Jack - Day 1 Continued I did not want to ask again, Carter seemed a bit apprehensive when I asked the first time. The next could be a real choke.

And don't think I didn't see Danny boy flinch when Carter put her hand to her throat. I was in Black Ops; I am the General - The Man - who just runs the most top-secret facility on the planet! And I do know Carter is beautiful, had a thing for her myself for a while. Ok, I may still have one, but it so much better now.

"You take in those moving pictures all these kids are so fond of watching these days?"

"Jaack!" Cassie wined, Danny-style. I grinned at her, always love getting a reaction out of her. Miss her mom. Janet would do that too.

"Ya we saw some movies, I think we saw the 'Die Har'� Trilogy and saw some interesting programs on the History Channel," Sam said after another quick swig of iced tea.

"Yeah that one on the culture of Egypt and how they lived," Daniel said as he reached for his water bottle. "It could have been filmed on Abydos. You should check to make sure no one swiped some film from Abydos to make the documentary."

"Check out that film maker from last year? What was his name?" I asked as I scratched my head, literally.

"Emmett Bregman," Sam supplied. Another useless fact collector.

"So that was it? Just some time watching useless movies and TV? No beer consuming, hockey on tape - not the season for it ya know - something fun!" For cryin' out loud, I maybe clueless to what these guys did on this three day down time, but I know that they were most likely covering up the fact that they were backwards engineering, speed translating, star gazing, techno-babble speaking, geniuses who were doing something terminally boring.

"Oh well just because we were not drowning in beer kegs, and the latest movies and sports did not mean we did not have fun." Daniel said it so convincingly I almost bought it.



I have a reputation of being a bit of a hard ass, so to the outside, me sitting in an overstuffed chair with Cassie sitting on the arm rest, surrounded by my team - they will always be my team - would be somewhat of a shock.

Well, I quite enjoy the times I can relax and not think about aliens, space ships and snakes. Up here at the cabin, those times seemed to come more easily. Maybe it was the change of scenery. Being surrounded by natural light and nature in general.

Cassie was in the process of trying to show me a book of anthropology that had some old pictures of Victorian England. And my only thought? What is this crap!

"So run this by me once more, Cass. Anthropology? Astronomy? Could you pick anything easier?"

"Well the class on Military History and Protocol were all booked. Had to take something. Anyway, I don't know if it is something I really want to concentrate on. Just taking the courses for now," she shrugged.

"I think it's great," Daniel said, as Sam nodded vigorously. "We all need to take a few classes in things we don't know about. I mean that's how we learn what we really want to do."

"How about Medicine?"

"I don't know, there was only one Doctor Frasier, and that was Mom. I don't think I could go through medical school without her anyway." Cassie turned away and whipped a tear away. Even after a year, the though was some how, wrong. People who save people should not die. I'm a firm believer in that. Broken it a few times too.

"Well, at least you are stepping out and being a independent young woman. I know we all are very proud of you," I said, meaning every word. The others, including Teal'c also expressed that as well.

She smiled in her shy way and went back to looking at the pictures. The group lapsed into silence once more and I could not help but look at each.

Teal'c was sitting comfortably in the other overstuffed chair, relaxing and flipping through a magazine. US Today, hmm deep thinking material - of course it was one I brought, so no comment. Over dinner he was silent and had a thoughtful expression on his face. Not uncommon for the big guy. He had a lot on his plate with the Jaffa now being free, and helping others realize freedom and grasping it. It was a big task.

The Beauty and Brains (aka Carter and Daniel) were on the love sofa. Between them were a stack of papers and files. Each had a black pen and a highlighter. They could be twins the way they would read and mark, or read and sign. Daniel occasionally pushed up his glasses; disguising the quick glances he was giving Carter. She too would chew on her pen, and glance in Daniel�s direction. It all leaves me with an interesting feeling.

Something is up... the glances, the smiles, the way they would brush past one another. Dinner was then asking if people needed refills on drinks, food, anything, and then a lingering glance at the other. There could not be anything going on between them; they both knew the rules, hell Carter and I had been dancing around them for years. And I seriously doubt Carter would be so quick to jump into another relationship so soon after Pete, her dad... that creepy Replicator who stole her identity, almost losing Danny, again. No I don't think it is... losing Danny?

A thought comes suddenly to mind. She was not all that responsive during the time we did not know if Daniel was alive or dead. Ok, we knew he could not be dead - he is Daniel Jackson, for cryin' out loud. Spacemonkey. The Univers'�s Darling Boy.

And the cause of Carter's sudden appetite decrease.

No, no there is no connection. But just as that though is being dismissed, the two once more glance at each other, and an expression I can't quite place passes between them. I did not want to think about what deep theoretical, techno-babble laden conversations they had had during the past three days.
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