Chapter 7 - Day 3 - Sam's House

As I drove up to Sam's house, I was thankful, well relieved would be a better way to put it, that Sam had not put her lovely home up for sale soon after Pete proposed. She had talked about it, had even went so far as calling a friend of a friend who was a realtor.

Sam opened the door, phone to ear and a spatula. Not good on either accounts. Sam can cook, just as long as she is not distracted or you like things rather crispy. And the way she was listening intensely to the person on the other end, made me tense a bit as I closed the door.

"Oh well, of course everything would go wrong. It is Earth saving missions we are talking about." She said as I entered the kitchen.

Grabbing a stool, I looked around for the crispy experiment gone wrong, or evidence thereof. I actually did not see anything spewing, boiling, baking, or charred. Maybe I came in time. Sam set the spatula down and swept her hair back, a simple gesture she does when she is relaxed, I have come to find out. At least that rules out the phone call being from the SGC - but why the "Earth saving missions" line?

"No, no, I can get along with out it. You have fun, and study. Make sure you do that..." she paused, leaning back on the counter and met my gaze. "No. I said no. I think I can handle it. Gawd, don't you trust me? ... Oh! Well thanks for the vote of confidence, Cass!"

She doubled over in laughter as she said good-bye and hung up. I smiled as she stepped the short distance between the counter and the island. "So how is Cassie recovering from that collision with that guy?"

"Oh I think they are ok. She said Dusty was going to take her out to a roller blading park. I guess he will teach her the finer points of stopping."

"You mean you can't crash and burn?" I laughed, recalling the scene. "And I thought that was the way to meet woman around here."

"Whatever, Doctor Jackson. You have a very nice way of meeting woman already. You don't have to change your approach, one iota," she said as she stepped around the counter and in front of me. "You seem to have a natural way with woman."

I smiled and let her take my breath with the quick lingering kiss. She paused and looked at me, and then with a twinkle in her eye, she grabbed my hand and pulled me off the stool.

"I had to make sure our Cass was doing ok; that bruise on her knees really did look bad. Plus I had to make sure I had all the correct ingredients to make Chocolate Walnut cookies."

I raised my eyebrow - Teal'c style - and eyed the woman before me. "Really? Chocolate Walnut you say? Hmm I think you go tell Pepperidge Farms your taste and the make."

"Oh, not you too," Sam said playfully swatting at my chest. "Cassie already thinks I can't do it."

"Well, as long as we get to eat the dough while we make it, I think I can handle it."

I caught her giggle with my lips.


Only one and a half hours later, and two batches, we have completed yet another dangerous mission - baking with Sam.

Honestly, if there was a Least Likely Martha Stewart Cooking Award, Sam would be making the top 15. Yes there are worse cooks, I have had the unpleasant experience of growing up with some while in foster care. Of course you never know what your food will be, let along like, out in remote digs.

I made sure to sample the batches every time the recipe had insisted we were done adding ingredients. The walnuts had to be chopped finer, but other then that, it was surprisingly Pepperidge Farm-like. The warm, chocolate-ty, Heaven in a cookie, was now cooling, but that did not stop two rather chocoholic Doctors from reaching and grabbing the round slices of goodness.

You think I'm passionate about the cookies; I was amazed when Sam swatted my hand away from the biggest cookie.

"What?" I said.

"That is for latter. Here, this one," Sam said, pointing to the smallest one.

"But that is small."

"Why how observant you are. And don't whine, you will get more." Sam said very mother-like.

With that settled, I still was not happy as I chewed at the cookie, I watched her clean the cookie sheet. As the soapsuds rose, I snagged another cookie, and after a death glare, I gave Sam one as well. I suppose that was fair enough. I wrapped my arms around her and leaned my head on top of her golden locks. She sighed and leaned back into my shoulder, scrubbing the bowls, spoons, cookie sheets, and various utensils that fell victim to our cookie making.


After consuming the cookies, and deciding to continue the cooking, we had made a rather nice dinner. Russet potatoes, corn, green beans, dinner rolls and grilled Salmon came tumbling out to cover dinner nicely. Some wine, and even better company, topped the meal.

Now, we were sitting on the deck, watching the stars fade in and out of the clouds. The moon was slowly rising, making the night a perfect balance. A breeze had picked up and was moving the tree branches in the night air.

"Perfect," Sam breathed.

I kissed her temple as my agreement. Her leaning back into me was also perfect. I pulled up one of my knees, cushioning her side from the wooden handle of the wooden chase. In response she bought my right arm closer to her body and stroked the hair on my arms.

"It is this kind of beauty that makes me love the time we are on Earth," I said softly as the moon rose higher and was covered partially in clouds. Twinkling stars dotted the black backdrop.

"The wonders of the universe don�t hold a candle to this, do they?" Sam replied. �I enjoy the Earth night sky to anywhere else. One moon, thousands of stars, and the only other person who can ever appreciate this moment.� She turned her eyes toward mine, "yes, I prefer this to anywhere else."

She smiled as I drew her up into a kiss.

I did not want to make her realize that this was how I envisioned how we would spend many off-world starry nights. I did not want her to realize that this, on some level, could not happen again. But above all, I did not want her to realize that so much had lead up to these past few days, and would lead on to the future, and that tomorrow we would have to report to the SGC and pretend we had not realized a dream in each other.
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