Chapter 6 - Day 2 - Daniel's house and Picnic After the fourth pot of coffee was consumed, both Daniel and I were debating on the uses of time travel. You would think that we have gone through enough that we could honestly step back and discuss the real implications and ramifications of messing with the time/space continuum.

All I'm getting here is him laughing. Defiantly time for bed.

Daniel insisted I take his bed, that the guest bedroom is not good enough. And those tents the SGC issues are? He once more pulls me into a hug - I could melt into them forever. His eyes dance as I lean up and whisper good night. I honestly intended to just kiss him on the cheek, a quick one... but well, that did not happen. Some how I did manage to teeter to the bedroom, with out knocking into anything.

Cloud Nine has nothing on Daniel Jackson.


he smell of pancakes, and coffee, wakes me. I grab the sheets and throw them off, making them tangle and drop all over the end of the bed. I am not neat when it comes to mornings. I wonder briefly if Daniel is, but then the stories that Jack tells when he shares a tent with him, makes me remember that the tangled sheets and comforter that just slipped onto the floor in a heap is nothing.

"Morning," Daniel greets me and hands me a cup of coffee. Like I did not have enough last night.

"'Ello," I respond. I sip the liquid, willing it into my blood stream and make me wake fully before the sun got any higher in the sky. I was looking like a nice day, from what I could see. "Maybe we can soak up some of that sun."

"Sounds like a plan. We have not just spent some time in the sun in a while. Maybe we can make a whole production out of it."

I smiled and watched as he skillfully flipped the pancake with out breaking it. Silently I took in the scene. There was Daniel, the handsome archeologist I had admired all those years ago and had let myself grow fonder of through all the late nights and in depth conversations, the dieing together and saving the planets a billion times also helped make our bond more powerful. His fingers caressed artifacts and pages of books - and had caressed my cheek. He moved with natural grace, and the way he worked made anyone believe he could do the same thing forever.

"We have not seen much sun on Earth. We've been to a few planets with two suns, a few moons; I think there was one that had its light from a small star cluster. But yes we need to make it a big production, who knows when the next time will be," I said as Daniel pulled a plate of done pancakes from the oven.


"Only if it is Maple from Canada!"

"Geez, Doctor Carter, you think I don't have the taste buds for good Maple?"

I grabbed the bottle and drowned the pancakes.

"Want some pancake with that?"

I glared at him playfully and kicked at him lightly under the table. Together we settled into the silence and enjoyed each other's company.

Finally as we were cleaning the dishes side-by-side, I suggested something I had been mulling over as we had eaten.


At 2:30 we had finished our lunch under a rather large and shady tree. The breeze gently blew the branches, and I settled back to watch the clouds move along. Daniel and Cassie had gone to look at the rocks and admire the way they jutted out and was set against Pikes Peak.

Daniel came back as I was just about to take in a quick nap. "Hello! I spy a sleepy princess."

"Well just make sure there are no peas." I smiled as I gave him a quick kiss.

He settled beside me, knocking our shoulders together playfully. He flashed a mysterious grin and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me on to his lap. When he had gotten so strong was a mute point as he leaned his head close to mine and looked into my eyes.

The minutes of eternity ticked past as we just sat there, arms wrapped around each other and in each other's emotions. Suddenly a thought fleeted into my mind. What if this was all just emotions from the past week. The past few days, merely a bliss we each wanted in order to off set the whole past; the Gou'ald invading, the Replicators attacking, Daniel's capture, the Jaffa's rebellion, the defeat of all the Replicators, Anubis, Daniel's return, Dad's death....

"What if..."

I did not finish for Daniel placed a finger on my lips. "You can not live in what ifs. You have been for the past few years, and it has torn my heart out. You can't go back and change the past; you cannot alter the way the space/time continuum works. If you did, then you and..." he paused and took a deep breath. "You and Jack would be together, you and Pete, you and someone else.... Sam they are out there, don't deny the fact that every alternate reality has you in some sort of non-military position, maybe doing something that you love... but they are not you.

"This is you," he placed a hand on my heart. "This is you," he moved it to touch my hair. "And this is us. The way we have only dreamed of in the darkest of nights.

"You said while you were on the Prometheus, that your dad had said he wanted you to be happy; that before he died, he wanted to make sure you were doing what you really felt." He lowered his gaze for a moment. Lifting them once more, I saw the fire and passion that was Daniel Jackson burning in his eyes. "That is what I am asking of you now. Sam... I do not want to push you or something, making you do something that seems right at the time, but is not your heart, not your head. I want to love you; I will not lie - I've never been a good liar anyhow. But, like your dad, I want you to be happy."

Tears were streaming down my face, and I saw they were reflected in his. I put my head down on his broad shoulder and buried my face into the side of his neck and cried.



I was not spying, I swear! I mean there they were, all wrapped in each other's arms, sitting under a tree. They looked natural like that. I did not want to disturb them.

So I did what everyone else would do, well except my mother, I think she would have run around shouting "Finally!", I sat on a bench and watched.

Ok so it�s close to running and shouting.

They leaned in together, and I was worried they would get all mushy - I may be a young woman but these are my friends we are talking about! Instead, and to my relief, they seemed to just talk. Well Daniel was talking. Sam looked like she was starting to cry and as Daniel kept talking; her tears came faster and harder.

The last time I say her cry like that was at my mother�s funeral. I imagine she was like that at the graveside funeral for her father too. I bet Daniel was there to comfort her. Maybe that was when the sparks started to show; I have watched them and soap operas enough, I know how some of this stuff works.

I think Sam and Daniel are falling in love! And as I watch Sam put her head on his shoulder, I can see that her tears are not only out of sadness but also out of happiness. They will be just fine.

Of course, that is as long as Jack does not find out!
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