; one that he knew would fit Sam's slim fingers perfectly. She did not gaze and admire the white diamond with two small sapphires next to it for long; she leapt into Daniel's arms as he swung her around, kissing his best friend and soon to be wife. Daniel laughed as she slid from his arms and kissed him. "Well now I have an answer to give everyone when people ask me if I accepted the proposal," Sam said.


"I said yes, but to the only man I ever wanted to say yes to."

"Well that is the best yes, isn't it?"



Two months later, the time between the wedding and the honeymoon - which they were celebrating every night - being interrupted by a victory over the System Lords, they were off to their destination; a sunny planet incased in plants and trails leading to nice streams.

As they came to the bridge, they gripped each other's hands, already geared up.

"I did mention a slight disagreement between me and heights didn't I?" Daniel said, eying the bridge.

"You also said you would follow me where ever. Plus this was your idea," Sam said smoothing her husband's shirt.

"Well, just don't let go," he said, relaxing a bit.

"Ready?" a lean man asked as they approached.

"Sure," Daniel said, looking at Sam, who nodded.

A few more wires were added to their gear and as they stood next to each other, Sam reached out to hold Daniel's hand. "Here's to the 2000 feet below!"

They gripped each other's hands as they jumped off the bridge, letting go at the bottom as they got snapped back up. Sam knew she would never stop laughing or giving shouts of joy for the rest of her life.


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