Daniel "Jack," I began. Glancing once more at Sam, I went on. "We have been discussing the possibility of Sam's predicament. Jack, I have heard people discussing Sam's presence like she is a commodity to be had. I don't believe this will help any of our lives while we are here.

"Before this Sam and I have been taking our relationship further. Don't worry - nothing has happened!"

"It did not look like nothing - you were practically making out when I came in!" Jack said harshly.

Sam's face flushed, and I breathed deeply. "Sam and I need to be ourselves around you. Jack, I think the best thing for Sam is for her to be married."

Two shocked faces turned to me. Sam of wonder, Jack of thoughtful anger. "And I suppose you want to be her husband."

"Do you?" I asked, letting my own anger grow.

"No! I'm her commanding officer. And you are one of her direct subordinates!"

"Then I resign!"

"Fine! But Carter�s life is not in danger if we just go back to out time!"
"And you want to unbury the Jumper and risk more disruption?"

"It would not be disrupting if we go back."


"Maybe not but my love for Sam would not be compromised in this time either."

"Guys?" Sam said louder, tapping my arm. Finally I looked down at her. "I don't see how any of this is helping. Jack - you are not technically my commanding officer anymore - there is no SGC, no military, no America that is a government. Daniel and I have always been close, and it took my dad's death and Daniel's potential ascension again to make me realize my feelings." She turned toward me, "I love you and would be honored to be your wife, in this time or our own."

Turning toward Jack, she looked him up and down. "I think your position here is to officiate."

Watching Jack's eyes widen, I knew there could only be wonder on my own face. She loved me. I mean she said she loved me!

"So you expect to have your own tent then? Cause T and I can handle everything just fine."

"I have all the faith in the world that you and Teal�c can manage just fine on your own," Sam said smiling.

"What can I say?" Jack said finally.

"Guess nothing," I said as I wrapped my arm around Sam once more.

"I guess so." Jack said, shifting from one foot to another. "Are you going to help us get back to our time?�

Sam smiled once more. "I would not want to stay here forever if I could help it. Even if I am with you," she said giving me a small peck.

I did not blame her. I did not want to live like the documentary on ancient Egypt all my life either. I would be fascinating, no doubt, but wanted to be in my own time, free to be with Sam and going to other worlds by her side.

Jack gave one last nod and left us once more. Sam surprised me by grabbing my head and forcing me to meet her lips.

"I love you."

"I love you too," I said taking her in my arms.

A scampering bug passed in front of us, and I watched as Sam stomped on it.
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