Red, Yellow, Pink & Violet


Daniel cleaned the sink of all three dishes that had cluttered the small place. Drying them he turned to watch the sun part from behind the clouds, glad to have seen the weather report earlier. Sun was what he liked best, and had packed for.

Stacking the dishes in the corner of the small galley kitchen, he made his way out to the porch. There stood an empty rocking chair slowly moving in the breeze that blew down the mountain. Beside it was a table and a vase with a single stem rose.

Curiosity got a hold of him before he knew that he was even walking outside. It was a weak spot of his, right up there with glowing objects and things Jack insisted not to touch. Walking toward the rose, he noticed a white envelope propped up beside it.

Falling into the chair, he lifted the flap gently and peered inside to the card. It simply read, “Come inside.” Glancing around, Daniel once more read the words.

Picking the vase up he carried it and the envelope inside to the small desk that was beside the door. Carefully placing both objects down, he spotted the color yellow among some photographs above the desk. Crinkling his forehead, he reached for the yellow rose that lay on its side and picked up the car beneath it.

“I’m under the sink, by a bottle”

This confused him even more. Whipping around he hurried into the kitchen he left minutes earlier. Spying the pink ribbon around one of the bottles he had brought in last night, he quickly unfastened the rolled up paper.

“Bring two glasses and bottle. Upstairs.”

Daniel was beginning to grow excited, and was starting to chuckle as he headed up the stairs to the second story. The small place they were lent over looked the wide lake and lush forest caterings the valley. Daniel momentarily paused as he reached the landing and half turned to survey the living room below. Everything was still in order, he was not sure what made him hesitate as he once more turned toward the closed door.

Taped to the door was another rose, a violet colored one, and a beautiful linen paper note. Carefully placing the bottle and glasses in one hand, he reached for the note. He traced the slightly torn edges as his eyes lingered on the royal blue ink. Each stroke was delicate and even, precise and meaningful. The first letter was done in an ornate fashion, scrolling around the staff of the letter and even tied into the next letter.

“My Love, enter into the retreat, and savor your treat.”

“Cleaver,” he muttered as he slowly lifted the rose off the door and placed them in the vase that held all the roses.

Red. Yellow. Pink. Violet. The colors all mirrored the room he entered, balancing the flowers and bottle of wine he had brought with him.

“I see you found your way,” she cooed.

“Ya, I had … um good directions,” he said barely above a whisper. His throat went dry as he watched her move over the silk cover toward the edge of the bed.

She smiled, blue eye gleaming. “I figured you did not need many.”

“No, not many,” Daniel said as he slid beside the woman. Placing the objects down on the small wooden bench, he glanced back to meet her eyes. “Not many at all.”

The squeal and sudden odd shapes hitting his face made Daniel start. It was not how he imagined his secret meetings with the lovely woman who stole his heart would continue.

Glancing beside him, and then turning slowly, he watched as the squealing child ran around the island and flopped on to the couch.


Daniel screwed his eyes shut, imagining the bedroom that was red, yellow, pink and violet.

“Just think it will be just us tonight,” the lady of his dreams whispered into his ear. Popping one eye open, he shifted its gaze to the blonde haired, blue-eyed woman who stole his heart.

“And it is not evening yet?” he asked hopefully.

She smiled and brushed her lips over his cheek. “Sadly, no,” she responded dryly.

Turning to where the little girl was now proceeding to turn her shirt backwards while still in it, Daniel once more grinned. The life he had was wonderful, a perfect snap shot of what he wanted his own childhood to be like, what he dreamed he could give his kids. She was now trying to dart away from her mother, successful until she plowed into Daniel who was still leaning against the counter.

Picking her up, he stared into the blue eyes that held all the light of promise and love in them. Swing her in the air as he walked into the living room, her curls bounced back and forth. “Lets go Aria, you can make a beautiful noise in the car. Grandpa is waiting.”

He squeezed the girl and blew in her bare belly as he lifted her high above his head. She squealed once more in delight and wrapped her arms around his neck as she came back down. “I love you daddy. I will make a beautiful song for the world to hear today,” she said as she gave him a tiny five-year-old squeeze.

Daniel grinned as he set her down and gently guided her toward where Jacob stood in the doorway. “Ready Pumpkin? Where is the other one?” He asked as he hugged his granddaughter.

“Ready,” came the reply from down the hall. Carrying a little boy, she stopped short as she eyed Daniel, standing partially in the doorway. “Daniel?”

“Yes? Hello Dean. Are you ready to go too? All in that little soldier outfit. We might have to talk about that, Jacob,” Daniel said as he took his son and handed him toward his father-in-law. “Yes?”

She was smiling as she quickly waved good-bye to her kids and father. “Daniel, where are your pants?”

“Wha-what?” Daniel asked stammering as he took in his bear legs and blue Air Force shirt. “Oh, crap. Your dad… and I was standing…”

She collapsed into his arms and smiled, nodding as he processed the information. “Well I for one was admiring those gorgeous long legs of yours, Daniel Jackson.”

“Ah well as long as you were the only one, Samantha Carter-Jackson.” He smiled as he pulled her into a kiss. Sighing he leaned back against the wall, holding Sam to him. She was the blue-eyed temptress who always seemed to leave him roses in his daydreams. “I think we must get to work.”

“I guess so. Maybe you could get some pants on … what would the neighbors think if they saw you driving away like that?” Sam giggled, kissing her husband once more.

“I’m more worried what Jack would say. We would never be able to get to that little cabin on M59-4464 for our anniversary!”

“Posh! Just flash some leg!”