Captive Happiness

Cam wiped his hands down the sides of his pants. They were sticky and sweaty and he just felt really uncomfortable all over. Looking through the bars ofthe small cell didn’t do anything to improve his condition. He turned aroundand paced again, wiping his hands down his pants and trying to think of away to get out.

He pounded the wall as he came near it; the only thing that kept going through his mind was her silky soft skin under his tough fingers and how she had dug her nails into his hair as he had kissed her deeply. The way she laughed as he had spread his fingers over her stomach and trailed kisses down theside of her face resounded in his head. How could he have been so stupid? How could he have been so quick to take her under his wing?

It wasn’t his job, he kept telling himself, even as he found himself watching her, meeting her at the commissary and how he had picked her up to bring her to their first team night after a rather rough mission. He hadn’t meant to swerve the car as he had felt her fingers rest so dangerously on his thigh, and certainly never was going to let himself kiss her back when she leaned up and planted a goodnight kiss on his lips.

But he did, and he had, and they were pulled into a dangerous compromise.They would be lovers at night and teammates and nothing more during the day. The first night they made love Cam was amazed how she took his hand and showed where every tiny scar on her body was. How she took him and showed herself so vulnerable. Then made love to him like she was an animal. They didn’t just make love, they didn’t just screw; they fucked. It was the need to be close, the need to trust, the need to know that no matter what happened in the daylight, they were together in the moonlight.

It was dangerous, he knew, and yet… it was becoming harder to turn a blind eye to her flippant remarks and how she never lingered her gaze at him for very long. He had twice broken the rule as he had cleared his desk with a sweep of his arm and she had unzipped his pants and they had pushed and had silently screamed as the need for the contact grew unbearable.

“Dear God,” Cam groaned as he felt the serge of longing creep up. It was the fire that he was so unwaveringly stuffing down. He wiped his hands down his pants again, vowing as soon as she came through that door he would take her. He would show her how he needed her safe, in his arms, in his life. So. Very. Much.

He paced, hoping to clear his head, make the twinge in back of his mind settle down. Go away. Slip into the darkness of their forbidden love making. He needed to find a way out of this maze and mess he had lead the team into. He hit the wall again, turned around and slumped down it. He sat with his head in his hands, resting on his knees, clearing his mind and trying to focus on what had happened.

The Ori did not greet them, so that already had put everyone at ease. Jackson had itched to explore some cave and he had told him to be careful, take someone, keep in radio contact, have fun. Teal’c had gone to scout a path to the nearby village and Cam… well he found himself dragged into the bushes and quickly found himself up against a tree with his boxers caught in his belt. He smiled even now at the memory. Thankfully she was kind enough to quickly zip him up as they heard branches break. It wasn’t the rest of his team and they certainly did not look friendly.

“Trespassing,” was the only thing Jackson was willing to translate into English, as they were lead roughly to a nearby cave and down the rocky hallway. Cam did notice Jackson’s cheeks warm when they said other things. Jackson also refused to make eye contact with him as he tried to communicate a plan to Jackson as he and Teal’c were separated from the women.

Cam tried to hold on to her as they grabbed her out of the cell. He had bit his tongue after he had protested and they dragged her. “I love you,” died on his lips as she was kicking and cursing them. He smiled. She was always full of spunk.

Cam rested his head on his knees again. He had failed to do the one thing that he had promised her: protect her. He knew it would be easy for her to come back – whenever that was, he mused – and not talk to him, not listen to him, and certainly not let him protect her. He groaned as he heard her voice so those very words.

He fell asleep, mercifully, after a while. He lay on his side, bombarded with dreams of their nightly adventures to the top of the mountain, to the all night café, to the park… anywhere outside the SGC where they could be themselves. He dreamed of the night she had whispered the three little words he had been waiting for. “I love you.” He dreamed of the other words that had struck at the very heart of him.

A smile curved on his lips as he dreamt of the night, a cool and clear night. They had walked down by the pond in the park and were settling on a bench, hand in hand, her head resting on his shoulder. He watched as she took in the water, knowing there was something that needed to be said, but not sure what it was. She pursed her lips together and licked her lips. He had kissed her deeply and stoked the side of her face.

“I don’t know if I am ready again,” she had started, Cam looking at her confused. “You promise me to be there?”

“Always, my darling. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. Just we may not be able to keep this a secret for very much longer.”


“You see, there will be something disrupting my figure you can’t seem to keep your hands off.”

Cam had looked at her and nodded; hunger already building. “Are you sick?”

“Not yet.” Cam squeezed her shoulders, making her face him. “Don’t worry, sweetie, in nine months all of it will be worth it,” she laughed.

“Nine months?” Cam slowly repeated. Realization dawned on him and he pulled her close.

She whispered the three powerful words that made being a captive even scarier for him. “We are pregnant.”

Cam woke with a start when he heard a scrapping of medal. He searched for a weapon but then hurried over to the door. There she stood and looked back at him, separated by the door. He pounded on it even as the captors opened the door and shoved her in. He took her in his arms and held her. Her arms felt so wonderful when they were around him. He felt her tears soak into the shirt and felt them stinging his own eyes.

“Are you –“

“I am ok, Cam.”

“Good,” he sighed. He tightened his hold on her. “What did they –“

“They did nothing, Cam. They just asked me some stupid questions and then when they figured out I couldn’t understand them, they did some kind of,” she paused.

“What did they do? Did they hurt,” he asked, slipping his hand under her shirt and resting it on her belly, which was still flat, but to him he could feel the small bump growing.

“Darling, we are discussing captivity, not expanding our football team,”she said lightly, with tears still trickling out of her eyes. “No, our baby is fine.”

Cam once more sighed with relief. They could always have another child, and had planned on many more, but it still would have been a grief neither one could bear at the moment. “I’m so glad you are here,” he said, pulling back to him.

“I can tell,” she whispered, calming down a bit and slipping back into her coy, flirtatious self. She wiggled her pelvis into him and he looked down at her.

“Don’t start –“

“Since when have I not been able to finish?”

Cam captured her mouth as a smile played upon it. He felt her nails dig into his hair as she deepened the kiss. Slipping his hands under her shirt and dragging it up and over her head he placed a hand on the small of her back, forcing her to mold into his body as he used the other hand to tease her nipples. He captured her moans and slipped his fingers under her bra and bought the strap down her shoulder. He nipped at her shoulder as he caressed her bare breasts.

She pushed back slightly not content to only have herself be pleasured. His own shirt fell to the ground and he found himself being backed into the wall this time as she dragged her hands up the side of his chest and over his muscles and down his strong arms. He had placed both hands firmly on her ass and was pushing her at a steady rhythm to the time of his own need, which she plainly felt growing in the front of his pants.

“Cam,” she breathed in to his ear.

“Yes, darling?”

“You always have kept me safe. Don’t beat yourself up over this. We are both strong and we are here now.”

“I know. But I should have done better.”

“There was nothing you could have done. But there is one thing you can do to make me feel better.” She added with one of her signature wicked grins only he knew about in the deep passion of the night.

“What is that, my love?”

“Take me like the animal you are. Ride me like I am your wild animal.”

Cam wasn’t sure how they had managed to take two steps, out of their clothes and be up against the other wall. But as he glided two fingers up into her, he felt her wetness and decided there was no need, no time, to do any more foreplay. He thrust into her, all the way to the hilt and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. He held her close as she came down and he went up, his knees feeling the intense burn of having to carry his lovers weight and of his own pent up need. He slipped to his knees, keeping her impaledand laid her on the pile of clothes.

“Oh Gawd,” she whimpered as he changed the angle, thrust and the intensity. Her fingers flew through his hair, over his back, gripping his ass as he brought her to the heights of her climax. He paused to let her soar, he did not want to leave her unsatisfied and with all the nights they had spent, he knew how to satisfy her every need.


He smiled as she came again, quickly and spilled her own juices down herlegs making the thrusting and rhythm pick up. He sat her up, their favorite position to finish in, and rested her knees on either side of his legs, making contact with all of her sensitive spots in the process. He thrust up. She thrust down. He banged her. She demanded more. He leaned back a bit and gave as much as he could before he held her close, filling her up with more of his seed.

Exhausted the lovers glided back down from the high. She flashed him a smile and nipped his ear. “That is how we ended up starting a whole army.”

He chuckled and kissed her deeply. “I’ll keep that in mind when the General asks ‘how did this happen?’” he whispered as he once more stroked her belly.

With a deep sigh she let him slip out of her and lay down next to her, too tired to pick up their cloths. Cam woke once in the night when he heard what he assumed were more cries of pleasure. He looked down at the sleeping woman in his arms and saw she was still. It came again and this time he smiled as he figured out whom it was.

The next morning, their captors came again, pulling them out of the cell. Thankfully the lovers had risen early and were dressed, discussing ways to escape in quiet tones. They were pulled back to the place they were captured from and given all their weapons back. They said something more to them and Cam turned to see Jackson blushing.


“Um they said that since all the couples have now known real freedom in their souls they bid us well and hope that we continue to find true happiness in each other.”

“I really get a kick out of being captive,” Cam said sarcastically, catching her eye. She smiled and nodded.

Cam and Jackson fell behind as Teal’c and the two women walked in front back to the Stargate. “So Jackson,” Cam started. “I am assuming that there was more to the conversation then that cryptic message. What does it mean?”

“I don’t know.”

“Uh huh. I guess the saying, ‘Oh Daniel you devil,’ means nothing then.”

Jackson turned a deep shade of red. He sputtered to find the words. Cam clapped him on the back and nodded. “I know. I found my own slice of happiness. If it means anything, I think you and Sam are perfect and I don’t see why you can’t continue to find happiness with her.”

Jackson turned and looked away for a moment before bringing his now steady gaze to Cam. “And you had to share a cell with Vala.”

“Ya well we may have found some way to cope,” Cam said at last.

“Well then I am glad you and Vala have found your own happiness.” Daniel fell silent as they once more walked to the gate. “Now if we can only find out why Teal’c is smiling.”

Cam laughed as they came to the clearing, making the three other team members turn around. “Let’s go home happy family. We have some changes in status requests I think we all need to fill out.”

Sam looked at Daniel and then back at Vala, who was beaming. Before anyone could move, Vala ran to Cam and pounced on him, planting a big kiss on his lips. She giggled as he stood holding her in his arms. They turned slightly to see Daniel dip Sam into a romantic kiss. They turned the other way and saw a few girls hanging on Teal’c all smiling seductively at him.

“Let’s move out,” Cam said, holding Vala in his arms until the reached the event horizon.