I don't know who is being more stubborn: Sam or Daniel. I have called each at home, cell and office, asking, pleading, conniving - yes conniving - to find out who Sam's secret admirer was. It's been a month, so why shouldn't she tell me? And I know if I can't get Sam to spill, Daniel would. But so far he was acting like a well-trained soldier.

"Honestly, Daniel! You are harder to crack then Alkatraz!" I said, sitting back on the couch. "I am going to find out, you know."

"Ya, ok," Daniel said, sounding as if he was only half listening to me. "Listen, are you coming down here for spring break? Or did Calvin convince you to go to Mexico with him?"

"You are actually listening to me?" I asked, looking at the phone I held.

"Umm... every other word," he said honestly. "Look, Cassie you got me at a bad time, can I call you later? Oh I like that one much better," he said talking to someone else.

I rolled my eyes. "Ok, just don't get lost doing what ever your doing."

"Uh huh, talk to you later then," Daniel replied, already miles further away than normal. I hung up and set the phone on the coffee table. What was distracting Daniel? And why was he asking me if I was going to Mexico with Calvin? That was for the summer. I shook my head again and picked up the last weeks worth of homework I had. Next week I would be spending 7 glorious, school free days with Daniel and Sam - more then enough to torture them and learn all their secrets.

I giggled as my cat Schroderinger glided into the room and gave me an odd look. He would learn their secrets too, Sam would not be able to reside Cassie and the Cat for long!


The week passed with ease; my two tests in philosophy and international business were a breeze after I stopped stressing. Calvin came by twice to see if I needed help packing for my weeklong trip. He is sweet, and I love him to death, but he is just a friend, something Mary Alice seems to disagree with. She does not let a visit go by without telling me how cute Calvin and I are together. I want to tell her that I am not into that kind of human/alien relations. I leave a lot of that up to the professionals at the SGC.

Which reminds me; Sam said that I would be getting a temporary pass and would be meeting Colonel Cameron Mitchell. Now he sounds cute. How can a guy named 'Cameron Mitchell' not be cute? It's like saying Dr. Daniel Jackson is not an intergalactic babe - which I can sorta see, but really that was what my mom and the nurses, and sometimes if Sam was drunk enough, all agreed on. But honestly he is like almost 20 years older than me.

"Hey Cass, you ready to bring those down?" Calvin asked, coming over to my door. My roommate, Julia, stood beside him in her flip-flops and shorts.

"Ya, but I can get them," I said, even as Calvin took the big bag. "Julia, aren't you cold?" She looked at me blankly. "It's snowing outside."

"It does not snow in a desert," she said, following me down the short hall. "Besides, I am getting ready for the Florida Keys. I have not worn shorts since January and am beginning to forget what they feel like."

I smiled and gave her a hug. "Have fun boogie boarding."

"Have fun with your relatives and skiing," she said as Calvin and I packed my car. It's true it does not snow in the desert, but today, even Nevada was looking like Colorado.

"You sure it will be ok?" Calvin asked as I got in the car.

"Yes. Aunt Sam has a spare room and Uncle Daniel said he as more then plenty at his place, so you can crash there too. Just come up, don't worry about it. It'll be fun," I said, smiling. Calvin was going to spend a few days with me after he did a quick research project with one of his professors, something to do with immigration and status of the border. He's a Criminal Justice major and was always doing some criminal justice thing. He would join us skiing and relaxing - something I know Daniel and Sam sometimes have a hard time defining.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, behind several tail lights, I waved and settled in with my CDs and meowing cat as I headed across the desert


I pulled up to Sam's house, not at all surprised that it looked like no one had been there in a while. I had told her about lawn services, but she had insisted that she could do it on her own. I took out Schroderinger as he cried for some outside air and swung my backpack on, hiking the short distance up to the front door. I passed two cars in the driveway: Daniel's and an unknown SUV.

I stopped on the porch and knocked, waiting as I heard several voices coming from within. Sam must be entertaining I though. Schroderinger pawed at the cage door and gave a soft meow as the door opened.

"Hello," the man said. "You must be Cassandra Frasier." He motioned me in as I tried to un-gap my mouth. I think I managed to squeak out a 'hi' as I passed. He could have been a brother of Daniel's if you looked at him quickly. But there was more of a difference the longer I looked - and sadly I think I turned a look into a stare.

"Cassie!" Sam said as she came over to me. "Oh you brought Schroderinger! He reminds me of mine I once had." A look passed over her as she said that but quickly turned to the man who-was-not-Daniel. "I guess you have met Colonel Mitchell."

"Ya, I did," I somehow said. Nothing on Daniel, but my hunch was right: cute. "Nice to meet you, Colonel."

He waved a hand dismissively. "Please call me Cam." I nodded and smiled. I think I was smiling a lot.

I put Schroderinger down and let him out of the cage. He swooshed his tail around and then trotted into the kitchen. I put my other bag down and told Sam that there was another piece of luggage in the car. Cam offered to get it, and before I could object, he lifted my keys and walked toward my car. "Is he always like that?"

Sam brushed the lace curtain that hung in her door window back. "He's originally from the south. Manners of the chivalry kind cultivate there." She had a look in her eyes as she turned back toward me. "Common, Schroderinger seems to have the keen sense to know where the food is."

I followed her into the kitchen and got a big hug from Teal'c, and soon after found myself being hugged by Daniel. His smile and small laughter drained any exhaustion I had from the trip, and as Sam offered a cup of coffee - only the good kind got brewed in her house - I felt at home. Cam came back in and was hovering around the doorway watching us for a while. I was not keeping tabs on him, I simply noticed. I also noticed how he looked at Sam in a thoughtful way when she spoke.

Oh was I getting closer to finding who Sam's Valentine was?


I slept in the spare bedroom at Sam's and was glad to start my spring break started so relaxed. I walked down the stairs following Schroderinger to the kitchen. Sam was leaning against the counter, stifling a yawn and staring at the coffee maker. She ruffled her hair and stretched a bit. I smiled; she looked so relaxed and domestic. All she needed was a man with her arms around her and small kids filling the house.

"Schroderinger wanted food but I did not see any in his bag," Sam said, turning slightly. "I called Daniel to pick some up on his way over."

I took a mug off one of the hooks and looked at her. "Daniel is coming over?"

"Yes, he does that often. And no, I am not going to hurry and get dressed." She motioned to her PJs. "He has seen worse." She gave a short laugh as I raised an eyebrow. "Field duty, sweetie."

I opened the door moment's later when the doorbell rang. I stared at the brown bag that Daniel was holding as Schroderinger meowed loudly. "Food for the family," Daniel said, grinning.

I made sure my cat was fed and left him purring in the kitchen, joining Sam and Daniel on the table to eat our own breakfast.

"When's your friend joining us?" Daniel asked, passing the toast to Sam.

"Tomorrow," I replied. "Calvin is spending the weekend down by the boarder doing some research. Illegal aliens and such. If he only knew he was talking to a legal alien of another kind," I giggled.

"We have some things we have to finish before taking our vacation. If you want, you can spend some time around here, or come to the SGC. There are not many people who you probably know. Dr. Lee is still with us, but I think beyond us," Sam motioned to her and Daniel, "and Teal'c there has been a lot of changes."

I swear I saw them exchange a small look as she said that. Goodness this would be more of a mystery than a vacation. I smiled and thought about it; once Calvin came I would have another person to help me crack either one of them. "I think I may join you for a bit. I have some studying and research I can do." Ok so not a total truth, but not a lie either.

"We can do that. You have access to what ever we can offer."


I sat in Daniel's office two hours later; still flipping through the same book Daniel had offered me 15 minutes ago. Daniel was already working on his second cup of coffee since we got here, his fourth of the morning. I was sticking to tea.

"So..." I started. Daniel looked up from his computer. "What has Sam been doing for the past month?"

"Why?" He raised his eyebrow slightly. "I thought you two communicated at least a few times a day."

"We do, but I think she does not want to talk about what happened last month."

"What happened last month?"

"I think something with the Valentines Secret Admirer happened."

"Oh?" He leaned on his elbows and looked at me for a moment. He took his glasses off and lay them down beside his mug. "A lot has happened in a month, and I guess some stuff has come out of the Valentines thing."

I studied him. He was being cryptic and I told him so. "I mean I know Sam is an adult, but I just thought... well she is more then just my aunt. Now that mom is gone." I sighed, a few years latter still never made it hard to say that. "Sam is more like a best friend; even more than mom had been. Sometimes I feel like a meddling teenager than a grown women myself."

"Sam has been...  thinking about somethings since the Secret Admirer event. But really that's something she has to tell you."

"But you are her best friend! Common!" I whined. Not knowing was killing me. Why was Sam going through such great lengths to keep such a cool event from me? We may talk every day at least, but to not discuss something that happened a month ago was getting far fetched. "Ok, fine. I guess I will just have to be guessing for as long as it takes... it will kill me I am sure."

"Well around here dying is a daily event, so don't be so dramatic," Daniel said smiling and going back to his computer screen. I shook my head silently and went back to studying the book.

Calvin would be coming soon and I had five days to find whom Sam's secret admirer was. March was all about luck and I would go home lucky.

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