Oral Trajectory

Daniel leaned back, content to just watch the two. She was trying to explain some reasons for why their last mission had been a bit rough. He was not sure how to make heads or tails of what she was saying. Honestly, Daniel could not help either since he had long ago forgot to listen to the words, sinking into her passion and excitement.

It was the same passion he had for new cultures, the passion for learning and excitement every time he broke a new line of an ancient language. Her eyes lit up while his dimmed as he looked back at his beer – Daniel smiled as she met his eyes and gave a little shrug. Her eyes crinkled as she returned his smile.

They watched as he left to go back to the bar. Finally alone, she slumped back and the soldier part of her drain away. Eyes drifted close as she pinched the bridge of her nose, Daniel knowing she was trying to chase a headache away.

He reached forward and caught her hand. Pulling her forward, he gave her a sneaky smile across the table. She squeezed his hand back and gave a small smile back, laced with mystery.

Giving a glance toward the bar, and seeing Jack was busy talking to the bartender, Daniel scooted around the booth and leaned close into Sam’s ear.

“Now tell me why the trajectory of the space time dilatation and the natural pull of cosmic bodies, is so fascinating.”

“I can do better then that, Doctor Jackson. I can show you why cultures are driven to written language and trading oral traditions for architectural grandeur and how that has sustained many generations.”