ColonelCarter had sent us out of the cabin as she prepared the evening meal. I believe she was worried O�Neill would try to talk her out of making our food, since it is known that they joke about such matters. O'Neill and Cassie went for a walk while DanielJackson and I too picked our way around the lake.

"So, Teal'c," DanielJackson began at my side. He pushed his glasses up as he cleared his throat. "How long have you guessed Sam and I have had more feeling for each other then just friendship?"

"I have not made my observations known to you; merely ColonelCarter. You are most wise, and correct that I have observed this." I began, collecting my thoughts. "I believe you and ColonelCarter have always been well suited for one another. The passion you share, and dedication to your work match your skills and willingness as warriors. Although she has been trained as a warrior, you have been a quick study; a fact that has helped us tremendously when in battle.

"ColonelCarter has been a member of SG-1 that you have seem to have found a bond with; much different then the bond between O'Neill or I." I watched him as we passed under the trees into a shady grove. "I owe much thanks to you for your many years of loyalty and faithfulness to the cause. All Jaffa are free because of you."

"Well it was not all me... we all did it. It took years for all the pieces to come together and for us to stand against the System Lords," Daniel shrugged and looked over the water.

"Your bond with ColonelCarter has strengthened since your return. She has seemed to know her place - I do not say that in a degrading way. She was... lost... without you for that year. JonasQuinn helped her, tried being the counter balance she needed, but none could make her feel," I stopped searching for the words. "So loved."

He blushed as I finished. It was true what I spoke. DanielJackson and ColonelCarter have been a team within our team. O'Neill and I were warriors; it was what we knew. They were the ones to think logically at situations and come to us with solutions neither O'Neill nor I could have seen.

"I believe ColonelCarter loves you very much. She has never told me in words, but the way she speaks of you� when you were... missing, I had the feeling she needed you very much. And when her father died, she did not have anyone she could turn to."

"She went to Jack."

"Only since you were not there. She was not searching for the same comfort from him as she did you. I believe she went to your office after the briefing you...."

"Came de-briefed for?� Daniel said.

I gave a smile and a nod, glad for the joke. "Yes," I said, still smiling.

"I guess with her dad, Pete, me... it was all too much for her. I thought as we leaned on one another for comfort, all of it was driving her into my arms. I must admit I was not complaining. Sam has always been more then my best friend in many ways, and I was glad to have the opportunity to share that with her. But I also was worried since it was so soon after all of these tragedies that it was the wrong time."

"I do not believe ColonelCarter would have allowed anything to happen she was not prepared for. I have expected some amount of friendship would give way to more; you share more in common then the rest of us. It was a matter of time that she would realize what you meant to her."

"You always know exactly what to say, Teal'c. Thank you." Daniel said as we turned around and headed back to the cabin. "Apparently everyone was waiting for us to wake up and realize what was in front of us. I wonder if Jack has ever thought of us."

I smiled at DanielJackson and made a joke. "I do not believe O'Neill would be interested in you, DanielJackson."

His laughter was refreshing to hear.
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