Diamond in the Sand

“In 1848, people started to explore the smaller cemeteries around the pyramids at Giza. It was not until 1902 that archeologists were called in to excavate the sites after years of plundering by tomb robbers. Now, many people overlook these lesser tombs merely because they are for the workers and village people who lived around the pyramids and built them. Contrary to popular belief and knowing what we know, these people were most likely a mixture of slaves, free and Jaffa, all serving next to one another.

“My parents arrived with a group of new archeologists in 1956. They were the youngest in the group and had the ideas of helping to preserve all the artifacts. Sadly, it turned out a few colleagues were more interested in personal gain then preserving the Egyptian culture. It was like what happened in the 1800s when the wealthy demanded mummies from Egypt, but that’s for another discussion,” Daniel said, stopping for breath. Before he could continue, Jack stepped forward and held up his hand.

“Whoa… stop there Danny-boy. Although fascinating, I don’t think this was why you called us up and DEMANDED we come over right now, and interrupt a rather intellectual evening,” Jack said as he clamped a hand on Daniel’s shoulder. “Now, you said something about the tape you got in the mail…”

“Yes, right the tape,” Daniel said as he raked his fingers through his hair. “Well instead of me describing, let me show you.”


Daniel watched as Jack once more took a seat beside Teal’c and began the tape where he had rewound it. On screen, they saw the video footage shot as Mel and Claire were rounding the corner into the side chamber and were in the sudden dark. As a bright light was being turned on, illuminating the chamber, the camera swung slowly around, once more sweeping up and down the walls and around the floor.

“Now I know where you get the camera technique,” Jack said as he watched.

“Just watch…” Daniel mumbled, once more engrossed in the images. He could only imagine what it was like to stumble upon such a find like the room and long causeway.

“There!” Daniel said as he paused. Searching the remote, he pressed the zoom button and then nudged the picture over slightly so the artifacts sat clearly in the middle of the TV screen.

“DanielJackson you are standing in front of the screen,” Teal’c said after a beat.

Apologizing Daniel stepped aside and looked back toward the couch where Sam, Teal’c and Jack sat. After a moment, which to Daniel felt like an eternity standing there beside the TV, Sam slowly got up and moved closer to the screen.

“Are those…?"

“Yup,” Daniel said, nodding enthusiastically.

“But how…” Jack asked, sitting forward and examining the screen.

“Well, the Sphinx is thought to be carved around 4,500 years ago, so that would place it around the time of Ra.”

“But would these items not have been taken from its spot, DanielJackson?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so. You see the causeway that my parents found is a lesser-known small passage that leads from the Lower Temple of Menkaure and toward the Great Sphinx or even the Sphinx Temple. Anyway, after they excavated it, part of the temple wall collapsed, cutting off this portion, if I recognize this footage, which has this room in it.” Daniel sadly shook his head. “Nothing of this made its way out.”

“Are you sure?” Sam asked.

“I went back and dug up my father’s old expedition notes and think I found the right entry. It said that they planned coming back to gather the items, and photograph them, but the entrance collapsed once they left. They did not have enough money to hire a dig crew to get the boulders out, so they closed the whole causeway.”

“Well that’s good. At least it is not out in a museum for the NID to find. But what will happen when they see this?” Jack asked.

Daniel paused, knowing that the footage was important in documenting his parents’ most famous work, but also knowing that some of it had to be edited for the safety of the SGC and the program. “Well, one way or the other we can not let the public see this. I’m sure questions have already been raised about what these are.”

“And we can’t exactly just tell them to shut up about the whole thing. Scientists seem to like communicating,” Jack said, now pacing. Catching the glance that Daniel and Sam shared, he quickly backpedaled. “I mean that’s a good thing, new ideas and all. Ah hell, you know what I mean!”

“Sir, there is still the question of what to do. I mean, if these images are correct, and I have no doubt they are, then there is a Goa’uld ribbon device, a communication ball, and handful of other items in that box, all buried beneath the sand at Giza,” Sam said, turning toward the screen.

Chapter 3