2 Years Later

Sam glanced in the rear view mirror, catching Daniel making faces. She smiled as she once more drove toward their home. She heard the squealing laughter of Jacob Carter Jackson and the funny noises Daniel was making.

"Ok you two, we're home," Sam said as she parked. Grabbing her laptop case from the passenger seat, she got out. "Come on boys. We need to get you cleaned up. Both of you."

"It's not our fault that Uncle Jack makes good mud pies," Daniel said, pouting while Jacob squealed once more. "Besides, I thought you enjoyed getting dirty."

"Daniel!" Sam said, swatting his arm lightly. She gave him a kiss as she took Jacob into her arms. "Let's get one kid cleaned at a time." She walked to the bathroom, bouncing Jacob as they made their way. She heard Daniel clinking around in the kitchen as she ran the water.

"Uncle Jack was in town today wasn't he?" Sam started as she undressed the 15-month-old. "I see he made sure to let you play in the mud. Gawd I hope he did not let you eat any of the mud."

Drying him off, she put Jacob down, watching him teeter out of the bathroom butt naked into their bedroom. "Goodness, you're too young to know about nudist colonies!" Daniel exclaimed, picking up his son. "Or is that your version of escape?"

"Good timing, you can get clean. The water should be hot, so just fill it up, and scrape some of that mud off," Sam said, flaking away some from his cheek. "Did you roll in it too?"

"You got me. Could not resist a good roll in the mud," Daniel grinned. "Join?"

"Later? I have to make sure this kid goes to sleep, and put a call into to Mitchell to make sure he is finished panicking."

"For being in the military, he seems to worry over the smallest things," Daniel mused, taking his shirt off.

"Dear, just because you're in the military does not make your life suddenly easy. We're all human, have to face the same trials," Sam said, holding Jacob on her hip and caressing her husband's chest. "Mitchell just does not want to face the firing range that's all. As a man I would have expected sympathy from you."

"I did not have to walk through too much of Hell to get the woman I wanted." He kissed her lightly.

Sam left Daniel to scrub his arms and face clean, while she fed Jacob and watched the news. Jacob's bright blue eyes began to close as he lay on Sam's lap in the living room. She smiled down at him as his small hands curled around the teddy bear's leg, and jabbed a thumb into his mouth. She stroked his curly brown hair, wishing once more his namesake, his grandfather, Sam's dad, could see him. He had died after Sam and Daniel got married and shortly after they had won the battle over the Gou'ald's. Scooping her son up, she gently carried him to his crib in his room.

"All tucked in?" Daniel asked softly as he came beside Sam.

"Yup. Another successful day at the office and wearing out our child. I say it was a wonderful day," Sam said, wrapping her arm around Daniel as they made their way back to the kitchen. "One thing will make it perfect."

"One thing?"

"Well, let's see how dinner goes. Maybe I will let you take me to see a movie."

"I'll be on my best behavior then."

They talked about the upcoming mission; both hoping that their favorite "back-up singer" as Colonel Cameron Mitchell had taken to call her, was not assigned to it also.

"I think she has come along way, but..." Daniel gestured as he twirled the spaghetti on the fork. "She is still Vala Mal Doran."

"That's all one has to say. Oh, I found out some good news," Sam said brightly.


"My two new assistants are ready to present their conclusions on the uses of Naquadah in the private sector."

"Exciting. Think it could ever become reality?"

"Well, so far Mitchell's happy. He says everything seems to heat and cool faster than before."

"Hmm, my wife the famous engineer behind the Naquadah generator, the best thing in the energy crisis," Daniel said as he cleared the table and kissed Sam's head.

"Oh, that is nothing compared to my famous husband, the one who cracked the symbols and let us travel all over the galaxy," she said, taking a towel and drying the pots in which Daniel had made the meal.

"I think we are just two famous people then." Daniel's smile faded slightly as they heard Jacob wake, screaming. "Where is that maid we ordered?"

"Lost with the butler and cook, I'm afraid. I'll get him," Sam said, laying the towel down.

Daniel placed the leftovers in the fridge and walked down the hall. He stopped in the doorway of his son's room, watching the woman he loved more than anything rock their beautiful son back to sleep. She was hidden in the deep shadows cast by the nightlight, but Daniel did not need light to see her. He had memorized every curve of her face long before they ever got married. Leaning on the door jam, he watched Sam carry the once more asleep Jacob to his crib, reaching for her as she drew closer.

"You are so beautiful," he said softly, kissing her lightly.

"You make me beautiful," she said, cupping his face and traced his jaw line. "You captured my heart."

"And you, mine."

Sam woke up early, careful not to disturb Daniel as he moaned at the loss of using her as a body pillow. She threw on a robe and padded down the hall, stopping to make sure Jacob was still asleep. He was already tossing his blankets off, and she knew she had enough time to get some food warmed before he would want to get started with his day.

Jacob was changed and helping Sam pick up the mess he had made during breakfast, or rather picking up the pieces and trying to smear them on the wall or make a small pile.

"I see why Jack insisted on a dog and not another tiny human as a companion for him and Susan," Daniel said, picking Jacob up and blowing his tummy, making Jacob squeal once more.

"Well, I think there are days when it is exactly the same. Dogs play in the mud and track it into the house, so do kids. Dogs seem to find things and then bury them, kids take it and put it in the oddest places, maximizing the bug potential," Sam said, smoothing the curly hair that was sticking up all over Jacob's head. "I'll get some clothes on this little bugger so you can put some decent pair of pants on."

"What? I thought you liked the half torn, butt cheek almost out look," Daniel said, handing his son over.

"Oh I do. But I think so would every other woman on base. I can't have that happen. Go change, I'll be in a moment."

Jacob sat quietly in his play pin as Sam changed into the black top and green combat pants that seemed to dominate their closet. "I think I want to get a new dress if we are going out to dinner," Sam said, pulling on her boots.

"Dinner? Out? When?"

Sam smiled at Daniel as he shuffled through his papers. "After this mission. Jack and Susan? They invited us."

"Oh! Oh, right. Knew that. Thanks for the reminder," Daniel said, stuffing some of the important papers into a binder. "Why?"

"Why do I need new dress or why are they inviting us to dinner?"

"Um... well, I am smart enough to know why you need a new dress," Daniel said, tucking his folder under his arm and picking up Jacob. "Why do they want to have dinner with us?"

"I don't know, honey, maybe to just spend an evening with us. Not everything is cryptic with Jack you know. He can be very straight forward when the time calls for it."

"I know. Well I guess we will have to wait and see. You made sure Cassie would be ok taking care of Jacob?"

Sam patted her husband's leg and smiled at him. "Cassie begs to have Jacob any chance she can get him. I think she enjoys the distraction from her work. Besides, she has already made a list of names for the next child she insists she take care of."

"Oh and who is going to have this child?" Daniel said, turning into Cassie's apartment complex.


"WHAT?" Daniel said, barely stopping before he hit Cassie, who was standing on the sidewalk by the parking spot. "Is there something we need to discuss?"

"No. She was merely saying it in passing. Besides, it's not like we have not done it before," Sam said, un-strapping Jacob. "Where do you think this little squirt came from?" Sam lifted Jacob out and gave him hugs and kisses before handing him over to Cassie.

Before Sam climbed back into the car, Cassie leaned over and whispered, "Is Daniel ok? He looks like he has seen the end of the world for real."


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