Sam - Day 2 Morning I had gotten up as the sun was beginning to break over the horizon. I threw a shawl over myself and hurried back out to where Daniel and I had shared a few secret moments together. Sitting in the same chair, I wished he were there to watch the sun break through the clouds and trees, making this another gorgeous day.

I know I may not be the most wonderful cook, but I sure try. After watching Daniel make pancakes the other day - Holy Hannah, that was last week! - I had asked how he was able to flip them so easily. Thankfully Jack also believes in butter, and had a load of it in the refrigerator.

I whipped the batter up - I have some things other then Astrophysics and Stargate information stored in my brain - and was about to put the butter in the frying pan when Cassie came padding into the kitchen.


"Good morning."

"Are the guys still asleep?"

I glanced at the door leading to the master bedroom and could hear running water. "I think we may have company soon. Can you cut this apple for me?"

"Sure. What's on the list of to-do?"

"I don't know. Honestly I haven't had a real vacation in years, so I don't know what we should do. I did bring my laptop and a few of my notes, so maybe I can finish the book I started a few years back," I shrugged as I poured two ladles of batter into the pan.

"Sounds like fun," Cassie said sarcastically. "But I suppose so is studying."

"What are you studying?" Jack's voice startled me as I turned around. "Carter, is that a bowl full of something edible?"

I merely looked at him. At receiving said look, he raised his hands in mock surrender and went to the small island and leaned on it. He gave me one of his innocent smiles, and went back to talking to Cassie.

I hope Daniel wakes soon.


Almost as if I called him, 30 minutes later Daniel stumbled out of the bedroom. He smiled half way at Teal'c who was setting the table and at Jack and Cassie who were now debating whether or not Notre Dame's fight song drew in the crowds. How they landed on that subject was anyone's guess.

"Morning," I said as Daniel stood next to me at the coffee machine.

"Morning," he replied, half turning toward me with his blue eyes sparkling. I have learned that he can be in fact very awake without coffee, if surrounded by the right person. He started to lean toward me, to kiss me, but I quickly darted my eyes toward the group and he thought better of it. "Hmm. Thanks for making the coffee," he said instead.

"Just because we are off-base is no reason to have crappy coffee. That is reserved for off-world missions," I said laughing.

"What is so funny you to?" Jack asked as I finished the last pancake.

"Nothing," Daniel and I say at the same time. We look at one another and crack up laughing once more.


Everything went down and no one had a complaint about my cooking. Well except a crack by Jack, but I was expecting some wise thing to come from him about cooking and me. Teal'c helped clean up the table, and Daniel and Cassie settled into the couch to go over her Anthropology questions she had, while Jack and I cleaned the dishes.

There was a day when a simple activity beside Jack would have made my heart quicken and momentarily forget our duties, but now, after everything that has happened within the past year and half especially, has made me realize that lust, really admiration, and love are not the same.

I admire his ability to lead, his way of commanding others. He had enduring features that I miss now that he is no longer in the field along side us. Mostly I miss his sense of humor - even in the face of danger his way of making light of situations. I even love him, in a fatherly, commander, buddy, will-die-for-you-you-die-for-me way. I feel the same about Teal'c

But I love Daniel differently. He inspires me to reach higher, look longer and think harder. He guides me into the places where my brain sometimes refuses to go. And I can recuperate. I love him like my best friend, my confidant, and the one who I would call on my worst day. And now, I finally admit it, I want him; love him like in my daydreams, my deepest thoughts.

But Jack, like Pete, were distractions for my emotions, places I could comfortably place my feelings on and not have to worry about the real feeling, the real emotion.

"Carter, snap back to Earth!"

"Oh, sorry Sir, just really out there." I turned and looked at him. "I guess I should just relax."

"Now you're thinking. No, on the other side," he paused. "Oh never mind."

I looked at him as he slug the dishtowel over his shoulder and took the bowls from me. "Let me."

I nodded and looked about the small kitchen once more. Everything was cleaned, dried and was being put back. I felt quite useless. So I made my way back up to the bedroom Cassie and I share to retrieve my laptop. I might as well be able to do some work on the book of Astrophysics and Stealer Drift, I could use the work to keep up with some of my assistants as they published papers (looked over by myself and another scientist, editing anything that was gleaned from the Stargate Project.)

It may go over others heads, but I enjoyed it.


Thankfully Daniel is the greatest distraction of all time.

I had picked a lovely spot overlooking the water, covered by trees and shade, and had finished looking over the last page I had typed a few months ago. I was very comfortable and knew that this was what Jack meant by vacation. Picturesque view of a lake, company that was the best... and twigs that snapped?

That was when I saw Daniel, with a sheepish grin on his face, look at me.

"Hi," he said slowly.


"Um... mind some company?" He asked as he came forward.

"I never mind you for company. I actually look forward to it every day," I said as he sat.

"Good. I figured I would be peskier and just drop by every few minutes," Daniel said beaming.

"I thought it was because Jack was grating."

"Oh that too, but I knew this gorgeous scientist who had the sexiest mind on level 19," he said it with a slight blush.

Sexy huh? He thought I was sexy! Oh goodness, now I am blushing.

I duck my head, and give a smile to the screen in front of me. I decide to abandon the book for now for a little exploring of the sexiest mind I knew on level 18.


Lunch found us back inside eating a potato salad Cassie had made, and tuna sandwiches. I guess if there were no fish in the lake we could still eat fish.

Teal'c once more busied himself with cleaning the dishes; I think to get out of "fishing" with Jack. Cassie propped open a book and dug into a bag of chips and soda, absorbing the Milky Way in like a sponge. Jack pouted and once more announced he was "on the dock to catch the rays." I think I heard Cassie say that was all he was going to catch.

I had to stifle a laugh as I heard that. Jack merely looked us up and down, and walked out to the dock once more. Cassie looked over her books and grinned. Oh yes I did hear her correctly! I shot her a look and shook my head as I slowly succumbed to the giggles.

"What?" Daniel asked. Teal'c had also come from the kitchen and was drying his hands. His eyebrows were shooting up.

"Sun is all Jack is gonna catch out there," Cassie said as she laughed.

Once Daniel and Teal'c got what she meant, they also laughed. Well Daniel did, I think Teal'c was giving his full smile - kind of when he has made a Jaffa joke only he understands.

I collapsed in the chair as we settled down and began thumbing through a magazine, as Daniel and Teal'c headed out for a walk.
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