Comforting, Ain't It?
Part 2: Pier

Ronon slipped his arm around Vala as she looked over the pier. Vala giggled slightly; she thought it cute such a tough guy like Ronon would be so protective.

“It’s so blue, even at night,” she said, with awe, turning to look back at the city. “Oh and look at the twinkling lights, it’s like little treasure glinting in the sun.” She caught Ronon’s look and shrugged. “I like shinny things. I think that’s why stealing appealed to me so much.”

“I see,” he said, tugging at the ribbon that held her hair back. “Well maybe you should find another way of acquiring your shinny things.”

“Ya, I’m trying to curb all the touching tendencies,” she said, tracing the curve of the neckline of Ronon’s shirt.

“I can tell.” Ronon, watched as her fingers wrapped around the tie and gave a tug, loosening it. “I see you are going to start curbing that some other time in the future?”

Vala looked up at Ronon. “Well, my fingers are compelling me to touch. You’d deny that to my fingers?” She batted her eyes slightly.

He shook his head and captured her fingers, rubbing them in his hand. “I wouldn’t deny anything to your fingers as long as you don’t deny mine.”

Vala cocked her head to the side and the sudden memory of their tryst in the stairwell, his fingers working her body made her feel lightheaded. “I’d never do that. You have proved you have skilled fingers.”

He blushed slightly and traced her cheek. “So have you.” He leaned down and caressed her cheek with his lips, feeling her arms wrap around his neck. She returned it and soon their lips were once more battling, and their tongues were swords plunging into each other.

Vala pulled away suddenly and gave Ronon’s shirt one last tug before slipping her shirt over her head and lazily dropped it on the pier. Her red bra was blazing against her creamy skin and she seductively wiggled out of her pants to expose a matching pair of panties. She wanted Ronon to work for his next encounter.

As she dove off the pier, Ronon looked at the pile of clothes left behind. “Oh geez,” he whispers, feeling himself stir. The sight of her in a red bra and then red panties almost wanted to make him drop his own pants and relieve the pressure. But then as he turned to see if she has swam far away, Vala propped herself on the pier and gazes up at him.

“Common, the water’s fine and I could use someone to guide me around these waters.”

He grunted once, and took the two steps toward the end of the pier and dove in, head first, fully clothed. He was thankful he made sure all his knives and weapons were sorted back in his quarters; he didn’t want to loose any to the depth that surrounded Atlantis.

He sputtered and breathed deep as he came up for air. He treaded water for a moment and tuned to see Vala, her back to the pier, arms gripping the side. She was laughing. “You look like a wet log.”

“I feel like one,” he said, swimming to join her. “You at least have thin clothes on, I have everything to weigh me down.”

“Aw now, if you would have mentioned that, I would have helped you disrobe,you know.”

“I am sure,” Ronon said, moving to tread water in front of her. “How about we dry off for a bit? The winds will be picking up soon.”

Vala looked up at the stars and noticed the clouds moving in. She sighed and nodded, wrapping her arms and legs around him for a moment. “How about one last swim?”

Ronon nodded, one more frolic in the water would be fun. He tugged at her waist, dragging her toward him and out into the open waters. “You can see the lights better from out here.”

Vala let herself be tugged away from the pier. She laughed and splashed Ronon as she passed him. He ducked and dove under the water. Vala paused in her swimming when he didn’t come up right away.

“Ronon?” She looked around and swam back to where he was last. “Ronon?”

She yelped when strong hands grabbed her hips and propelled her out of the water. She flailed, as she was airborne for a few seconds. With a splash sheplummeted back into the water. She came up laughing. “Ok, ok! Let’s go upon the pier.”

Ronon followed Vala as she swam back to the pier. She pulled herself out of the water and he admired the way the water dripped down her lean body. She stood, silhouetted against the city and it reminded him of the magazines John and Rodney would pass to him. His personal favorites were the ads with the girls with wings. But even they couldn’t compare to the vision standing before him. He pulled himself out of the water and sat on the edge, letting the water drip off him.

“You better dry off, don’t want you to get sick now,” Vala cooed in his ear, while already untying the rest of the laces on his shirt.

He grabbed her wrist as she dragged the sleeve down his arm. “You just want to see me undressed,” he said, with a smile.

“What can I say, I liked what I saw,” she shrugged, turning back to taking off his shirt. “It’s not everyday you find such a good looking warrior.”

He stifled a laugh as his shirt came off. “I am trying to think of a better looking ex-thief, but I can’t seem to think of any.”

Vala smiled, flicking her hair over her shoulder. “Because there are none. I made sure they couldn’t come to this galaxy.”

“Hmm,” Ronon said, nipping at her bare skin slightly. “Good thinking.” He reached over and lifted her on to his lap. She startled him, her ass firmly in his hands and she rested her arms on his shoulders, playing with bits of his hair.

He watched her, deep in thought, and wondered why no other woman had affected him quiet like Vala had. He frowned. Because he was always on the run, and once finally settling down, no one had piqued his interest. He had had a family at one point and he wasn’t sure if that was what he wanted. With Vala, she was guaranteed to only stay a few days, maybe a week or more, and then be back in another galaxy. There was very little thought of where they would be taking what ever this was any further then the few days they would have. But as Vala shifted, reminding him of her presence and the building feelings she provoked, he knew that they would be some of the best days of his life. He could catch up on sleep some other time.

“You’re thinking too hard,” Vala said, whispering in his ear. He looked ather questionably. “You had this look like you are trying to save the world.The world can wait.”

She kissed and pushed against him, her lacy bra feeling rough across his bare skin. One hand traveled up her back and played with the bra clasp, finally slipping his fingers around it and opening it. He felt it give way even as Vala was taking the initiative and assaulting his mouth with rough, demanding, passionate kisses. She slipped her arm through the straps and clung even tighter to him, rubbing her exposed and hardening nipples on his chest.

She groaned as he leaned back, taking her with him. His hands now roamed her bare back, slipping under the hem of her lace panties and grabbing her ass, rubbing and kneading it. He rolled over so now he was hovering over her and she was on her back. She smiled as he startled her now; sitting back as his hands ran down the side of her body, thumbs flickering over her nipples. Her hands hovered around the hem of his pants, skirting around the top and sliding down the sides, tugging at the wet material.

“How about we get these off next?” Vala asked, whispering, her excitement and the impending desire already coursing through her. Ronon silently took her hands and placed them where the laces were. Vala coyly looked up; his own need was screaming for release.

“You tease me, woman, and you will regret it,” Ronon said, leaning back over her. The twinkle in his eye gave away that really if she teased him, she would be getting a lot more then just a quick romp. She kept her eyes on him as she slid one hand lower, lower, lower… gripping him as much as she could.

Ronon’s eyes closed and he groaned as he felt her small hand cover him. Oh she was a tease. He opened his eyes as she undid his pants, slipping a hand in to once more tease him. He vowed he would make her scream and not let up until he knew she would be sore and begging for more still.

“I warned you,” he growled, as her hand now traveled to his ass.

“I like the animal way in you. I may be delicate in frame, but I like it really rough in bed.”

“Good, cause you have no one to blame but yourself.”

Vala smiled, knowing that if the small amount he had shown earlier was some of his animal ways, and she would finally found someone who could match her desires. She watched his face as she slipped his pants down, rising slightly to get a better grip on them. Ronon sat back, and once more played with her already hard nipples. She thanked him as she now had a better angle to work on his pants, but him straddling her was not making it any easier. She frowned in frustration and he gave a small chuckle.

“You want me to help?” Ronon asked, covering her hands with his as they tried to drag the pants over his spread thighs. She gave a small, frustrated nod and he stood up, towering over her. He took her in and hooked his thumbs in the small loops on the side of his pants, mostly to hold his gun belt up and a few other set of knives, and wondered how he would get the panties off. He wiggled and let the pants fall, turning around to let her admire his back and ass, and legs of steel. He stepped out of one leg, and turned around, kicking off the other leg, and making the pants fly toward Vala. She caught them, giggling, and put them to the side with the other discarded clothing.

“Oh, nice show.” Vala clapped and Ronon watched how her breasts bounced slightly.

He grabbed his length and gave a slow stroke, watching as Vala wiggled below him in anticipation, want and open desire. She reached out and stroked his legs as she fixated herself with his sex, hardening even as she watched. She cupped his balls and gave a squeeze, dark eyes meeting his, begging her to touch more. He gave a few more long strokes and she followed close behind by taking him in. Her mouth felt hot and constricting around him, and he had to stop her as she sucked more of him in. He couldn’t believe the sensations shooting through him. It had been so long since a woman had pleasured him like that and he wondered why he never sought it out. He watched as her hands gripped him, his balls, his ass, his legs, and how her head bobbed, taking in more of him. Lips, tongue, hot mouth, he was gripping her head and she was taking his slow instant bucks.

Vala was pulling all her knowledge on pleasing a man, and by the way Ronon was grunting and whispering something again in that odd language, she knew she hadn’t lost her touch. She gripped his bucking hips, steadying herself on her knees and went in for the final attack. She made love to his sex like it was the last thing she ever wanted. She gripped his balls and made sure they didn’t feel neglected. Ronon’s bucking became more long and demanding as she took him all the way. She felt him stiffen and for a moment she wondered if she should pull away or let him empty himself. His fingers dug into her hair, pulling her closer and burying her nose into his stomach as he let out a low growl of pleasure.

Ronon pulled away, holding on to Vala’s head and turning to look at him. She was smiling and rubbing him once more. Her other hand snaked up his stomach and brushed across his abs. She let go of him and lay back down, breathing deep and slow, rubbing her hands over her breasts and skirting the hem ofher panties. Ronon watched for a moment and dropped to his knees; she wouldnot be left unsatisfied.

Pulling her red lace panties down, Ronon admired her beautiful naked body. He hovered over her and kissed her, slow and passionately. He once more worked his way down her body, his hand already tracing her sex, making her pant his name like earlier. He pressed his fingers into her and Vala bucked and desperately tried to grasp the hard ground. Ronon smiled and gently blew across her stomach.

“Either fuck me or torture me, don’t do both,” Vala managed.

“Oh you will get both. Remember how you said you liked it rough?” Ronon skirted his teeth just above her sex. “We will get to the rough part soon enough,” he said, making her squirm more.

He worked her with his tongue the way she had done him and where his fingers had blazed the trail that morning. Her deep, erratic breaths and his quick, even plunges proved to send her over the edge much quicker then he had. He flicked and licked and let her ride the wave, even as the gentle waves of the ocean around them began to pound a little louder. He paused and looked up seeing the lights and the twinkling stars. Vala opened her eyes and saw him looking over her head. She turned and looked at the city too.

“It’s so nice,” she sighed, stroking Ronon’s hair as he climbed beside her. “It reminds me of some of the big cities of Earth. All lit up and sparkly. You imagine no one could sleep when there is such amazing beauty around.”

Ronon kissed her hair. “I can’t.”

Vala smiled and rolled closer to him, propping herself up on her elbows. She stared at the soaring towers ahead and he took in the body before him. He traced the curve of her shoulder, down her spine, causing her to shudder, and to the bump of her ass, curving down her legs. He gave her a kiss once more and rocked to his knees, startling her from behind.

Vala looked back at him and gave him a wiggle of her ass. He laughed. “Oh we will get there.” He gave a slight slap and leaned down and trailed kisses down her back, tracing small scars and a birthmark he found on the way down to the base of her back. She moaned as he once more gave her a small anticipation thrust as he once more trailed down her back.

He gripped her hips finally, his need almost demanding to be met and drew her up to him. He rested one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder, and positioned himself and thrust deep into her sex, making her cry out. He began the relentless barrage of pounding her, slapping her ass, pulling her toward him, reaching around and playing with her nipples. She was on her hand and knees, changing the angle and he had to adjust and kept up the steady rhythm. Her panting breath was music to his ears, her whines and out bursts were egging him on, drilling her back into the ground, as she fell to support herself on her arms, and resting her forehead on them, crying out for him to continue, make her feel whole and needed.

Oh he needed her, he groaned. He needed her in the worst way and the stairwell incident had show she was no stranger to needs being met either. He slowed, and began to pull out, and slide back in, pull out, slide in, slowing until he only had the tip in and reached around and flipped her around. He smiled, or more of a growled, as he captured both of Vala’s wrists and held them tight.

“You already are begging, Vala,” he whispered, holding her arms as far above her head as he could. “I thought you liked it rough in bed.”

Vala gave a short laugh. “It’s been a while.”

Ronon leaned down again. Raking his teeth across her neck he nipped at her again. “I’ll fix that.”

He once more plunged into her, rocking into her and moved her hands where he could grip them in one hand and used the other to play with her breasts. Once more he nipped and teased everything he could touch. He saw her close her eyes and he picked up the pace, feeling himself nearing his own climax. He kissed her eyes and pulled one of her knees to her chest. He shifted and he felt her gasp as he once more gave her his all as he piqued himself.

They came down, him laying on her, still buried in her sex, resting his arms on either side of her. Vala’s breathing was labored and she shivered under him. He looked down at her and kissed her slowly. He felt a drop of water on his back and looked up to see the sky almost all covered in the cloud. Another drop and he could see the water around the pier was rising and falling almost as fast as Vala’s chest.

“We better go inside,” Ronon said, turning back toward the woman under him. “Don’t want you getting a cold.”

Vala nodded and reached up and pulled into an embrace, letting the slow rain splash on her face. “You defiantly know how to entertain your guests.” She raked her fingers down his back and he shuddered in return.

They gathered their clothes, and slowly dressed. Vala picked up Ronon’s shirt and tossed it to him. He tossed her shirt to her and wrapped an arm around her. A streak of lightening lit up her face as he kissed her once more. The steady fall of rain guided them back to the dry insides of Atlantis. Ronon pulled the door open to the hallway and left the rain outside. He blinked as he noticed the lights had been turned off.


“Shush,” she whispered, tracing his still bare chest. “Let’s just say this is the tactical part of the evening.”

“You want me to find you?” he asked, the naughty way she was breathing into his ear was once more arousing him. Her hands gripping his pants didn’t help.

“You know where to look,” Vala said, tugging him toward a wall.

Her back hit the cool wall and soon Ronon’s hands were planted firmly on either side of her head. They sought each other’s lips in the dark and soon Vala was once more tugging Ronon’s pants down, and his hands left the wall and were working on hers. Pants and panties were once more discarded and Ronon lifted Vala effortlessly up, hooking her legs around his waist. She slipped down, letting him slip in and hugged him as he backed her into the wall hard. Using the wall as some support, Ronon began the short thrusts into his lover and Vala buried her head and hands into his hair, moaning as he once more picked up the pace.

Ronon changed his grip and cupped Vala’s ass, bouncing her as he sunk himself, feeling the way her nipples dragged across his chest. Her firm breasts and firm ass, gave him something to play with as he continued his quest to make her scream and beg. His legs screamed for relief and he had to sink to his knees, pulling her down with him, her once more startling him. Once more shifting and pushing her into the wall, he set a hand on the wall and let his needs take over. Soon though Vala wasn’t the only one panting as the intensity of their friction sent them tumbling over the edge together.

Pulling out, Ronon sat next to Vala and let his hand slip between her legs, stroking her sex gently. Her breathing hitched as he slipped a lazy finger in and circled it around. He felt satisfied and tired. He turned his head and slid sideways until it connected with the top of Vala’s. They sat insilence, in the dark, listening to the rain pound against the pier and dooroutside. Fifteen minutes later they were once more dressed and Ronon was walking Vala to her quarters. They parted and he headed to his own quarters.

By the time he laid in his bed the clock beside his bed read 4:29 a.m. He groaned; there would be an 8 a.m. briefing where the teams would split and take on the Ori. He pulled a pillow close to his body, wishing it were alive and breathing and smelt of warm vanilla.