She's Got Bette Davis Eyes

It was not often she just pulled the lipstick out and put it on. It was the dark side that enjoyed the dangerous red lips and deep massacred eyes. But as soon as she hit the changing room door, she knew it would be hard to suppress the inside woman. She looked up as she heard someone rummage through his or her locker, not seeing anyone in the reflection, she went back to applying her make-up.

Satisfied she had shed any resemblance to the Colonel she was all the time except for the small private moments, she threw the bottles and containers back in the bag, and walked away from the mirror. Rounding the corner, zipping the bag, she almost ran into the gapping mouth of Daniel.

"Sam?" It was said in a question, as if he was not really sure.

"Daniel," she said as she lifted her blue eyes with dark brown eye shadow and almost ruby red lips to him.

"Sam," he said with a slight huskiness in his voice. Licking his lips quickly he looked her over, wondering how this Sam could be so different and so similar to the one he saw daily. "You can get a man in trouble."

"Only if you let yourself," she said, letting herself be coy. It was so much easier to be the flirt, the tease when she let the military woman stay in the military clothing that hung in her locker. She gave him a smile and looked him up and down quickly before she brushed past him. "Give me two minutes."

She glanced at him and saw him nodding, trying to regain any composer he had left. She lifted the calf high boots from the back of her locker and felt him standing still in front of his locker, only slowly reaching for his jacket. She finished zipping and smoothing them, reaching for her own jacket. She smelled the familiar cologne scent and briefly closed her eyes, breathing it in as if it was the last thing she ever wanted to smell.

Oh she would get the looks, the surprised double takes, and a few whispers, but as soon as they saw him by her side, they would know. It was a long time coming, a rocky path to get to where they were; they deserved the night to let go of all the world's cares and problems. They deserved not be Colonel Sam Carter and Doctor Daniel Jackson, inseparable in every way, but just Sam and Daniel.

As he rounded the lockers, it was her turn to groan. He was in the best pair of blue jeans and plain black t-shirt she had ever seen, and with a bomber jacket over that, she had to steady herself.



"Maybe we should just skip the whole party and go straight to the celebrating," she said as she crossed the cement floor.

"Hmm I think we are already going to rouse some suspicion coming in clothes that are not military. How about we go and sit through the toasts, a few dances, and then go celebrate?" Daniel said tracing her chin line, watching her eyes drift close.

She smiled as he took his hand away and lazily stroked her exposed neck. How she every got to be so lucky she was sure she would never know. "We better go. Earlier we go, the earlier we can leave."

He nodded, stepping back, not bothering to worry she knew he watched her smooth her skirt. He thinks that she is some spy - a bit like Sam - reminding him she's got Bette Davis eyes. She knew how to make him blush with a single look, something he was sure the other Sam - the one with Colonel pins - never did.

Opening the door and crossing the hall to the elevator, they rode silently to the top, making their way to the party. They both knew that the night was going to be a celebration that meant more then just the one year they were married, but another year they could use to fall even deeper in love, if it was even possible.


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