After the "Dance of Claim" the room went silent, slowly clearing out, as the men suddenly had their own needs. Din smiled, looking on at the two who slept in the bed they had made, deep down both saddened that Doctor Jackson had made the claim, and that he himself would never know the victory of having Samantha Carter.  He and his people took pride in knowing that they could have their females at any time, and often never blinked when asked to share. Din feared that Doctor Jackson was not that kind of man, and if Din wanted to have Samantha Carter, he would have to be prepared to fight.

He always fought for the things he wanted. He had conquered the tribe who had controlled the Circle of Light, sending them to their deaths in the same valley as the labor village was building his new grand home.

Turning his thoughts to the village, Din went through the house and how much had been completed. The big part of the job was done: sawing the beams that would be the structure of the house. They were digging holes to put the beams in when the first snowstorm hit, slowing and then stopping the work for the past two weeks. Holding the Feast of Winter and Dance of Claim while the laborers were not working did not slow any of the work down.

Din gave another leering look at the sleeping couple. He would tell his guards to wake them and bring them back to the village, let them rest two days as a reward for an exciting claim. Din rested his eyes on the exit, walking purposefully toward his own chambers. The traders had surpassed their initial uses; they had shown that they were willing to do anything. A small thought nagged him, but at the sight of the falling snow and his bedchamber full of light, he let it slip away.


Once more Daniel and Sam were roughly awoken, given a moment to gather the clothing they shed earlier in the evening, and walked quickly to the same covered cart they were brought in. Daniel took the blanket, basket of food, and heap of more clothing from an older woman whom Sam called 'Mara.'

"May you see happiness forever," she said as she pressed a small box to Sam's hands. "Safe journeys."

"Thank you. I will never forget you, your daughter or your daughter-in-law," Sam said, waving as the cart made its way back to the village. The windows were covered once more with heavy fabric, plunging the inside into darkness.

Daniel wrapped the blanket around Sam as she settled back next to him. "Aren't you cold?" she asked.

"Not with you heating me up," Daniel purred into her ear. He planted kisses along her jaw once more, as he wrapped his arms around her and fingered the laces on the side of her dress again.

"Daniel," Sam said, swatting his hand away as he began to untie the laces again. "Just, just wait."

"Is that a promise?"

She smiled into the kiss that Daniel had her in. "Yes. Besides, I have to thank you for making me forget where we were."

"Mmm. I don't know where you thought you were, Sammy Carter-Jackson, but I was making love to my beautiful wife, on a snowy island far, far away," Daniel once more purred.

"So you think this a honeymoon?" Sam asked.

"Gawd if it is, I never want to end," Daniel said, settling beside her. "You can make a man happy anywhere, Sam."

"Even in a bumpy moving cart that is taking us back to hard labor?"

"Even then," Daniel said, sinking into the kiss Sam gave him as he leaned back and drew her close, once more drifting to sleep.


It did not take an Archeologist and an Astrophysicist to know why the basket that held food in it was so heavy. They however had a bit more of a problem deciphering the box that Mara had given to Sam. Inside was a piece of paper, written in a strange script that Daniel figured could be the written Tynir language. While not sleeping, eating, or quietly reveling in each other's love, they talked about the MALP, home, and what they should be doing next in attaining both.

"I can try to power up the MALP when we get back over there; the only thing I am worried about is that it is too cold. It did start snowing again," Sam said, watching the furnace fire dance.

"Did it?" Daniel asked, handing a piece of bread over to her. "I never noticed, been in most of the day."

Daniel gave her a wicked grin and Sam laughed. "MALP, dear, the MALP. Concentrate. Gee, who would have known one night of bliss and your mind leaves rational land and trudges into man land?"

"Well, if you forgot, I am a guy," Daniel said, giving her a knowing look. "Sorry. MALP. Right." Turning to face Sam on the small bed, he thoughtfully said, "Maybe that is really why the MALP stopped working. If it got too cold, the electrical units could have frost bite."

Sam shook her head. "No, been there. There has to be some real mechanical problem. MALP's are not my thing; I have to break them down and look at the parts." Sam pushed a hand through her hair, slowly getting frustrated. "Its like it's so cold, so no connection is being made. We may have to wait until spring to get it powered up."

"Well, until then we just work on it as much as we can. Maybe we can do some exploring while we make our dirt runs. We might be able to locate the Stargate," Daniel said, stroking her arms.

"We don't have GDOs. We could go 'splat,'" Sam reminded him.

"Hmm, not very appealing. Maybe a rebellion would work," Daniel sighed.

"Because we have had such good luck with those. Sorry, Daniel, but even though we have a few who are helping, it does not mean the rest would, or could. These people are so far down in life that they actually enjoy being here." Sam looked at him. "You have to admit some of the conversations we have overheard are not exactly prison break out schemes."

Daniel had to admit it was true. He held Sam as they both sank into the silence. "I love you so much, Sam," Daniel said as he gently rocked her. "I could live a lifetime here as long as you are right here."

"Me too," Sam agreed, lightly stroking his shaven beard. "However I don't want to live in fear either. And no repeat performances of last night."

"No?" Daniel asked with a wicked gleam.

"No. Only very private performances," Sam said kissing Daniel softly as she pulled the covers over them.


When their mini-retreat had ended, Sam and Daniel walked with the rest of the laborers to the valley, continuing their work. Although there was snow on the ground, the sun shone for the first time in weeks, sending the icicles and snow that clung to the branches and the equipment, to the ground in rivers of water. Sam pulled her top closer as a slight breeze drifted through the valley.  Daniel glanced at her and pulled her close.

"You all right?" he asked as she coughed.

"Ya, I'm good. Just a bit cold," Sam said as she smiled at Daniel. "I'll be ok once we start working. Just need to warm up some more."

Concerned, Daniel pressed a hand to her forehead. Instead of being cold, it was a bit warm. Frowning slightly, he said, "Sam I think you are getting sick."

"I can't. I'm just tired. Not much sleep lately," Sam said. She brushed off the snow on the bucket, and looked back up at Daniel. "Being sick is like being dead around here. I may just take a few more breaks to rest. I can't show that I am sick."

Daniel nodded. He knew what she meant. Just a few days before they had their very public wedding night, one of the men got sick. He was weak and tired, begging to be left back in the camp to try to become well. The guards looked at one another and merely nodded. Half the guards took hold of the man and dragged him to the hut where they 'entertained' the new women. Daniel said that the man was chained to a chair, left in his pain and sickness.

Both of them knew that the Tynir people were in need of medicine; that was one of the points of trade that they themselves were in the middle of negotiating when they were double crossed and kidnapped. Daniel looked at Sam, concern once more in his eyes. She doubled over, a hacking cough racking her body.

"I'm ok," Sam said, pushing off the ground and holding on to Daniel's arm. "Just a bit dizzy now."

"Maybe we should rest instead of trying to work on the MALP," Daniel suggested.

"No, the MALP needs to be worked on almost more then ever. If I am sick -"

"You are, Sam."

"Fine. Since I am sick, it is imperative to get back to the SGC," Sam said, holding Daniel's arm again. "You still have that bruise and I am worried something could be seriously wrong and you are just ignoring the pain."

"I would never do that," Daniel said.

"Oh right. Dr. Lam is gentle. Besides, I thought you and Doc Fraiser had something going on for a while there," Sam said, picking her way toward the MALP.

"No it was more like Doc Fraiser's nurses had something going on for me. They were worse than the crowd the other night," Daniel smiled as he remembered. "Besides, they were kinda cute nurses in the bunch."

Sam hit him with a snowball, making a face at him as he shrugged and dodged another snowball.

"Hey watch out missy. You don't want me sick too," Daniel said as he took Sam into his arms once more. "Then who would be working on the MALP?"

"I don't know, Bis has been getting pretty good," Sam commented. "He could be fixing the thing, finding the Gate and getting help, as we lay dying in chains."

"Ah, yes, because that is appealing."

"Hey we would be together."

"I don't really think of that being a real high ranking 'quality time' outlet," Daniel said, uncovering the MALP. "Besides, I'm supposed to protect you. I'm your husband now."

"You always take responsibility, Danny. I appreciate it always, even if I never say it." Sam kissed him lightly.

"Why don't you sit down and tell me what to do, I don't want you to be using too much energy. You need to concentrate on getting well," Daniel said, smoothing her hair that was gently moving into her face. "I cannot live without you now."


The weather for the next few weeks neither helped Sam on her slow path to recovering, nor their repairing the MALP. The sudden cold on some days were followed by warm days where the snow melted, pooling in the low areas. Seth and Bis were moved to another section of the work area, leaving Sam and Daniel to work on the MALP alone.

Sam sat shivering as the sun hit her back, sending a moment of warmth through her. Daniel looked up after asking a question and moved over to where she sat, wrapping his coat around her. She waved it off weakly, protesting that he would get sick without it.

"Sam, stop arguing." Daniel took his canister of water and handed it to her. "You have to stop pushing yourself. The weather is slowly changing, I'm sure spring is coming close."

"Getting the MALP repaired is still only half the problem. There is still the question of where the Gate is," Sam said, sinking deeper into his arms.

"Getting the MALP powered up will be a big accomplishment, just concentrate on one thing at a time," Daniel said, smoothing her tears away. He looked back at the MALP and took in its half repaired state. "It might not look like much, but I think the new wire job and such are paying off. Come here for a moment, I think I found something in the switches."

Sam got up, hugging the coat around her, and followed Daniel. She smiled as she saw the excitement of what he found shining on his face. That had always captured her heart more than anything; his love for discovery and learning was infectious.

"You said that the power supply could have been frozen, so I started to think about that. You know how winters in Colorado always seem to make starting your car really hard to do?" Daniel asked, crouching by the open panel. "What do you have to do?"

"Well, you have to make sure the engine is warmed. Sometimes the antifreeze does not do it alone. I use a heat lamp bulb, placed under the hood," Sam replied, kneeling beside him.

"My car has a plug connected to the battery, helping it to pull more amps. Granted with a car there is also oil and all that involved too, but overall, if we isolate the battery, the power source..."

"So really we are going to have to wait until the end of all these dropping temperatures," Sam said, catching the vain. "So really it is just bringing us back to the obvious solution. I hate circles."

Daniel looked at her and laughed. He laughed as he cupped her face in his hands. "A circle will bring us home. And a circle brought you to me a very long time ago. Personally I love circles."

Sam could not help but laugh along with him. Placing her arms around his neck she kissed him lightly on the cheek. "I'm so glad I have you. I think I would have slipped away a long time ago."

"No, Sammy, you would not have. You may have tried to sit down and argued them logically to let you go back to Earth. You are too strong to lay down and die," Daniel said softly. "You are much too strong for that."

Sam smiled softly, stroking his cheek as another cough racked her body. "At least they are getting a bit better," Sam said weakly.

"A small favor. Come on, we have to get back before they look for us," Daniel said, planting a kiss into Sam's hair, lifting her up, and starting down the small path they had made.