Comforting, Ain't It?
Part 1: Stairwell

She eyed him as he spoke, almost like he was chocolate and he was demanding to be eaten. Licked, caressed... among other things Vala was oh so good at. Ronon paused in his talk as he turned slightly toward the black haired woman. He was giving her a quick tour as the rest of their respective teams were making some big plans to disrupt the oncoming Ori invasion.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Vala replied, looking away. “Just admiring the,” she waved her hand around, “surroundings.”

He gave a curt nod but kept an eye on her; something about the way she looked at things made him squirm slightly. It was like she was looking at a very interesting animal but was afraid to be caught stare at it. He smiled as heonce more took up walking her down the corridors.

“So,” he starts, once more passing a few Atlantis crewmembers. “What’s it like to be an ex-thief among the team?”

“How does it feel like to be an ex-runner among the team?” Vala shook her head. “It’s lonely at times. People say they understand, and they want to understand, but… well we are who we were, and it has a way of staying with you.”

Ronon nodded; he knew it all to well. He’d lived among the people on Atlantis for one year, but it still seemed as if a lot of people were just getting used to him being around. His team trusted him. Weir trusted him. But there were those he saw give him the odd eye that still reminded him he was an outsider. Vala squared her shoulders, and he imagined she was thinking the same things.

“But anyway, here I am, in another galaxy. Never would have imagined it. Well, except the time I was hurled into the Ori Galaxy,” she gave him a smile. “But we never count that. Being the mother of your enemy isn’t exactly one of those friend making tidbits of information you hand out.”

“No, I suppose not,” Ronon mused. “I have been all over this galaxy but never really seen it. Always looking for the next planet to hide on.” He looked out a window as they passed it. “But now, I am where I belong. And you have found your place too.”

Vala looped her arm around Ronon’s. “Yes we have. Oh,” she gave him a gentle squeeze, “You and Muscles can be related.”

Vala gave him a coy look and leaned her head against his forearm. Her warm skin felt nice against him, and he watched as she sighed and continued to gaze around the corridor as they walked. The last of the sunlight filtering through the window caught her black ponytail and he looked away; it stirred something deep, a memory a longing. He touched her hair as they went down the metal stairway.

She looked up at him with her big eyes and he started to apologize, but her thin fingers were placed over his lips. “I like that.”

He ran his fingers through the loose hair once more and she closed her eyes. She stepped up one step, and leaned into his stroking fingers. Ronon, with his free hand, slid it up to cup her cheek, watching with wonder how this woman, who a few moments ago was talking about how alone she felt, was taking in the comfort he was giving.

“I think,” Vala said, looking up at him. “I think we may need to um, stop this, before anything happens you don’t want to happen.”

Ronon smiled and shook his head, now cupping her face with both hands. “We need this, to remind one another we are not alone.”

He left the protest dying on her lips as he kissed her. It was the first kiss in a long time for him and he enjoyed the feeling, the sudden tussle that her tongue provoked, the way her fingers scratched through his stubble. He paused and pulled away, looking at her as she raised her eyes. The heat, the sadness, the amazing connection that there was another person who knew what it was like to be on the outside and look in, propelled him forward and pinned her to the opposite wall.

“Why Ronon,” Vala said, her breathing becoming labored, “You surprise me.”

“Not as much as you do me,” he said, raking his lips over hers.

She groaned. “I can tell.” She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled him down back toward her, “You know how to comfort a girl.”

His arms encircled her and slid up and down her back, twice grabbing lower and lower down her back until he was kissing her neck, nipping at her ear and whispering something in some language Vala didn’t care what it was called. His hands felt enormous over her small frame and she desperately tried to follow, but her small hands couldn’t cover as much ground as his. Her back was being pressed into the wall, while her hips were being pulled toward Ronon as he groaned and pressed his lips once more to hers.

A breath and a look and Vala knew Ronon was not one to walk away without giving in to what was started. Vala gazed over his body, pausing to admire the ripple of his chest under the loose fabric, the way his pants seemed to give and the strong sturdy legs and arms that could hold her up all night if the situation called for it. “I’ve always enjoyed comfort.”

Ronon smiled, slipping a finger through one of the ties on her blouse. “I’ve always enjoyed comfort sex.”

“Oh now you can read minds. I didn’t know if,” she paused, running a hand up and down, down, down...

“I don’t just want you,” Ronon said, in a thick heavy voice. He grabbed her and pulled her to mold her to his body and whispered, “I need you.”

A hard thrust and hand on her ass proved the point. Vala’s eyes fluttered. Oh this was going to make all those years as a thief, alone, well worth it. She snapped her eyes open as she felt her blouse being dragged off her shoulders. Well now, Ronon could not be the one with all the fun. She unlaced his top, pulling it down his arms, and getting part of it off his arms. She looked at her handy work; only half of the shirt was on, a marked improvement.

Ronon stilled in his attempts as he felt Vala trace his scars and pocks. He saw her kiss them and caress them, as if she was memorizing each one, wondering the story behind them. He let her kiss his chest, sucking in air as she caught each nipple and licked them, exposing them to the cold air as she went on. He smiled, everything she did to him, he would return, with earnest.

“Vala,” he breathed, as she nipped him once more. She pulled his head back and she left little teeth marks, finger marks and the occasional hickey on his neck.

Ronon took control back and pushed her back toward the wall, putting a knee between her legs, and resting it dangerously close to her sex. He made quick work of her blouse and began to work on her pants, a simple lace up and button deal. His fingers worked furiously to untie and unbutton. He was eager and as he cupped her, he knew she was getting excited too. He left her pants and went back to unfasten her bra, cupping, sucking, licking and biting her nipples until she was once more panting, and tangling her fingers in his hair, giving his knee quick and urgent thrusts.

“Please,” she begged as he nipped on her neck. “We’ve been alone so long. Let me be there for you,” she whispered, begging.

“Be there for me right now,” he said, his voice echoing in her ears as he stepped back slightly and dragged her pants down, sinking to his knees, he looked up at her, a hand still kneading a breast and his other hand dragging slowly up her thigh, closing in closer, closer, closer...

“Oh,” Vala whispered, as her eyes closed and her hand griped his over her breast, begging him to squeeze harder, as her other hand begged for his fingers to go in deeper. Ronon was in awe for a moment that this woman who had lived and fended for herself for so many years was now at his total mercy, even as she was fully enjoying what he was giving her. He felt himself aroused but pushed it back and worked the woman before him with all his skill and all his years of yearning to be able to touch another like the way he was doing her.

She squirmed and he shifted, she matched his speed and his skilled fingers became too much, as she took a hold of his wrist, and guided his fingers around inside, hitting where she needed it, leaning on his shoulder for support, her face so close, so close to his. He kissed her, deep and territorial. He wanted nothing more then to mark this woman as his. To make Vala the woman he could take all his comfort from. Even if it was just for this moment. She didn’t mind; she seemed to be just as fierce as she dug her fingers into his shoulder, around his wrist and gave a long, silent, face upturned, release scream. His fingers slid in double time as she rode the wave and Ronon watched as Vala’s eyes glazed and he knew that it was him who she was thinking of. His body twitched and reminded him he needed some attention too.

“I always wondered what some really good comfort sex would be like,” Vala said, still leaning on Ronon’s shoulder, looking at his features. If it weren’t for his strong hands on her hips, she would be a puddle at his feet. “However,” she started with a wicked glint in her eyes. “It’s not sex until you have had some comforting too.”

“No, I don’t...” Ronon started. Even as he watched her eyes, he knew it was a loosing battle. He knew he wouldn’t say no if she tried to do the same to him.

“Oh I think you do,” she said, even as she fingered the laces on his own pants. “It’s not really comforting when only one party has gotten all the sex. After all, all girls have that burning question.”

“What’s that?” Ronon asked, almost afraid but intrigued in the answer. He pushed her loose strands out of her face.

She leaned back into his ear as her hand worked its way toward the hem of the pants. “Is bigger better? Or is it really the motion in the ocean?”

“Well, I have never done it in the ocean,” Ronon supplied.

“So your vote is bigger is better?” she said, gradually getting the pants down further over his hip, exposing one small patch of skin at a time. “I think your time to prove it is coming soon.”

Ronon gave a half nod, half guttural groan as he felt her cool fingers wrap around his pulsing sex. He gave a short thrust as she slid her hand down, and back up, her other hand pinching a nipple as the other one was being sucked. God she was good. Ronon put his hands out, steadying himself against the solid wall, his head hung, watching the hand, the black hair and he knew he could not disappoint this woman.

He grabbed her under her arms and yanked her up, forcing her to stand on her tipsy toes as he held her under her arms. “You want to know how long I have cried myself to sleep, wishing there was someone to ease the pain?” he asked. “How long I wondered if my days of running would ever amount to anything, bring me close to someone?”

“About as long as I have been plundering and conning men for both sex and riches, I suppose,” Vala supplied.

He hiked one of her legs, which she had pulled free from her pants, around his hip and he caressed her thigh, watching how his darkened skin stood out on her creamy skin. “I may be a bit unpracticed,” Ronon said, in a clumsy apology.

“Just as long as you have found comfort, I don’t care if it’s horrible,” Vala said, tracing his jaw. She felt him jump and felt his hand brush her sex. “And really, how horrible can this be when it comes to getting fucked by another alien?”

Ronon’s rumbling laugh mixed with Vala’s sudden out cry as he sunk himself into her. Her eyes fluttered once more and she gripped his shoulder as if she was about to spill over the side once more. He pushed her to the wall, her back being dragged up and down the texture, leaving small marks on her back every time he pushed up, pulled down, pushed up, pulled down. She held him tight with her leg, as he pushed in further, making her bit his lip as they kissed and she once more found relief. She loved the feel of his chest rubbing her already sensitive nipples, and enjoyed the way his hands held her leg, her ass, her sex, her back, her breasts. Vala closed her eyes and imagined this could be an everyday thing as long as she was on Atlantis. Maybe she would convince Daniel to let her stay for a few extra days.

Ronon’s groping didn’t seem enough; him sliding in and out of this gorgeous woman’s body didn’t seem enough. He remembered the pain he felt when he was running, the almost satisfaction and relief when they found him, only to torture and release him once more. The Wraith were a horrible race, and he needed to find a way to take and have his revenge. Ronon opened his eyes and looked at the black haired lady who was pushed up against him and the wall, her breasts bouncing as he was now suddenly pounding her into the wall. He tried to slow but her grip, her movements, her heavy lidded eyes demanded him to continue his beast-like, savage taking of her body. Letting a smile come to his lips as for the... he lost count actually, but once again she was peaking and spilling herself over him. How he wanted to keep her satisfied and comforted like that forever. But even as he was shifting, digging his fingers into her flesh, he felt himself coming near to the end.

He exploded into her, taking her again and again as he pushed his seed into her, letting her ride the latest ecstasy that was rolling through her body. Finally he collapsed, sinking to his knees, still holding Vala close, still deep within her, and still with her leg wrapped around his hip. They said nothing as they let their hands roamed around their partner’s body, trying to make the sensations last a bit longer. They kissed, passionately, fervently, gratefully. Vala slid up, letting Ronon go, even as she felt the emptiness return to her sex, and reached for his shirt, handing it to him.

They silently dressed, Ronon, stopping Vala when she put on her bra, to once more suck and lick, attack almost, her breasts as if they were where his desire and prize was. He hooked her bra back and ravished her mouth hungrily and eagerly. Finally the pair both had their clothes on, and Vala took out her bony tail, sweeping her hair back once more. They turned and continued down the stairs, Vala’s arm wrapped around his arm, admiring the ripples of the arms that had just held her close.

Vala licked her lips as they came out of the stairwell, to another deck of Atlantis. Ronon arched an eyebrow and looked down at her.


Vala looked up at him surprised. “Nothing. Just wondering what the ocean would taste like.”

Ronon spotted some of his and Vala’s team up ahead and looked down at her; she had spotted them also. He leaned down to unhook her from around his arm, as if he was embarrassed to be seen with her hanging on him.

“I hear the West Pier is an excellent place to try.”

She glanced at him and crooked her head slightly. “I think I will need more comforting by this evening.”

“I’ll walk you out there.”

Ronon straightened and Vala pouted. The two teams looked at the pair and shook their heads; to them everything looked normal. Everyone walked to the mess hall, still talking strategy and crew arrangements. Vala rolled her eye sand saw Ronon staring at her. He had a look like she was chocolate and demanded to be eaten, licked, caressed and everything else he did so well again.

That night Vala found him roaming the hall in front of her quarters. She silently slipped her hand in his and together they slipped off to the West Pier where indeed the ocean tasted almost as good as Ronon.

Part 2: Pier