Chapter 4 - A few hours later... Second funeral ceremony in two days - there has to be a limit to these kind of things. The General - Jack - even came to the new Tok'ra home world for this. Teal'c and the Colonel silently walked with the Tok'ra - Gen'ri and Fins'i - to the underground caves as Daniel and I walked behind, taking in the barrenness of the land.

Once more I found my comfort in his warm, gentile touch. He took my arm as we walked the long halls of tunnels as we approached the main room. I was struck my how many Tok'ra were there waiting for us.

One of the council members stepped forward and I gave him the pillow Dad had slept on; they had required some object for their blessing ceremony.


Two hours, and eternity later, Daniel and I found ourselves roaming the tunnels, unattended and undisturbed.

"Thank you."

He looked up with his blue eyes and wrinkled his forehead. "For what?"

"For being here. Just being there for all my crying and being able to be just listen. When Dad died - " I found that saying now rolling off my tongue. " - I needed someone to just listen. It reminded me of all those I have lost. Janet, Dad, even you for a time there." I watched him turn away slightly. "If you would not have come back... if you had really died on the Replicator ship.... I don't want to think about who I would have turned to."


I almost snorted at that. "No, the General is someone I can talk to, but not in the way I needed to. I could tell him I was sad, mad, even wished I could be with him... but he would have glossed over if I had said I wanted to talk about how much it would effect my life, how much I would be missing his advise. He would crack a joke, or suggested to go for ice cream."

"Oh. I see how that could be a problem."

"A bit of one."

"And no chance that Pete -"

He did not finish the sentence once he saw my face. Oh Pete was a nice distraction. A substitute of what, who, I really wanted in the picture. But he was another one who would start to gloss over when I talked about science and feelings. "Work and being a girl" he would say when I would start talking about either subject.

"No, no chance."

"So that would leave Teal'c and I. I don't think Teal'c has had time, what with the rebellion and all. And I was a tad," he pauses and moves his hands around.

"On another plane?" I supply.

"In a dinner actually."

"Oh. Good food?"

"Sort of. The company of Oma was not to bad, but some of the others... well I could have done without. Let's say I was glad to come back."

I must be blushing like mad when he meets my gaze. "I bet" is all I manage to say. The memory of him descending back into the General's office flashed before me. Those chiseled abs - where was he hiding them all this time? - and the scar from his appendix surgery peaking out from atop the flag that draped his waist. I bet that was better then being in a dinner.


"So. That just leaves me, and I guess we know that you wound up in my office." He smiled as we rounded another corner, snaking our way around the tunnels.

"Yes, I suppose I did. It was just... natural that I went there. After all the things we have been was what I needed. Your office has always been a refuge of sorts; I suppose it is all the books and the artifacts. I like the collage you have on the back of the bookcase."

"Ya, I collect pictures of all you off-, and on-world. It always reminds me of my family." He weakly added, "And you."

It was soft, and I almost missed it even in the quietness of the tunnel. "My favorite picture is of you in plain basics and a few scattered objects and books around you," I said just as quietly.

"I guess we each have our pictures."

"I guess we do."

"I am missing one though."


"This one," he said as he stopped me and leaned down. His lips met mine softly and I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him closer as I leaned up into the kiss.

After another eternity of a breathless kiss, I pulled back. "Yes I would like that one, too."

Dad was right, I was going to be happy - really, really happy. He always did know best, even if he was cryptic about his messages.

"Holy Hannah!" I exclaim as Daniel took me in his arms once more and diped me into a very romantic kiss, below the surface in the Tok'ra tunnels.
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