Chapter 3 - A day later... As I am roaming the halls of the SGC, I find myself wandering. Oh physically I know where I am - thank God - but mentally, that's different.

I am jumping from the events of the last few days, to the times when we have been hurt, to the one time in Montana and I went ice-skating. No relation that I know of to the Stargate and my work. But this whole thing with Sam... what do I call it? Is there even a name for it?

Once more I find myself doing figure 8s - mentally thank you very much - and am wondering if this is how it is suppose to feel. I mean I was kissing her, ok her tears - that were on her face! And she let me. Oh grief does let one do strange things, been there done that - lost the way to the T-shirt stand.

But still...

After we reached the car, and Mark and Sam hugged, we once more drove to the airport. All of us were to go to Colorado Springs - Sam and I to have some hours of down time before heading back to base - and Mark so he could spend some time at the small place Jacob used while on Earth. SF's were obviously around him at all times. Can't have any Tok'ra like things hanging about.

I find myself at the gate room. It is oddly quiet - I glance at my watch and see it is only 2:14 am - and I wonder what I should do.


Her voice  once more sounds small. I know what it is like to lose a big part of your life. Sha're's face comes floating to my mind.


"Can you..." she hesitates, and in a space of a heartbeat, my heart breaks. "Can you come up here?�"

"Anything, Sam." I go up the short stairs into the control room. It is dim and none of the usual personnel are bustling around. They are smart - they sleep at 2:20 am.

"I am sorry, I saw you and.... Is there something you were doing? Because you can go back to it..."

"I was waiting for you to call, that's all." She blushes; in the dark I can see that. And I push up my glasses as I settle into the chair beside her.

We lapse into silence once more. Words have been said before; now what she needs is a friend. Someone who can sit in the darkness with her and... just sit.


Amazingly we sat up until the first watchmen came into the control room. I think we startled them since they sort of hesitated at the doorway. By 5:35 we were seated at Denny�s and had ordered - and drunk - our first round of coffee.

"What have they added?" Sam asked as she looked over the menu.

I looked at her from over my menu. "Let me just review the last few months for you..."

She laughed, and smiled. Two of her best qualities. They rank up there with her beautiful mind and her intellect, along side her curiosity. Those were the things that attracted me to a woman. Sure beauty is an obvious perk, but the way she thirsts for knowledge and the way she looks when she finds it - priceless.

"True, true, Dr. Jackson. So what shall we have?"

"Ah I think the French toast with the strawberries on top is tempting, ColonelDoctor Carter." I winked as she once more began to giggle.

Today would be a nice relaxing day, if this was how it started.


The Tok'ra came. Pissed Jack off. Tok'ra left. All in a days work, I suppose.

They wanted to know if any part of either Jacob or Salmak had been saved. Saved? Like we are in the business of keeping our dead around? We are not a morgue.

Had to explain the uses of a morgue. Jack laughed as he watched the poor delegate - apparently our new liaison - turn a shade of green. Personally had to smack Jack to get him to be friendly. My job goes beyond my job description; I don't think they have a description of it anymore.

Jack confided in me that he thought Sam needed a few days off to recover. I told him she would leave - if I had to force her out the door - once the private Tok'ra funeral was over. He nodded and prepared for the ceremony. The first funeral under his command of a good friend he reminded me. A glint in his eyes told me that he never intended on having one for me.

I am hurt.

Asked Sam, once I found her in her lab, if she was really up to another funeral.

"Yes, Daniel. I think so."

"Well I can always tell Jack to call it off. I mean, those who were close to him, already said goodbye..."

"Yes but not those from the Tok'ra."

"And the band of people who came the day..."

"Dad died. He died, Daniel. Nothing more, nothing less."

"...Right. The day he died, those people don't count?"

"Don't sound like the General. Daniel... they need closure too. I was there when it happened, and I'm sure they all have questions. " She shook her head, and her blonde hair gently moved. "No they need this too."

"Ok. I'll get ready."

She caught my hand as I passed on my way to the door. She tugged me into a hug and kissed my cheek - dangerously close to my lips.

"Thank you."

I nodded as I walked back to my quarters to change into my BDUs.
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