Chapter 5 - Day 1 - Daniel's House Sam has become her normal self. She is not gazing at distant objects and thinking about the past week. Now she was curled up in my lounge chair in my living room, reading Persian Cafe. I don't think it is a funny novel, or even a scientific or historical book, since her face is relaxed in just enjoying the story.

I'm in the kitchen, trying to keep my hands from wandering to the coffee grinds. I had lost the battle with chocolate and was sucking on my third Hershey's bar. I like watching her, always have. She was as passionate as any person could be, making me wish she would read my antique books out loud with the same passion. I make a death stare at the one my assistant had asked me to read during our three day down time.

Teal'c had gone back to help the Jaffa draw up plans for their new, free, nation. Jack had gone on with his General duties, leaving Sam and I to get over the loss of Jacob and decided where to go on from here. We had three, long days to look forward to. Sam had decided the best way was to for neither one of us to be alone - we were a team.

Personally I think she is still getting over the whole Pete thing - never really got used to the fact Sam liked him. Coupled with her father, two funerals in three days, and me descending - again - was enough fun for one week.

"If you want coffee, just make it," Sam said, not looking up from her book.

"Will I be the only one -"

"Daniel. Please. The General is not here, we can indulge."

That sent pictures into my brain. Indulge. Hmm, there were a lot of things I could indulge in. The kiss I shared with Sam was first on my list.

Shaking my head, and the grounds into the basket, I filled the glass coffee crafte with water. Letting it drip, I walked back into the living room.

"Bored?" Sam asked amused.

"Yes. Nothing to blow up, no interesting artifacts that need my immanent attention. Of course there is this amazingly boring account of Venus that Kayla insisted was a best seller of the old world." I dropped into the couch. "I know nothing good is on TV, and I can't stop thinking that there was more to that Oma and caf� thing."

"And you are bored? With all that in your mind, I would think you could entertain yourself," Sam said, placing the book down. "Scrabble? Chess?"

I looked at her thoughtfully. I wanted to say "Pick Sam's Brain," a private game we had developed after I had descended - the first time - to help unlock doors to my memories. It went both ways as I started to remember things. I held back, actually afraid to find out what was on her brain now.

"Scrabble," I said at last. "No physics, astrophysics, Stargate, military, historical, archeological, off-world, various technologies and technical terms."

"Damn, Doctor Jackson, you make scrabble no fun," Sam pouted as she grabbed a cup of coffee as I gathered the game. "So what does that leave?"

"Normal words. Or as Jack would say,'�things I can spell.'"

"So no words over 6 letters?" she giggled.

I shook my head. "You have not respect for your CO, do you?"


Four hours and only two games latter - it took both of us a while to come up with 'normal' words - we were back on the couch, flipping through the TV channels and movies.

Sam had grabbed an old blanket that I had in my bedroom and had curled herself into a ball, leaning her head dangerously close to mine. As I flipped through the channels, I kept an eye on the blonde hair that leaned on my chest. She would place a hand on my arm, or over the controller when something caught her eye.

Finally we found a new program about the daily life in ancient Egypt. It looked like it could have been filmed on Abydos. I told Sam this and she laughed; it was once more light and airy. Although the program was interesting  - and semi- accurate, I'm shocked - my mind floated toward the woman snuggled perfectly up to me.

I had asked at one time if there had ever been anything between us. She had hesitated just long enough to make me wonder, but then she had said that we were just really good friends. Good friends which, latter as my memories began to come back, I felt was as far as either one of us would take it. But then yesterday... no even a few days before that... we had started to move, glacier fast toward more.

Only having a few relationships in my past, I knew that the kiss in the Tok'ra tunnels had started us on the path that was not easily stopped.


She startled me out of my thoughts - she was really good at that. I lifted my glasses off and rubbed my eyes. "Sorry."

"And stop apologizing. You have nothing to be sorry about. We are off, base, off duty, and at your house. Don't make me make it an order," she said, smiling up at me.

"Like you said, we are off base, off duty, and at my house. Technically you can't order me anything," I smiled back.





"Ancient lover."

"Actually, just ancient, and that is ex-ancient. But then again the jury is still out if I was even an anci-"

I could not finish the sentence with Sam's mouth over mine. It blew me away as she slipped her arms around my neck and waist, pulling me into the kiss.

"Fine. No ancient then."

"Just lover then?

She blushed and turned away. Way to go Jackass. That was so not what I wanted to say. Nothing like being suave. I started to apologize but a glance from her stopped the words.

"It's... it's too soon. Gawd..." she hung her head in her hands beside me. "If everything was different..."

"Your dad would be here, you would be looking at wallpaper and cakes with Pete -"

"No, I think Pete and I would be done no matter what. Dad didn't like him; I saw that. If dad does not like the guy, then everything would have been wrong." She leaned back, with her head on top of the couch, staring at my ceiling. She looked side ways at me, and quietly added, "he really like you."

I smiled and whipped the single tear that had escaped her eye. "I liked him as well. I guess it helped that I also liked his daughter for more then her looks."

She turned fully toward me and once more melted into my arms. Score one for the Jackson! I kissed the top of her head once more as we settled into watching the rest of the program.
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