Daniel and Sam were exiting their hut, making their way to the dining hut - turkey and mashed potato night - when Daniel suddenly pulled up short, Sam placing a hand on his arm as she sneezed.

"What are you doing here?" Daniel asked, venom dripping from each word. The tone made Sam look up suddenly.

"I am here to have what I want," the man replied, coolly eyeing Daniel and Sam. Din flashed another grin at Sam and added, "She has been a bit spoiled, but now I know what to look forward to."

Din this time anticipated Daniel's punch and blocked it. He returned a punch to Daniel, barely missing Daniel's nose in the process. Sam clenched her jaw and gave Din a foot squarely in his stomach as she turned and ran, Daniel telling her to "run to the trees!"

Sam hated to leave Daniel, but knew the look in Din's eyes; there was malicious fire in them. Sam ran to back of the hut, circling the small patch of trees that lay behind it. Stopping, catching her breath, Sam turned, peering through the bare limbs to where Daniel and Din were now circling each other. Small gleams of light came from where they were, Sam guessing Din had given Daniel the same honor of having a knife to his sword.

Carefully looking around her, Sam crept back to where she could peer around the edge of the hut. A small crowd of onlookers peered from the windows and some of the nearby doorways. Their faces reflected fear and fascination, determination and cowardice. Sam gripped the side of the hut, fearfully creeping one step closer and straining to hear anything that came from the fighting.

"You will have to kill me first before I let you touch my wife," Daniel hissed.

"It will be my pleasure. Just as it will be my pleasure to hear her scream my name," Din spat, jabbing his sword toward Daniel.

"You will have to do more than that, old man," Daniel responded.

"Old man? I have seen much in my days. Your wife, whom you place misguided protection in, will be a nice addition to the broken woman who tried to be defiant toward me and my men," Din retorted,

Sam summoned every ounce of courage she had as she ducked back into the shadows, giving into a round of coughs. She sat down, head in her hands, trying to pull all her muscles together to make another attempt to run. She needed to get to the MALP. She needed to get Daniel and her, plus as many people who were willing to leave, back to Earth. Pushing away from the wall, Sam plunged into the woods, a crack and scream following her as she weaved back to the valley.


Daniel went down. Lifting his head he saw a few faces reflecting the same fear that was slowly growing inside him; he would not be able to defeat Din. He felt a searing heat jab into his lower back and he could do nothing by scream out in anguish. He had been tortured before - he was not afraid of it now - but somehow knowing Sam - his wife, best friend, and partner in everything - was running in the woods unaided made all the difference.

He rolled as the second crack came close to his head. The training with Jack, Mitchell, Teal'c and even Sam drilled into him came to the front as he swung around and grabbed Din's leg, sending him falling on his back. Scrambling away, Daniel got up, tenderly feeling his back, drawing his hand back with drops of blood sprinkled on it. Din was staggering up as Daniel hit him in the face, sending the man back to the ground, spitting blood out."

"I was not disappointed; you too are a fighter. You would have broken in many women in your time; that I am sure. Your wife will know the full fury that you provoked when she is within my arms," Din said, spitting once more. He staggered up, determination burning in his eyes as he looked Daniel up and down. "You are a weak race to be ruled by your love for your women. I will conquer your one woman, and then I will conquer the rest of your people."

Din swung his sword over his head, tilting it to plunge Daniel in the chest, while Daniel whirled around and ducked, sweeping Din off his feet once more. Confidence surged into Daniel as he watched Din struggle to get off the ground. As Din rolled to his knees, Daniel, a few feet away, well out of any reach of his sword and felt the weight of the onlookers' eyes. Taking off the top layer, Daniel flung it aside.

"For months I have been here, having to protect my wife and as many as I could from the power, lust and depraved mind of Din and the men like him," Daniel said as he glanced around, assessing where the guards were coming from the shadows. "I cannot protect all women's honor here, so I fight for my wife's. If any of you have the courage to go against your leader's treatment of your wives, daughters, and sisters, come and help me. Show that there are those who honor women and their place in our lives."

Daniel's heart dropped as he finished and saw Din race toward him, sword drawn and ready to rail it through him.


Sam reached the MALP, struggling thought her tears, cold hands, and sickness that clouded her mind, to open the side container. Stilling, Sam tried to figure out what she was doing; what she could be doing. The battery would still take a bit to start up; the weather had not been warm but for two good days. Slipping to her knees, Sam clutched the side, feeling suddenly very alone and scared.

"Think, think," Sam chanted, Pooh-style as she descended into hiccups. "You have been in situations like this� come on Colonel. Think."

She berated herself as she squeezed her eyes shut. Breathing deeply she looked up to the sky, and tried to remember what Seth had told her once about their sky. She was an astrophysicist after all; stars and space were her thing.

"Hang on Danny, I'll bring us some help." Grabbing the communication device, and wires jumbled up in a ball, Sam took off in the direction that was opposite to where the MALP faced. Assuming the MALP never turned around, and if Seth were correct that the Gate was north of the initial village SG-1 had been in, Sam would run into the Gate sooner than later. "Hang on Danny."