Day 2 -  Cassie As Daniel and Teal'c left, I lowered my book and watched as Sam flipped through Entertainment Weekly. She was in a simple green and blue tank top, over jeans that flared a bit. She was up with fashion; for someone who is off world a lot she had kept up with style. And I suppose having dated Pete, and now Daniel, she had made that switch. She looked good as a fashionable and hip woman in her 30s, not a trace of the hard, military girl she sometimes turned into.

My mom always told me to look at others like I wanted them to look at me. I was not born here, or even near here, so I fully understood. Going to school, especially high school, people would always comment on how I was so positive and that I did not stick to my "ethnic group". Little did they know I was a distant relative.

All that to say that I saw past the hard line Sam puts on, and I even see the intelligence in Jack, the soft spot in Teal'c and the adventurer in Daniel.

They worked well together; but then I suppose they would after almost 10, or if you count the year Daniel was gone, 9 years together. Which makes me wonder how long�

"... have you loved Daniel?" The words come tumbling out just as I think them. However this time I don't clamp my hand over my mouth and look embarrassed. It is a genuine question and I want to know, we'll over look the fact I always want to know.

"I don't know," Sam began slowly. I think the question was one she had thought about since she continued. "I guess it started as admiration; I had read his work before he was called to the Stargate Project, and read some of his reports before he went to Abydos. I also read General O'Neill's report as well. It wa... interesting.

"And when I found out that I was going to be transferred not only to Cheyenne Mountain, but to the Stargate Project, well, my hopes in meeting him soared." She paused and looked out the window, a look of memory passing on her face. "And when I saw him, I knew that everything that was said about this young ambitious archaeologist was wrong. I mean here I was, after stepping through a wormhole, and standing on the other side of the galaxy. How could his thoughts on the pyramids not be right!" She smiled and looked at me. "I guess it grew from there."

"And it took this long for you to declare your love," a voice said behind Sam. I jumped, as did Sam at the sound of Teal'c proclamation.

Quietly Sam studied the Jaffa. I watched as relief and tension both played for the dominating emotion. "Yes, I suppose it did," she said softly.
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