A Powerful Bond

Jack turned the corner and stopped before the door to Carters lab. Glancing quickly up and down the corridor, making sure nobody was coming or leaving the section, he leaned into the doorframe.

He did not knock, he did not clear his throat, or make any noise; for the first time in months he was quiet, wanting to take in the moment.

Her short blonde hair no longer fell into her face, but her fingers would subconsciously brush invisible strands behind her ear. Delicately they would linger there, as she once more lost contact with the world beyond the chips and tablet before her. Once more moving, she used them to trace the surface of what captivated her interest.

She leaned further upon her elbows, as if being closer to the objects would somehow give her answers. Long arms wrapped around her middle as she slowly straightened; sparks of intrigue lighting her eyes.

Eyes of blue. The deepest blue Jack had seen, and had the honor, pleasure of falling into. Intelligence ran through them, making him aware how quickly she thought.

Now a small smile came upon her lips, the same lips he kissed when he was lost in the time loop, the lips he longed to kiss once again. A small amount of laughter floated out of her, making Jack pause as he shifted silently. It was infectious, genuine laughter. Conveying more then finding an illusive answer, more then finally being able to laugh at how simple it was.

Moving back to the table and stool, she sat before the objects. Her movements were fluid and graceful, making Jack once more aware that she was a woman who had natural grace. He now let the smile widen as she began to talk rapidly.

Jack’s features did not fall when her heard an equally familiar voice answer. Rather he continued to watch her. The way she excitedly and passionately rambled about … what ever she was talking about.

They all, large and small, were reasons why he felt stronger for Samantha, Sam, Carter, then he should. Each was different, a parallel of himself. To be so different yet so similar was what sparked the attraction. Of course it helped she was good looking. Even if she was a scientist. He had learned to put his dislike for scientists aside as he watched Carter perform higher then his expectations, which were skyrocketingly high.

But as she continued her conversation on the latest discovery, Jack found his heart began to slow. It was not the fact he truly did not know what she was talking about, rather it was whom she was talking to. Her companion also excitedly responded to her every word and thought.

They interacted as if they read each other’s thoughts, stumbling over finding the words for their mutual thoughts. Leaping over the mental hurdles, they both gathered speed, leaving words for pens and wild gestures.

Her reaction to his interest made Jack consider his options. He could 1) walk into the office like intended, or 2) leave and try again later. But his feet would not budge, his hands glued to the insides of his pockets. His heart and head exploded as they each processed the scene before him, wishing for some other logic.

But none came; and he stood still as he began to understand. Besides them being in danger of court martial, never being able to satisfy her intellectually and not understanding her excitement in scientific things, he know a life with her was possible.

In other realities. In other worlds. But not this one, no matter how hard he wished and dreamed. They where night and day, compliments and opposites. Poles and magnets. The same and different.

Now the other voice came into view, standing beside Sam, also passionate about … Jack did not care what. He racked his hand through his brown hair as he hunched closer to her, peering at what she wrote.

And Jack’s heart and mind knew. Finally crashing into reality. As they stood now, side-by-side, proud of their mutual contributions of there collaborated efforts. And as he turned to leave, Jack finally let a genuine smile grace his lips.

Yes they were done, him and Sam – it was a dream they both played with and to – but there was something else that was always there. The steadfast, stubborn and powerful bond of Sam and Daniel.

And Jack whistled as the elevators closed, content to let them be.