Diamond in the Sand

“Those look like,” Sam said as she looked at the pictures.

“Yup. I know. I wonder how this never got on display,” Daniel said, almost bouncing.

“Never on display?” Sam asked skeptical. “This is not something anyone can explain and they just let it sit in their vault?”

“I pressed Dana, and even the curator who received the parchment. They both confirmed that it has never been displayed because it couldn’t be explained. They don’t want anything that could damage their reputations,” Daniel replied.

Sam turned back to the lunch line and wondered what else was found in the collapsed corridor. “So did they say what would become of the document?”

“I have a nice spot on my wall that it will occupy,” Daniel said as they stepped up to the front.

“Really? They are giving it to you?”

“I’m the Jackson’s son. They said it was part of the collection that I was to receive when I graduated college, but it had gotten lost among all the other pieces that NY Museum of Arts stores.”

“Wow. That’s impressive. It will help in our digging, right?”

“Yes. It will not be another ‘useless artifact’.”

“Hey, I would never say that this is useless. Maybe it has some important information on it,” Sam said as they finished ordering.

“We have a long flight ahead of us, so I think I will leave that so Jack can enjoy the translation also. For now, I think I just want to enjoy a few DC sites with you,” Daniel said scrambling for one of the few empty seats in the cafeteria.

“Sounds good. And I could not think of any better company.”

“Daniel, English!” Jack said, growing impatient. Besides the long flight, Daniel’s cryptic discussion on the document he had examined was driving Jack nuts.

“Basically this is a map of the corridor, the one my father referred to as the ‘Sphinx Corridor’. It tells how the passage was used to bring the sick from the temple to a place they call ‘Chamber of Powers.’ Now the best I can tell is that it was the big chamber, different from the one my parents found, where the Goa’uld would heal the sick.”

“I know these snakes. They would not have just healed anyone,” Jack said, settling into his chair.

“Indeed, not. There was a way Apophis would use in order to ascertain who was worth of the healing. They had to be a valued member of the Jaffa, and had to be worthy of such an honor,” Teal’c said.

“So no ordinary workers?” Jack asked.

“No, not according to the text, however it looks like there was another ritual that would be performed also in the temple. An after death funeral service of types. The pictures are too small, but it reminds me of a sarcophagus. The ritual is described very much like the mummification of nobles and the pharaohs who followed the Rebellion,” Daniel said. Holding up the printed image of the document, he looked at each and then said, “This could be a missing part to the Book of the Dead – the Gou’ald version.”

“Do you really think that there is more to the document then what your parents were able to dig out?” Sam asked as she silently settled into a seat next to Daniel.

“I don’t know. You’d think when the gate was found, they’d have thought there was more to it then that? If we find the entrance again, there could be quite a bit of work to get through the rubble and then finding the chamber with the devices and then investigating where the larger temple room was. This is a lot of work.”

“Sounds fun to me. There isn’t much we can’t handle, Daniel, so don’t worry. We are a team and as much as Jack will complain, he will enjoy doing something that will help us get more Goa’uld technology.”

Daniel smiled weakly at Sam. “Thanks. You always are a rock for me.”

“Hey, what are friends for? And who else would listen to me drone on about the way space shuttles could be constructed differently?”

“The one who drones on about how famous the Nile crocodile is and where all the various temples are located,” Daniel said knocking his shoulder lightly with hers.

“We make a good team Doctor Jackson.”

“Yes we do, ColonelDoctor Carter.”

They each smiled into the dark as the cabin lights turned off. “I suppose they are trying to tell us something.”

“Next time we need to find a quieter place we can talk.”

Sam smiled into the darkness, watching Daniel tuck the blanket up to his chin and settle into some sleep. She, on the other hand, was filled with excitement over a new adventure and right in their own backyard! Still she was also was very worried about what they would find under the sand. She knew from Daniel’s late nights and adventure stories that deserts and sand could yield anything and often took people and secrets into their depths.

Turning her own blanket up to her shoulders, she knew she would stand beside Daniel what ever they found, not letting him be sucked into the sand.

Chapter 5