Cassie - Day 1 I love road trips; they are all about the people, sites and junk food. It was like the only time Mom would let me eat some un-godly amount of food that would most likely clog my arteries someday. She was not immune from it either. Mom could pack away those Doritos like no tomorrow.

Sailing down the highway with Jack and Teal'c in the front, and the two new love birds, um, Sam and Daniel I mean, in the back, it reminded me of some of those early days. We would just take one of the vehicles, either one of their own or the militaries, and just drive to some place. I think Yellowstone is still my favorite.

Any way, Jack and Teal'c were discussing the rolls of the new recruits that were apparently coming into the SGC, and what teams they would be assigned to. No mention of SG-1, the beloved team of Jack's and the whole SGC, or assigned personnel was uttered. Not that I was surprised, actually when they started to talk about tactical things, I tuned them out and silently listened to Sam and Daniel as they whispered to one another.

"So the Replicators were linked by some sort of conciseness..." Sam started.

"Like the TV show, Star Trek.... What were they called?"

"Borg. Ya something like that. But I don't get how quick Repli- what are we calling the other me?"

"She was not you."

"Well damn close. Had everything I knew in that computer of a brain." She paused, "I wonder if she had that scar too?" she mused quietly, glancing out the window.

"I don't know, I did not really have time to ask."

She smirked at him and went back to her question, "What do we call the other me?"

I caught him soothing a piece of hair that had fallen into her face, away and tucking it behind her ear. "She was not you. Just because she had every feature of you does not mean she was you. She could not be; you have no desire for galaxy domination or over throwing the world. Actually we do'�t have to worry much about that any more," he waved his hand as if dismissing the thought. "We shall call her, RC ' Replicator Carter."

"Still spooky. But it will do. I don't see how quick they could just do some of the things that they did. I mean, they could be hacking into things, and being blasted, it is amazing how quick they could as a collective react to either new information." Sam placed a hand on her head, and sighed. "Too much. '�m just glad it is over."

"Me too. Being locked in a mind battle with your best friends,,, cloned Replicator. Now that is a nightmare." Daniel said softly.

"But then you had that whole dinner thing," Sam shrugged."�At least you had some food there. While you were gone, that whole time, I don't think I ate more than one meal a day. I remember Pete would ask if I even wanted to go to dinner."

I smiled as I heard Sam talk about Pete like he was a very distant boyfriend, not someone she had broken up with a week and a half ago. And what I had seen three days ago in the park... she was getting a little help in getting past him.

Honestly I did not mind Pete, he seemed nice enough, and provided a distraction - something Sam needed. Plus it was the first guy not to die on the third date!

They had gotten quiet and I had placed my headphones on, closing my eyes and listened to music.


The cabin was just the same wooden structure I had remembered - not that I was thinking it would have changed. Jack has a way of holding on to things...change is not his strong suite. But the inside had a touch of color, and a hint of frills as I brought my stuff into the place.

Sam and I would be sharing the upstairs bedroom, while the boys the downstairs master suite. I was surprised to find the bedroom was a pale yellow - Sam's favorite color. Hmm hidden meaning there? Maybe at one point they were both disillusioned to think that anything could be made out of their intense admiration for one another, but now (especially with Daniel in the scene) nothing was ever going to happen.

"CassandraFraiser," Teal'c said. The way he said everyone's name, especially mine, was a reminder that he was still alien to this planet. Even after living here for almost ten years.

"Hey Teal'c!" I said as I grabbed my book from the front pocket of the suitcase.

"DanielJackson would like you to come and join us as we prepare the evening meal," Teal'c said in his even, deep voice.

"Glad to. Are Jack and Sam already out there?"

"Indeed. ColonelCarter is... fishing with O'Neill now."

"Oh this I have to see! I said as I followed Teal'c down the stairs.

There they were. Jack on one side, and Sam on the other, a cooler beside Jack. Sam had her shawl wrapped around her, making me glad I had let her pack my sweater. The temperature was much cooler here then in Colorado.

I followed Teal'c and Daniel out to the grass beside the small dock, they carrying a blanket and basket of food, while I was busy reading, and looking at the two on the deck and how Daniel was reacting.

He was cool about it, just chatting with Teal'c about some kind of new ketchup bottle design, maybe pointing out how the new design was more... ketchup friendly. Ok, so I have no clue. I got momentarily sucked into my book! It
is Vanity Fair....


Well after all the loads of fun one can only have from fishing in a pond that lacks an important part of fishing, Jack and Sam came over and helped cook the steaks that Jack had gotten. Teal'c was standing protectively over them, not letting Jack even poke a stick at them (his words), and kept giving Daniel the eyebrow when ever Jack tried another tactic.

Sam I just quietly watched.

"So... how was your time off, Carter?" Jack said as he gave up, once more, getting to see the steaks cook.

Sam momentarily choked on her iced tea and earned a concerned look from Daniel.

Oh I do love being on the outside looking in!
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