Day 2 - Jack - Evening Such a lovely, relaxing day. I grabbed another bottle of water and sat back gazing over the pond. This was how I wanted to spend my time when I retire. Fresh air, sunshine, some snow in the winter, a little flower garden in the spring and leaves in the fall. This is what Daniel and Sam have been missing by not taking me up on the offer to come to the cabin.

Speaking of the two, I could have sworn I saw Daniel going into the woods on the same path Carter had said was untraceable so she would not be disturbed. He looked coy actually as he slipped into the woods. I caught glimpses of his dark blue shirt as he passed the trees. I lost sight of him until I called that it was dinner. They both came out of the woods. Together. Side by side.

I think they were holding hands.


I am
not looking forward to tomorrow's drive back to the mount called home. No air, no water, unless you count wormhole puddles as water. Because ya know it has that shimmery quality about it. And let me tell ya, it is far easier to get a golf ball out of a wormhole pit then a real lake.

But the weekend is coming to an end; Cassie has a big exam the day after we get back, and I'm sure she will be getting help from the brainiacs. Teal'c would most likely want to go back to the Jaffa and help them more. I would be back to sunbathing under florescent lights, signing orders, listening to people drown on and on about some rock they found. This General thing looked so much easier when I was Colonel.

Daniel is looking a bit like himself; distracted, muttering about ancient stuff and generally doing a great Danny-boy impression. I did miss him when he was aboard the Replicators ship. Ha! See whatdaya know, not dead!

Of course the whole winding up in my office, naked was unforeseen. Glad to see Oma still has that wit about her. I was glad to see him... umm I mean to see that he was in a physical body, not some glowing light, but I think I saw Carter give him a second look.

I now give said Daniel a second look myself. He is looking intently at some... thing. Glasses perched atop his head, eyes trained on the object incase it should leap to its death from his hands.

"Whatdaya got?" I call.

"Oh. It is a fossil. I think one surrounding plants... the leave actually." He looks at me from beside the dock and suddenly rushes toward the vacant seat beside me."Jack, can I... ask you something?"

"Sure, anything."

"Do you believe in meeting the love of your life even after you thought you had loved?" He must have seen the blank because he rushed on. "I mean, after you and Sara... could you ever see your self loving another woman like you did her. Or even more?"

I looked at him, out across the lake, and back at him. "Never thought of it. Why, do you love some one equal to or greater then Sha're?"

The mention of his late wife brought the smallest of blushes. It was a thorn in his heart, but a wound that had been healing over time. I'm sure almost gone by now by his reaction. I wonder if he had help.

"Maybe. I don't know. I... I think the woman is in love with me also... but," he looked across the water and hung his head. "It's complicated. It would be a sacrifice I don't know if she would want to take... or if she will be ready to take."

"Well if you love her, you have told her, right?"

"Not in words."

"Daniel, I'm shocked! A linguist like you not able to say 'I love you?'"

Daniel turned to me, and placed a hand over mine. "I love you too Jack... but lets focus here." His eyes danced as he gave a small laugh.

I eyed him and shock my head. Oh my boy was learning the tricks from the old... "Ha funny. Is it not the right time?"

He turned serious once more. "No, I don't think it is the right time. She... she just got over some major things in her life... she is still coming back together, if that makes sense."

"Tell your lady to go talk to Carter. She has been through a lot, she is strong and getting her life back on track."

A look passed over Daniel's face. He nodded and got up. "Thanks Jack. I think I will drive into town to pick up dinner, the girls wanted something special for tonight."

I nodded back and told him where the keys to the van were, watching him walk back to the cabin.
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