Teal'c - Day 1 Continued DanielJackson and ColonelCarter seem to have grown closer once again. It is nice to see them once more sharing the common bond of their backgrounds. I was perplexed when they had no longer associate as closely as they once had.

The year that was spent with JonasQuinn was expanding for all of us. DanielJackson had ascended and we were then faced with great pressure to find another team member. I am much grateful to O'Neill and his position that he has now. I do not believe either DanielJackson or ColonelCarter would have been happy to see another member join us.

Neither would I.

However, we all have grown since O'Neill has left us for his position as General. That has left the three of us to learn how to function as ColonelCarter has learned to lead. This all has been made easier since we all are comfortable with one another, and do not have a fourth who is foreign to our methods.

Concerning DanielJackson and ColonelCarter, I have observed there interaction has increased. Each can easily tell what the other one is thinking - a trait I have observed for many years. Now, they also once more share long conversations over coffee in the commissary and spent time in one another�s lab. I believe this to be a good thing.

And now that the Jaffa are finally free from the grips of the System Lords, I am pulled away from both the SGC, SG-1 and those I care about. It is a hard choice, but the Tau'ri and especially DanielJackson, ColonelCarter and O'Neill, have all become my family as well. Indeed, they have become more like my brothers and sister as we have fought many great battles side-by-side.

I watch O'Neill and CassandraFrasier, reminding me of how often DoctorFraiser was with us when we took CassandraFrasier places. O'Neill, although afraid of the Doctor when some member of the team was hurt, would be the first one to take both Fraiser's out to breakfast as DanielJackson and ColonelCarter would argue what places made the best coffee.

I did not voice an opinion for such matters were not of great importance. However I did enjoy the way they would interact and finally come to a solution, satisfying all parties.

They were now sharing the couch, facing one another, with a stack of books and files between them. O'Neill had protested loudly when he saw them bring papers on the van.

"What are you two doing?"

"We are bringing some paperwork along, Jack," DanielJackson had said.

"I can see that, but why? This is a two-day, relaxing three-night stay in my cabin. Not a place to be confused with a military base, where you spend 24/7 already!"

Both DanielJackson and ColonelCarter then informed O'Neill that since their absence from the base for the previous three days, there had been a "mountain of paperwork". I smiled when I hear my friends use words that do not go together.

They did in fact have quite a bit of work that awaited them. DanielJackson had said he did not mind being gone, since that meant he did not have to read a lot of what his assistants and researchers wrote, which, according to both DanielJackson and O'Neill was "cumbersome and vague, sometimes a little boring." I do not envy his position as head of the Archeology and Research Department; it must be difficult to run a department when you are presumed dead and on missions most of the time.

ColonelCarter also had a large amount of work to complete. She greeted me warmly, asking how Rya'c and his bride were, and if the Jaffa Nation was going well. She said that she could not talk long and indicated the list before her and the stack of emails she had received. Even being away on missions did not generate this much paperwork for her to look forward to, she had said. I believe it was no more then usual; ColonelCarter was merely distracted when she came in to her office. Even as we talked, she would nervously tap her finger on one of the folders from DanielJackson.

Now they leaned back from their work and merely looked at one another. I quickly looked to see if O'Neill had noticed. I was relieved that CassandraFrasier was doing a fine job distracting him. I smiled as I observed them looking quickly about and began picking the papers and files off the floor.
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