A/N: This chapter is rated 'M' due to very strong sexual content. If you would like to read a version with warning breaks, please click here. Sam stood in the hut and glanced down at her hand and the cool metal that gleamed against her skin. Daniel was stoking the fire and was deep in thought again; Sam did not mind the silence that had descended over them as soon as they returned to the small village. Truthfully she wanted to forget that in a few hours she and Daniel would become 'one flesh' under the watchful, greedy, intrusive eyes of Din and whoever was with him.

"Daniel?" Sam suddenly said. It sounded like a cry for help from a small child, even to her own ears.

"Oh Sammy," Daniel said, rushing to hold her in the middle of the hut. "Shh. I will protect you as much as I can tonight."

The unspoken subject loomed once more in front of them, this time more real then even a day ago, and Sam sobbed. She sobbed because she was finally with the man who made her feel whole, sobbed because they were trapped and she could do nothing about it, but most of the tears were for that night. She had been with a few men; Daniel had been with a few women. But now, having her wedding night so close, Sam's womanly pride built up a strong wall. She wanted their night to be as perfect as he had made everything else be. She wanted to experience Daniel in the way she had dreamed of in her deepest dreams.

"I don't want to be on show," she said, leaning back a bit to look at Daniel.

"Neither do I. If you want, I can..."

"No. I don't want the memory of our first time being done solely to put me at ease. I mean," Sam looked away. "Danny. Nothing of this has been like it was when I dreamed of us being together. But it has been perfect. You're right, the first time will be our celebration, their mockery."

Daniel smiled and planted a kiss into Sam's hair. "You are the bravest woman I have ever known. I know our kids will be just as brave."

"How did we already get to the part where we have kids?" Sam asked, laughing as she laid her head on his shoulder. "Our kids will be as smart and brave as their father then too."

"Hmm, doubly brave and smart kids. Sounds like winners to me," Daniel said as he held his wife. "I can't wait, Sammy," he added brushing his lips on Sam's.

"You must come with us, now," a deep voice boomed, chasing away any and all romance that had been in the air.

Sam turned in Daniel's arms and looked at the guard, taking up the doorway and with a pair of warm cloaks in his arms. He tossed them the cloaks, Daniel catching them before they landed on Sam, and once more repeated his statement, eyes roaming over Sam's body.

"Don't look at my wife like that," Daniel said hotly as he exited the hut, Sam in front of him.

"I will look at 'your wife' however I please. She means nothing to me. She is only to be used for my enjoyment," the guard said, giving a deep laugh and a rather toothless smile.

"Danny, please," Sam said, moving beside him and wrapping an arm around his waist and a hand on his chest.

Daniel looked down at Sam and brushed some of the snow from her hair. "Never will they use you like that." Sam's warm smile, and eyes shinning with love helped keep him warm as they walked toward a small covered cart, which Daniel assumed would bring them to their marriage bed.


Sam watched as Daniel was surrounded by women and dragged to one end of the hall as she stood still looking back at the man who stood before her. His eyes roamed her body, and she felt suddenly very small and almost dirty even though he neither spoke nor touched her.

"You are a very pretty woman, Samantha Carter. You will make the men very happy when they see you stand naked in front of the man who will claim you. It will be a very good show, indeed," Din said, slowly walking around her.

Sam could feel the hot breath through the three layers of clothing she had on, sending icicles down her spine. "No man claims me that I have not already offered m self to," Sam said, staring straight ahead, through clenched jaw. "Daniel Jackson is my husband. And tonight he will show you it is true in every sense of the word."

"Curious. No one has ever said they hear throes of passion coming from your hut. Tell me, does he bring you no pleasure at night?" Din said, a dripping smile coming across his face. "It is a pity that other woman could not have stayed. The man who learned with you - what was his name? Cam-eron I believe. Would have been very valued as a laborer, but the woman, she would have satisfied all my men's desires, I believe.  But you, Samantha Carter, you will be lovely too," he purred, taking a piece of the string and pulling it, undoing the bow that held her top layer of the shirt together. "You will be lovely too."

Sam steadied herself as Din kissed her neck, the stench of his desire making her sick. "If my husband would see this..."

"I would kill him." Din slapped Sam across the face, the force making her step aside. "You have no place to tell me what your husband would do to me."

Two men grabbed hold of her arms and walked her toward a small door at the end of the hall, opposite where Daniel had been taken. The door opened and Sam found herself being shoved into the bright room, with three women in black waiting before a small table.

Sam looked at them and greeted them in Tynirese, glad there were no males were in the room. The women lifted their veils and came up to Sam, asking her to relax and enjoy the preparation ceremony. Sam was led to a tub filled with hot water, steam coming off the surface in waves. Two of the women left, leaving Sam and an older lady in the room.

"Please take your garments off, they are filthy. You must work in the fields," the woman said. Taking the top layer of Sam's clothing, she added with a shy smile, "I am called Mara."

"Sam, or Samantha. You prepared this bath?" Sam replied as she stepped from the last of the clothing, and stood rather self-consciously in her underwear and bra.

"Yes. I will leave; I see you are not comfortable with me being in the room." Mara drew back but Sam stopped her.

"Just give me a few moments, then I would like it very much if you came in and sat with me," Sam said, giving a smile to reassure the woman.

Five minutes later Mara came in with a long robe that looked like it was made from sheep's wool. It looked very comfortable; even so Sam imagined it could be rather scratchy. Mara laid it on the back of a small dressing chair and sat beside the tub. Sam accepted the sponge-like material handed to her and began to scrub the thin layer of dirt that had tinted her skin darker than normal. Running a hand down her leg, Sam drew her hands away.

"Mara, do you have anything sharp?" Mara looked alarmed at Sam who had to stop from laughing. "No, no. I don't mean to harm myself, or you. I would like to make myself ... acceptable for my husband."

"I will see if there is a knife from the barber's tools he can spare for you," Mara said, getting up and moving to the door.

Sam thanked her, sinking deeper into the tub. Closing her eyes she imagined herself back in her house on Earth after a long hard mission.


Daniel looked at the mirror the only man in the room handed to him. Thankfully Daniel was able to escape into the bathroom, a grand affair that Daniel regarded in awe for a moment. Taking out a small case the barber had given him Daniel unlaced the kit and placed it open on the counter. Before him were different sized razors, a pair of scissors and a small jar. Opening the jar, Daniel saw it was a primitive form of shaver's cream.

"I never liked it long," Daniel said to his reflection, tugging at the beard. "As Sam said, it has to go."

Taking the scissors he worked away at it, trimming it down to where it was only lightly covering his face. Stroking his now trimmed beard, back to where it was when he was about to go to Atlantis, if he remembered correctly, he eyed his hair as the next target. It was long, longer than he had it when he first came to the SGC, but not as long as when he was in college.  Deciding it need more of a trim than an actual cut, and harboring a small fantasy of Sam grabbing his hair as they made love, he expertly trimmed about an inch from his shaggy brown locks.

Stepping back from the sink and sweeping the hair into the basket, Daniel eyed his reflection once more. "The military would demand my head shaved if they saw me now," he said, packing the bag again. Smiling, he wondered what they would say when they saw Sam and her past the shoulder length golden hair.


"This is Kendra, my daughter," Mara said as she steered Sam out of the bathroom. "She will help you dress."

Sam thanked the woman once more as Kendra shyly approached Sam. "I have the garment you are to wear over here. Please put it on and then I can adjust it."

"Why adjust it if it is only to come off?" the other woman asked, giggling. Seeing the stern face of Mara and the frown on Kendra, the woman ducked her head and blushed crimson.

"That's a good question..." Sam said.

"I'm Lynnita."

"Lynnita. That's a good question," Sam replied, a smile gracing her lips. Taking the hanger, Sam stepped behind a changing screen. Whatever was on the hanger looked less like a dress, and more like two pieces of cloth. Putting it on, Sam looked down. It barely covered her breasts, and had a slip down to her navel; the sides of the dress were barely strung together by a thin strand of soft leather. Tying the strands on the side, Sam turned to the mirror that hung on the wall.

Her hair was past her shoulders and hid the small ties on the straps, the part that held the front and back together. The material was soft, but slightly opaque, and was a pale blue and white blend; a pink ribbon trimmed the openings down her front. Coming from around the screen, Sam fingered the sleeveless dress, as it seemed to float over her.

"Oh, it is beautiful," Lynnita sighed, with Kendra and Mara nodding. "It does not need to be adjusted at all. If your husband did not desire you before, he most certainly will now."

Sam blushed slightly, and Mara clucked softly at Lynnita. "I only wish he was the only man who would be desiring me tonight. I don�t enjoy the thought of being in the spotlight."

"None who are selected to make a public pronouncement of marriage do, Samantha. Oddly, it is the highest honor for a woman," Mara said, leading her to a seat.

"Your highest honor? On Earth women are not put on stages to have sex with their husbands; we honor females in other ways. On Earth I am of equal rank to any man. They do not make us feel low for us to be honored," Sam said.

Lynnita smiled softly as she brushed Sam�s hair. "That is a thought of some women. My sister was one of them. Her husband banished her to the labor village when she refused to lay with his friend. We are both vital and treated as slaves by the men of Tynir. There are some kind men, I am lucky to be married to one." Lynnita paused, "Your world sounds beautiful. You should try to get back as soon as you can."

"I'm trying. I'm trying," Sam said softly, feeling tears come to her eyes.


Daniel felt very uncomfortable walking in the mist of ten women who were trying to touch his exposed skin. Oddly, he mused, he did not feel uncomfortable wearing a loose tunic like cloth around his waist. He chuckled softly; he had come back from ascension once with a flag offered by Jack from the nearby flagpole. Plus Sam had commented just that morning how she liked to see his bare chest.

He looked at one of the women who was trying to coo into his ear, and gave her a "go away" look. She quickly backed off and left his side. One thing he never got used to was being looked at with admiration, and the fact that ten women were practically worshiping his body brought slight crimson to his cheeks.

A door was opened, and two guards dismissed the women. They escorted Daniel to a curtain, which they pushed out of the way so he could step out onto a small platform. Candles were everywhere, and Daniel imminently thought of Teal'c when he had a stack of candles in his kel'no'reem'ing days. The soft glow was not bright enough to block the onlookers' faces. Daniel even saw that they sat at long tables, filled with food, and the chatted happily to one another.

"Men of Tynir, council members of far and near tribes, welcome to the Feast of Winter," Din said, appearing on the stage, opposite Daniel. "We have selected, for your enjoyment, a strong and sturdy couple who will perform the Dance of Claim for you tonight. They came as tradesmen through the Circle of Light," Din paused as a small "ohh" brushed through the crowd. "This man has yet to claim one of our own captive females, and on all accounts has not claimed the woman he calls 'wife' yet either."

Loud chatter came from the crowd as they discussed this among themselves. "Tonight it will become clear if this man can claim the woman he shares a hut with or if it is only for some deep need on his part to 'protect,'" Din spat out the word, "the woman."

A roar rumbled through the hall as men stood up and jeered at Daniel. He merely looked on in growing disgust and calmness. He wanted to stop all the men from treating the female part of the population like slaves, but also wanted to make sure he did not jeopardize Sam's safety. So he stood, looking suddenly toward the opposite end of the stage as Din disappeared and a lightly cloaked woman was pushed out.

"Sammy?" Daniel asked, stepping toward the figure. He stopped as her eyes pierced his. She lifted the small, almost transparent hood up, revealing her blue eyes and softly curled hair.

"Danny," she replied softly. She took two steps over to Daniel, fingering the knot on the color that held the cloak over her shoulders.

Daniel saw her eyes tentatively slide toward the edge of the stage, past the bed that was squarely in front of them. "Shh, don't look at them. Only me. Keep your eyes on me," Daniel said, sliding a hand against her cheek. He smiled as she closed her eyes and leaded into his rough hand. He gently kissed her on the forehead and captured her lips with his own.

Sam's body felt like a fire had been stoked as Daniel kissed her. She ran a hand down his chest as the other laced with the hand on her cheek. She felt him let her face go and his hand travel down to the knot that she had bee working on, stopping as he'd begun loosening it. It slipped loose and fell in a tranquil puddle behind her. Daniel pulled back, taking in air, and looked into her eyes.

"I love you Sam."

"And I love you, Daniel." Sam ran fingers through his hair and stared at his beard. "You cleaned up for me?"

"I don't want you to be thinking you're making love to a lumberjack," he said softly, pushing a curl out of her face. "You look beautiful."

"Thanks," she breathed. "You are so handsome."

Daniel kissed her once more, slow and steady, feeling the passion slowly build in Sam's response. Her hands on his chest, on his back, and stroking his face, left small spots of pleasure running through his body. He kissed her neck, listened to her give a small gasp as his hands slid up her sides and cupped her breasts. He pulled back slightly and for the first time noticed the small laces that held the dress together, that held it on her.

"Sam," he moaned as he brushed his fingers over her nipples, and moved her closer to the bed. "I love you so."

She responded by pulling him to the bed, hands roaming his back and kissing him passionately. The dress moved between their skin as she pulled a leg up, dragging it along his bare one, making him shift her in his arms. Once more his hands dragged up her side, catching the small loop of the bow and giving it a gentle tug. It came undone, and Daniel slipped his hand under the slit, touching her bare skin and enjoying the fact his beautiful bride was experiencing as much pleasure as he was.

After the first side lace was loosened and the right side soon followed, Daniel lifted her up slightly, slipping his hands under the almost not there dress, and slowly dragged it upward, finally letting it float to the floor as Daniel's eyes and hands finally took in the first sight of Sam's body. It almost glowed as he looked at her, placing careful kisses on her neck, collarbone and shoulders. The candles around the stage, around the bed, softened the glow of her perfect skin and Daniel smiled, catching the burning passion that was heating Sam's eyes.

"Daniel. Please, I don�t know how much I can take," Sam breathed as he once more caressed her back and placed small, hot kisses right under her ear. "Please, Danny, make love to me."

He lay Sam fully on the bed and undid, with her insistent help, the fabric around his waist. Sam's eyes dragged up his body, amazed once more that such a physique had been truly hidden from her for years. "Oh Gawd, Sam, you are like my own fire pit. You burn me so deeply. I love you so much."

Sam stilled as they joined. A deep kiss followed as he set a slow, steady pace. She had known a few men, but none had been so loving when they first began. Most were ready to rip her clothes off and have her like a primal animal. Daniel took his time. Much like he had done the previous evening, as he had just done, Daniel was slow, careful, and, ultimately looking to make sure she was all right, was enjoying every bit of the experience. Daniel quickened, shifted and sent Sam into louder moans.

No thoughts passed through Daniel's mind as he took Sam, slow and steady. He wanted to make each moment perfect as he stroked her hair, kissed her eyelids and whispered softly how unending and never dying his love for her was. A secret smile graced their lips as he increased the pace, capturing her moans as they filled their world.

Her heart exploded. Her body seem as if it was floating in the air as Daniel brought her to the top of the mountain of their bliss. She flung her head back, candle light flickering around her, and let a deep satisfied moan out as Daniel held her firmly. His desire was to make her forget they were the entertainment and as she met his eyes, he smiled as he realized all she too was thinking about was this moment.

"I love you Samantha!" Daniel cried as he brought her body up closer to his, feeling himself close to the point of finishing.

She flung her arms and legs around him, panting heavily as they rose even higher on the cloud of ecstasy. Between each breath she breathed his name - "Daniel, oh, Gawd, Danny" - hands in his hair as he brought them to the top of both their pleasure.

Laying her down, Daniel kissed Sam once more, feeling the deep release drain all of his energy. He lay caressing her face, speaking softly as she smiled and returned the small kisses. "This was worth waiting for," Daniel whispered as he grabbed a thick blanket that was on the end of the bed and pulled it to cover them both.

Sam smiled and turned, burrowing her face into his chest. With a peaceful smile on her lips, she drifted to sleep, her bed never to be cold again.