I don't know how many times I could side step the same damn bug. I don't want to alter the timeline anymore then we already must have. This is making Jack, Teal'c and I think Daniel a bit annoyed at me. Well maybe not Teal'c since he seems to have been able to work out his explanation for his tattoo, mostly he just keeps his head covered.

Jack keeps glaring at me every time over dinner when I remind him we are in a dessert, not exactly the fishing friendly part of Egypt. Coupled with the fact we maybe here for years until the Rebellion starts. Daniel said he has gotten directions to the Nile and is going to take Jack before long. I hope not to drown him.

Daniel was not happy to have to agree with the village workers to let one of their un-wed women take me in. trust me; it was not my first choice either. Besides the language barrier, I was expected to cook. Thank goodness I actually excel at campfire cooking.

I knew Daniel was not happy for another reason. Since I now stay in a tent more centrally located, and them on the edge, we don't see each other as often. And when we do, it is more for Egyptian lessons.

"Sam if you keep fighting this, nothing is going to change," Daniel said frustrated. "I'm worried actually."

I looked up from the fabric I was mending. �Worried? Why?�

"I know you can defend yourself, but�� he trailed off, his fingers hovering lightly down the side of my face. �I think some of the men are wanting you as a personnel servant.�

I blinked as his hands stopped. "You mean... like a prostitute?"

He looked away, pulling back and nodded. "I have kept it to myself. Jack doesn't know. It's some of the workers he is with that I hear this from. One slip to Jack..."

"And a brink in the future will have a dead man inside," I finished. "Oh Gawd, what can we do?"

His blue eyes lit up and he got up, pulling me along with him. Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled me closer. �We live a life together. No rules can stop us. You are simply Samantha and I am Daniel. The military that you belong to, I work for, not exist. Hell America is only a continent out there."

I gave a small laugh as I thought about it. A small smile brushed his lips. "Sam. The only way to protect you is to have you under my protection."

"What about when we get back?" I did not want to think about the
what if we get back factor.

"I think General Jack will agree. And we are committed to be here for at least the Rebellion, then we can figure out what we do once that happens."


His lips met mine, sending me the message of his anxiety, love and need to protect me. I wrapped my arms around him tighter, not wanting to face my future in this past without him.
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