I leaned over Sam, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You sure? I mean this is big."

She turned to look up at me, excitement dancing in her blue eyes. "Of course this is big. I mean this could put the Stargate to shame. You found it."

"Only because of Catherine, again. I owe so much to her, and now this," I indicated the books and computer screen. "I don't think she knew she had a gold mine."

Sam moved out of the chair and wrapped her arms around me. Leaning into me, she whispered, "Most of us don't until we lose it." She pulled back and smiled.

I returned the smile, and resisted the urge to plant a kiss on her smiling face. Damn cameras. "Maybe we should tell Jack?"

"How do we tell him in small words?" Sam asked.

I merely shook my head. "Samantha Carter, you are ruthless and have no respect. Maybe that strange man of yours will not bring chocolates."

She trained her blue doe eyes upon me and looked innocently. "No scarabs? No Eye of Ra's?"

I laughed and momentarily forgot the camera, planting a kiss on her lips. While I was at the funeral, one of the other attendants turned me on to a small sweets shop that sold different shaped chocolates. I had asked if they could make a few look like Egyptian scarabs, Eye of Ra, Incas and a strange triangle with a circle atop.

Excellent with hazelnut coffee. Mmm.

"We'll see." I gave her a small hug and stepped back before the damn camera could catch us again.

"On to Jack's," Sam said as she hit the print button and gathered the papers.


The briefing went well. Jack actually approved of this new adventure. I think the big appeal was that he had to come along to fly the ship. Close behind was the face that we could actually have a working ZPM, making it possible to establish a wormhole to the Pegasus galaxy and maybe even beyond.

"We can't make a small jump to make sure?" He asked as we hovered in space over looking the most beautiful planet any of us have seen.

"No, sir. We only have enough power to do this once, and for time periods longer then a hundred years." Sam said from the back of the space time machine. She rolled her eyes at me as I watched her make sure all the wires were connected.

"Just think 3,000 BC, Jack," I said as I leaned over to him.

He shot me another worried glance - I wanted to do as test jump myself. I nodded and he turned back to the controls, placing his hands on the clear controls. He closed his eyes and I could see him concentrating.

I looked back at Sam and caught her looking over the wires and massive power console in front of her. She looked up and met my gaze. The excitement, wonder, worry and fear also mixed in her eyes and I once more wondered if we were doing the right thing.


My Egyptian maybe rusty, but I did manage to pick up on a few phrases and the jest of what the brothers were saying. Maybe it was all that practice on Abydos, or the small classes I gave to my assistances. I think they found the dialect part boring; Sam seems to enjoy when I whisper phrases in different languages.
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