Listed here will be most of the fics I have written. I have been writing since 2004 and have been nominated for several awards, however have not won any. But, you know, that's ok. Why? Because I have some very good friends and readers who encourage me! I hope you enjoy reading them too!

Season 9
Season 10
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Spoilers: Seasons 9 and 10
Summery: Dr. Bailey DeBarr knows a few things, and one thing she knows best is the SGC. She worked at Stargate Command and on the Prometheus for three years and has seen it all - but even she is not ready for the new adventures S9's SG-1 brings to the infirmary.
*Dr. Bailey DeBarr is the author's own creation. You may use her, but please ask first. *
Spoilers: Future fic, set in season 9
Summery: The first Valentine's after Sam's father has passed and she has broken up with Pete, Cassie dares her to be admired for Valentine's.
Spoilers: Future fic, Season 9, after Roses and Thorns
Summery: Cassie wants to know who Sam's Valentine was, and finds a lucky prize of her own.
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Written in response to a Challenge I came across one day while I was bored.
#14 Daniel finds some National Geographic films of his parents' digs in Egypt and recognizes some of the symbols as being Goa'uldish. He also recognizes some of the items as being ribbon devices and other Goa'uld items. The team goes to Egypt to try to find the dig sites again, and find more than they bargained for buried under the sand.

Season: 9
Summery: Sometimes the "wild" side needs to come out. Sam has a good reason for celebrating and be a bit flirty.

Season: Any
Spoilers: None! Just that Janet is alive, Jacob is with us, and Pete never glanced at Sam. Not once. Oh and Jack knows his place - far away from Sam.
Summery: Sam and Daniel have declaired their love, now can they get married?

Season: 8
Emails between Gen. O'Neill, Dr. Jackson, and Col. Carter on a slight mistake in mess rations, and a rock that leaks...My first fic in the SG universe!

Season: 8
Follow-up to "Coffee, Toxins & Emails." The revenge of Sam and Daniel.

Season: 8
Daniel has a dream of how he sees Sam and his relationship. Do dreams really come true?

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Spoilers: Later half of Season 8, future chapters spoil Season 9
Summery: Sam's worried about what to do with the ring from Pete, her feelings for the safe bet and wonders if she is making the biggest mistake so far. Later chapters is SG-1/SGA crossover.
Spoilers: Threads
Season: 8
This started as a tag for "Threads" - then people reviewed. :-)
Spoilers: Sam's Cry; Threads to Mobius 2
Season: 8
Continuation of "Sam's Cry" - people requested I continue the story, and I did.
Season: 1
Rating: PG (Angst)
She has lost someone and is now spending Mother's Day alone...or is she? ('She' is answered in the story.)

Season: 6, Meridian
Summery: Based on the song 'Fortress' by Siser Hazel, this is my firs song-fic. Sam explores the hurt now that Daniel is gone.

Season/Spoilers: 6-7
Daniel and Oma discuss his feelings for Sam. My first S/D pairing.
Strange Hope has been ...  Ship/Romantic/Sam&Dan

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Sometimes a race is more then just for a trophy. Daniel and Sam find their own prize.

Season: 9+
Summery: On a mission to Tynir, SG-1 is torn apart. Now they must survive and try to get home.
Chapter 10 is rated 'M' for strong secual content.

Jack ponders on his relationship with Sam, and tries to find their bond. But what if the bond is not with him?
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They did not know when they first saw each other differently, but it was a day to remember when they did. Daniel is captivated by Sam's passion for her job and wonders about cosmic bodies and architectural grandeur.

Season: 10
Sam has an addiction that only Daniel knows about.

Season: 1
Sam reflects how the converted silo has become home.
SG-1 has become infected with a "love potion" that reveals true feelings. But how will everyone act once the feelings are known? Challenge answer:
- Sam and Daniel centric
- Must take place in the future
- Must include the line "Daniel, where are your pants?"
SpaceMonkey's Fic Challenges - Check them out!
Challenge Answer:
Two members of SG-1 has to be turned into babies.
Challenge answer:
Sam and Daniel go to Atlantis and enjoy the view and gives Rodney something to ponder.
AU SG-1/SGA crossover
Challange answer:
- Daniel is put in charge of Atlantis instead of Weir. He brings Sam with him.
- AU SG-1/SGA crossover
- Someone must say 'Can I have my shirt back?'

Spoilers: Last half of Season 8; takes place after Threads
This illistrated drabble has 11 parts.
Season 9
Spoiers: Origin Tag
Daniel is worried about the fate of the two people Vala and he were in while in the coma. Sam offers long distance reassuarnce. Sam/Daniel
Season 10
Pair: Cam/Vala, Sam/Daniel
Rating: NC-17
Summery: Two pairs find happiness in captivity.


Season 10 or 11
Rating: G
Summery: Worries are best left in the water
A/N: Because I don't have enough Sam-centric fics
Season 9 (SG-1)/ Season 2 (SGA)
Spoilers: Set during Pegasus Project
Pair: Vala/Ronon
Rating: NC- 17
Summery: Ronon meets Vala and shows her the city... and a few other sights.
A/N: Thanks to an IM conversation one day with Jessica (samarie on We were running through prompts t give to each other, and well, my muse came up with "Ronon and Vala meet" and this kind of snowballed into a fic... and then two. A rare-pairing fic at that!

Written for the SD_Ficathon on LJ
Written for: Ganeeste
Rating: PG
Genre: UST/Angst
Prompts: "You've gotta sharp mind but/I'm a bad liar/It's hardly a new disclosure." (the New Amsterdams - Bad Liars) and "I just smile, once in a while/Because I don't want the lines on my face/I sit right here, holding the years/And I count all the stars in space." (Brandi Carlile - Fall Apart Again)
Spoilers: Unending
Summery: Why is it so easy to lie about what is in their hearts?
A/N: Thanks to my fantastic friends and beta's, Jess and Emma. Also a big thaks to Jess who named my nameless story. You're right again, it is perfect!

If I Kissed You


Season 10 or 11
Pair: Sam/Daniel
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Few S9 references
Summery: Would you pretend, we're only friends, if I kissed you?" Fic inspired by the song, "Kiss You" by iiO

Alternate titles: Crazy for the Southern Girls; Southern Girl Aliens; Southern Girls
Pair: Cam/Vala
Rating: PG-13
Summery: Cam sure does like them southern girls... and aliens ones at that!