Diamond in the Sand

“So what does it say?” Sam asked after the guys left them alone.

“Um… this passage here says that a ruler will open court by chanting, ‘Ra s almighty and will shine always,’ leading a small band of court officials to the lighting of the Horus. Then as Ra appears, the fire should be around the throne, which should be this way,” Daniel said as he walked toward where the river of fire was slowly moving. “Right around here should be the throne, or knowing the Goa’uld, the steps to the throne…. Yup, here they are.”

Sam came beside Daniel as he started recording the area around the throne steps. “Are they plated in gold?”

“I would think so. The Goa’uld never lacked style. Gold was a sign that you could afford such a precious commodity. But why worry when you are a powerful slave master and can have anything you want or kill those who say no.”

“I’d be careful, Daniel,” Sam said as she watched him go beside the staircase into a hidden room. “The General’s right; we don’t know what is down here.”

Daniel looked back at her and raised an eyebrow. “You think Jack is right? There could be som-“

He was cut short. Sam moved ahead and shown the flashlight all around the room Daniel had been stepping into. “Daniel? Daniel!”

“Here. I’m here. Sorry, this wall is not really stable,” Daniel said pushing against it and making it swing slightly.

“Stop that, you scared me,” Sam said with worry in her voice.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to scare you, I was not expecting the wall to be a false door,” Daniel said, giving it a little nudge again. “Should we look inside?”

“Will we be able to get out?”

“Hmm, usually these things were made to go both ways. Well there are few that are traps and not meant to get out of.” Daniel and Sam shared a look for a heartbeat. “Yeah, maybe we should not take the chance,” Daniel said at last.

Moving back toward the throne steps, Sam looked at Daniel. “I noticed a note attached to the parchment saying you and your girlfriend could come by the National Geographic Society office anytime. Hiding something?” Sam asked playfully.

Daniel turned a slight shade of red. “No, not hiding anything. Dana mistakenly thought that when I was calling you at the Pentagon, that you were my girlfriend. I forgot to tell her you were just a friend.”

“Ah I see,” Sam said turning away. She sighed and moved to inspect the small shrine that sat beside the steps.

“You seem disappointed,” Daniel said.

“No, I’m not.”

“Well something about the note is disturbing you.”

“I just,” Sam paused. Turning to face Daniel she straightened. “I just always thought of us more then ‘just friends’, that’s all.”

“Oh. Well maybe I shouldn’t have used that then.”

“No, no. You have to tell people what makes you feel comfortable,” Sam said, looking into his blue eyes. “That’s just how I see it.”

“Sam….” Daniel now paused and closed his eyes. “I don’t mean ‘just a friend’ when I say that. I mean to others who don’t know us, don’t know how we work and function, we do seem like more then just colleagues and scientists who work together. It can cause problems. I know we are more then ‘just friends’ but I…. I don’t know if there is anyway it can move beyond that.”

“There are ways.”



“Huh,” Daniel said as he studied Sam’s face. With her hair swept back and in loose khaki cargo pants and a light blue shirt on she was beautiful. The only thing that killed the image was the gun that hung over her shoulder, which before he know it, Daniel was sweeping off and placing it on the ground. “Ways to move beyond ‘just friends?’”

“A few,” Sam murmured. In the glow of the ever-advancing fire, Daniel moved closer and cupped her face. “I think this is a good step,” Sam said as Daniel brought his lips to hers.

“I do not believe they need any extra fuel, O’Neill,” Teal’c said as he and Jack rounded the corner and saw the two scientists in a lip lock.

“No, not really,” Jack said smiling. “Come on. Let’s go get some dinner ready. We can always radio them when everything is done. I just know that one of those tackle boxes is for fishing.”

“Indeed. What about the Goa’uld devices?”

“Oh we’ll collect them. I think Daniel found more then just his parents’ discovery, I think he finally make one of his own.”

They turned and walked away, the flames of the ‘Magical Lights of Ra’ burning and casting the couple in its glow.

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