The New Gate Science

It was not what Sam had expected, and some how she seriously doubted that Daniel had any ideas of his own. The Stargate dropped them in the middle of a huge open space, making everyone come through and instantly take in the mammoth size of the space.

Daniel had asked Sam to go with the first wave of those going to Atlantis, partially to help set up command, and partially, Sam suspected, so O’Neill would not reconsider Daniel’s and General Hammond’s recommendation.

“Colonel Carter, where should we stow these boxes until we find an appropriate place for them?” one of the Lieutenants asked as she moved among those who had come through the Gate first.

The line of people, equipment and wandering eyes never seemed to stop, and Sam hoped Daniel was not loosing patients with O’Neill who had decided to send them off with a long speech about “compassion for your fellow men, and the idealistic views of a leader.”

“Just push them to the sides. Any smaller equipment, anything that the techs need to get their diagnostic equipment going, bring it up to the promenade – that seems to be where a lot of the Atlantian equipment is already.” Sam watched the Lieutenant nod and scramble by other military and civilian personnel who were still coming through the Gate.

Standing on the steps that led to the promenade and observation deck, she scanned the hundreds of people who had taken the greatest risk of their lives and careers – they had accepted a post in Atlantis. The Pegasus galaxy. A place where for all in tenses they were trapped.

Her eyes rested on the different sections people were milling around in, most were separated by the colored bars of their uniform – a suggestion O’Neill actually made while they were on one of their “all team parties” that involved shooting pool and drinking. It was joke – “The guys on the Enterprise have their designations on their sleeves – literally. How fun would that be?” – and Daniel had suggested it be used.

“Colonel – Dr. Jackson is on the radio,” Dr. Brent Holdem said, coming beside Sam.

“Thanks,” she said as she turned up the stairs and walked on to the observation deck, a ways away from the crowd and was bit quieter. “Yes Daniel?”

“Welcome to Atlantis! Is everyone there?”

“Wave one last time to everyone on Earth, and yes everyone is here. It’s a lovely 75 degrees, and no sunshine, but we are going to work on that.”

“Sounds lovely!” Jack’s voice came through. “Too bad I could not go…”

“You can stop by for a visit,” Daniel said.

“Aw, thanks, buddy, but I think T and I will stay at a place we can go back too. You know how T gets when he can’t come back to his candles.”

“Uh huh. I have to go Jack,” Daniel said softly. Sam could envision Jack standing beside Daniel, rocking on his heels with his hands shoved into his pockets. Teal’c with his stoic look, in the background completed the picture.

“Um guys?” Sam said gently. “We only have 30 more seconds before the Gate closes…”

“I did not know you took a stop watch with ya,” Jack joked. “Comm’ere – give one to the Colonel… Sam. Give one to Sam for me. And T too.”

“Um, Jack? Can I have my shirt back, please? I like the blue bars… and yes I will need it when I am in Atlantis.” Sam heard Daniel sigh, and then, “Sam, I’m on my way,” Daniel said as he disconnected his line and entered the wormhole.

* * *

A week later, Daniel found Sam standing at the control panels looking at the opaque screens.

“Jack would be wondering if it was quipped with surround sound,” Daniel said, coming beside her.

“I don’t know if it even has sound,” Dr. Rodney McKay quipped. “You see, these screens are of Atlantian design and don’t have many exterior features, such as knobs and such. However…”

“McKay!” Daniel said forcefully. “Please. Just… just excuse us for a moment.”

Daniel steered Sam away form the control team, who were constantly stretching wires from one end to another to test equipment capabilities and such. They passed down a short hall, and wondered into one of the rooms Daniel had designated as a mini lab for his and Sam’s books. Off the room was a balcony, one of several they had found after they had managed to un-submerge Atlantis.

“We need to touch base,” Daniel said gently.

Sam looked out toward the other towers and nodded. “It is so beautiful here, Daniel, but there are so many unknowns. I keep reminding myself this must be what Jack felt when you all went to Abydos all those years ago. It’s just so huge,” Sam said, turning to Daniel. “I mean we have tried to make sure everyone has sleeping quarters, labs, offices, supplies…. It’s like furnishing a small army.”

Daniel chuckled. “Yes a small army. I must admit, when Hammond said I was in charge of the new outpost, I was delighted, but then when I was asked to pick my 2IC, I became terrified.

“I mean, I wanted to ask you, but I didn’t. Makes sense?” He cupped her face as she nodded. “I did not want to leave you far, far behind. But on the other end, I did not want to loose you here. But if it was the choice to leave you or loose you… well I hope that never happens. I had to have you beside me.”

“Me too. I would be lost if I was on Earth. It would be like when you ascended that year… just horrible, horrible times.” Sam looked into his eyes and smile, “And besides, Teal’c does not drink coffee.”

“No he does not. That would have been a point of disagreement between us.”

“You would have taken Teal’c if you could not take me?” Sam asked.

“Well actually no, I would have pushed to have some one else come along. I’m no fool, Sam – the way Jack is he would have found some excuse to retire and maybe try to woo you. And I just could never have taken him; he would have over ran me.”

Sam laughed. “I love it when you say ‘woo me’. There is just something that makes me want to… oh I don’t know…”

“Makes you want to what?” Daniel asked, matching Sam’s mischievous grin.

“Oh maybe this,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him. “With a dose of this.” She slid her hand up Daniel’s neck and buried her fingers into his hair. He mirrored the action and pulled her closer.

“I would lie if I said this never crossed my mind,” Daniel whispered. “I want to woo you Samantha Carter.”

“Done,” She said as their lips brushed one another.

Coming up for a small breath, that Daniel always seemed to take, Sam smile. Although the place was a huge place – almost like her own castle – she had a fearless leader, and king, to guide her, and the rest of the Atlantis team. He knew what needed to be done, and was always willing to take action.

“Can we meet for another briefing in a hour?” Daniel asked as they walked back to the control deck.

“I think I will have some important things to discuss by then, sure. Same place?”

“I’m sure it will not be crowded,” Daniel said, leaving Sam to watch the various equipment that ran Atlantis. He never second questioned his choice, and his time with Sam was going to be the icing. He knew they would have to haul the teams out of trouble – they were part of the SGC and came from some of the best teams – but he knew he would have Sam to ask and guide him to the right conclusion.