Jack - Day 1 It was Saturday, a nice, bright, warm, Saturday. And where was I? Fishing? No. Swimming? Negative. Running laps around the parking lot? Ni. Hell, I was not even near the surface.

I don't know how General Hammond did it. His kids must have been very patient; his grandkids understanding that Grandpa could not be there always. Hell, I don't have kids, but I doubt that people would understand.

I'm bathed in florescent lights, when I could be lopping in the bright, Earth sun. Oh the misery! And the paper work!

A gentle knock on my door lets me know that someone wants to talk to me. Oh good, a distraction.

"Come in!"

"Sir?" a female voice asks. Oh god please, not Kerry I start to think. But the woman who peeks around the door is rather black and has straight black hair. Not Kerry. Whoohoo!

"Yes... come in." I say once more. These kids these days... don't listen to orders at all!

"A call is waiting for you on line 4, Sir." She says, leaning in partially, but not setting foot into the room. Scared of an old man I suppose.

"Thank you." Well what else am I suppose to say?

Lifting the receiver and hitting line 4, which was blinking like mad, I slipped into my professional voice. "General O'Neill."

"Jack! Oh you should be here... out in the sunshine!"

I instantly laughed and relaxed; Cassie has that effect on people. "If I could kiddo, I would. But this place has papers that need to be signed and people to be directed. I think I still owe you a trip up to the cabin and fishing don't I?"

"Bingo! Jack, I'm bored. I have all my homework done, Dusty is not calling me back, Sue is out of town..." she just continues on for a bit. Spilling names out faster then I can place faces.

She takes a breath, and I sleaze the moment. "Well Cass, I guess you are right. We will just have to go to the cabin this weekend. If I remember right you have a four-day weekend, and finals next week. Am I right?"

I beamed like her father when she said she was impressed I remembered all that. Well, I am not that old... I remember some stuff.


Teal'c came back to the base, and all my kids (Carter, Cassie, Daniel and Teal'c) came up to my cabin. Whoohoo! Road trip with the family! I think Cass may have over done it on the Cheetos, either that or she is sprouting orange hands, Teal'c is enamored by the amount of CDs I have and I sing to. I caught Carter and Daniel in the back seat playing some kind of game. I think.

They had their heads together and were flipping through books. I had told them this was a fun weekend, and Daniel had simply stared at me as Carter informed me that books were part of a fun weekend. I never knew.

I pulled beside the cabin, and glanced in the rear mirror. "Ok, here the yellow brick road ends." I hold up my hand, halting Teal'c's confused look and question. "Just go with it, T. Trust me, life is simply easier that way."

He nods and gets out of the van. Cassie practically bounces out, while the two bookworms crawl out and blink a few times.

"Sun," I say as I point to the bright sky. "Did you stay inside all the three days"�

I think I saw a slight glance between them and a smile on Carter's face was mirrored in Daniel's eyes.


Carter actually said yes when I asked if she wanted to fish. Amazing, all these years I thought the thought of sitting in the middle of nowhere with a stick and just a gentle breeze was boring to her.

"No fish Sir?"

"No, Carter, there has never been a fish in this pond." I said as I cast my line out once more. One hand on the rod, another rooting in the plastic bucket for some liquid - now that is how a weekend is suppose to go.

"I see. And Teal'c never caught on?"

"Carter, he enjoys the state of just," I pause thinking of how best to phrase it. "Fishing."

"I see."

It is close to "indeed", so I take that as a compliment. Or at least a few words that will lapse into silence once more. I look over the pond, and catch Carter looking over her shoulder as Daniel and Teal'c, with Cassie and a book, come around the corner with an ice chest. Actually Teal'c has a blanket, and Daniel the ice chest.

"I can't believe we did not do this years ago, Sir." Carter says, as her gaze once more is on the water.

I simply sigh. Yeah, I never got that either.
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