Diamond in the Sand

Daniel walked down the corridor to his office; glancing once more at the armful of mail the SF had given him. Normally there were not many pieces for him, just a few magazines that the military provided and an internal newsletter, which he wrote a few pieces. Normally there would be a small stack of papers, not the burgeoning package he now held.

Gripping his ID badge card, Daniel touched the pad, silently watching the door slide back. Sighing, he flipped on the overhead lights, bathing the office and spotlighting various tablets. Throwing the empty cup of coffee away, he placed his mail on the desk. It was mostly newsletters from the various floors – he forgot that this was the month that each floor or department wrote up a little something about themselves, packing the mail in the process.

Flipping through the pieces, he tossed each one after reading the departmental information, keeping only a few. Riffling through the rest, he spotted a bulky manila envelope. Picking it up, Daniel inspected the label, trying to find who sent him the package. Giving up he opened it, and took the contents out.

A DVD and a short letter came out. Flipping the DVD cover over, he saw a picture of his parents beside a large tomb entrance.

Interesting choice, thought Daniel. Staring at it for a moment, he realized he was not in it, and that his mother’s hair was done in braids, most likely making the picture from before he was born. Smiling faintly, he placed the box aside and picked up the note.

Dr. Daniel Jackson;

You have no doubt seen many of the videos and small documentaries on your parents and their influential digs. The National Geographic Society has recently compiled a new series on the digs of Giza, documenting the finds and those who excavated the area.

We have sent you an advance copy of the director’s edit of the series. Please view and send us your approval and/or suggestions. Also if you would be available for an interview, we would be pleased to work around your schedule.

Daniel picked the video up once more and looked at the picture. His parents had made a few discoveries in Giza but he was surprised that they would be picked – among the hundreds – to be included. He felt immense pride that it was his parents, but was quickly pulled into the deep sorrow that had been with him since their accident. He would not be able to share it with them.

Placing the DVD and letter aside, Daniel continued to flip through the department newsletters, leaning back as he opened the one from the Astrophysics Department.

Finishing the amazing article on how the Naquadah generator had virtually saved a village on MPX-4654, and once more wondering where Sam ever got the time to write such long reports, Daniel headed to the commissary, needing food and coffee. Riding to level 22, he fumbled with the DVD cover.

He was surprised that his parents had been included; theirs had been only one of a handful of excavations that had helped uncovered sites in Giza, before some of their own personal successes. Among one of their great accomplishments was uncovering pieces of a ceremonial riverboat by the Great Pyramid. Surely the others had gone on to even grander things then his parents. But, nonetheless, he was proud.

“Daniel!” Jack called out as Daniel hit the door. Smiling Daniel first wound his way through the food line, knowing if he stopped to talk with Jack before he did, he would never eat.

“Whatcha got there?” Jack asked as Daniel set the cover and his tray down.

“I got it in the mail. The National Geographic Society is making a new documentary and is including footage from a dig with which my parents helped. They want my consent and an interview.”

“Sweet. I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting those vacation days you have been saving.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’m more worried about what the footage is. I mean I have seen everything from their videos and what not.” Daniel scratched his head, and sighed. Bringing his fork up to his mouth, he added, “Whatever it is I’m proud that they are being included.”

“That’s the spirit!” Jack said as he clunked his coffee mug down. “Well, I have a briefing report to read.”

“You never really read the reports, Jack,” Daniel said as he watched the older man get up.

“Umm… well… I have to go.”

Daniel smiled as he watched the now General Jack O’Neill scurry off to his office. He knew he would mostly be online emailing him new jokes or getting weird news updates. Dinner topics for later. He shook his head and went back to eating.

The translations for the temple tablet found by SG-11 had proven harder then Daniel first thought. He even had to postpone meeting with Teal’c and Sam at the gym. Finally, pinching weary eyes and turning off the table lamp, Daniel prepared to go home. Gathering his jacket, keys and the extra folders he would work on in the evening, he was about to leave when he remembered the DVD.

Grabbing it he headed topside to make his way home. Stopping off to pick up a frozen pizza, he knew it was going to be another long night if he wanted to get through the piles of paper work.

Once home, he started heating up the oven and clicked on the TV to listen to the nightly news. Nothing was of real interest and he figured he could afford to watch the DVD while he made and ate dinner.

Settling back into the couch with his plate, Daniel became engrossed in the documentary. It was amazing how many people he had met, or had heard of, that were being featured and highlighted.

... Along with Mel and Claire Jackson, the team began the work of uncovering the pieces of wood that later became the Solar boat that now sits beside its chamber.

Found in 1952, under a 1.5-meter slab of limestone, the boat was in pieces, still preserved.

It looks like they left the pieces for the Pharaoh Cheops to find and put together,” Mel Jackson said.

It must have been quite a journey just to bring the thing here. Why not finish it and construct the boat?” Claire asked.

This was the beginning of Mel and Claire Jackson’s wonderful journey through the sands of Egypt and ending with their untimely death in New York’s Museum of Art. The two were enthusiastic about what they found on many of their first team digs, and their enthusiasm continued as they began to uncover some treasures of their own. In 1960, they also uncovered a long passage that many believed led to the Sphinx.

Here you can see the hieroglyphs from one of the passage ways that snake across Giza. This one runs parallel to the Sphinx, so I think that it may lead under the Sphinx it self,” Mel Jackson said as the video camera swept the walls, showing the golden raised words that had been carved centuries before.

As the video continued, Daniel watched, through the lens of his father’s early video recorder as they walked down the hall, his mother seen tracing many of the scenes and translating them. As they turned the corner and the darkness enveloped them, an overhead light came on, illuminating the side chamber for the first time.

Daniel gasped and paused. He quickly found his cell phone and dialed Sam, Teal’c and Jack who would be in the middle of some deep conversation, no doubt at Jack’s.

Chapter 2