Daniel got the call as we were all looking at the newest data from the new battle cruiser, Daedalus. I just wanted to go and fly the darn thing but with alien components, it took a bit more time before one could zip through the galaxy.

He looked worried, disturbed, with a hint of disappointment, as he hung up. "Catherine Langford died last night. I just talked to her last week."

"Oh Daniel," Carter said as she swung around in her chair. It looked like she was ready to launch out of her chair and hug him. I think it was the fact that we were standing around that stopped her.

"Thanks," he nodded and looked quite dazed. Taking his glasses off, he looked about to Carter and myself. "I guess I better go home and pack. The funeral is tomorrow."

"Of course. I will arrange your flight," I said as I placed a hand on his shoulder. "You just worry about being there."

We left Carter to escort Daniel to his car. Teal'c and I went back to my office. I called my friend at the airport and made sure Daniel would have a first class seat on his way up, and an open ticket for his way back.


Two days later I get a sharp knock and an SF. Ok, not normal. He hands me a clipboard and I wait for him to tell me what it says. A perk of being a General is that others can tell me what I want to know.

He looks nervous as he tells me that a large order is to be delivered to "Doctor Jackson's Office." I tell him I will take it; just books from I suppose.

"Sir? It is over 12 boxes. Really big boxes. They are rather large."

"Oh. Well then set them in his office. You go up, I will open his door."

"Yes, Sir."

I grabbed the keys for Daniel's and Carter's labs - I have power.


I see him coming around another the corner as another dolly leaves. He looks like he got at least
some sleep.

"What�s goin' on?"

"You�ve been shopping more?"


"I figured you would know. I have been directing traffic for the past two hours." I say turning slightly as Siler asked for Daniel to "sign here."

"Oh," is the simple reaction once he looks into his office. He is now rivaling Teal'c on the lack of words. "This must be her entire collection."

I clap him on his back as I leave. "You always wanted a museum right?"
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