"Incoming wormhole, sir!" Walter said. Turning to Landry he added, "No IDC."

"Keep the Iris up. Open all channels. We still have four SG teams, maybe one of them is bunkered down somewhere," the General said. Before he could ask for identification, the voice he heard sent chills down his spine.

"Stargate Command, this is Colonel Samantha Carter, USAF 43-412-6775-320," it started. Coughing and a clearing of the throat were heard, and then it proceeded. "I am on Planet MPX-1125, stranded with Dr. Daniel Jackson. We have been kidnapped, held hostage, and are in need of medical assistance. We have been kept in a camp about a two days journey on foot, a couple of hours by cart. Daniel is hurt I fear," her voice cracked a bit. "I escaped as he was defending me. Please come as quickly as you can. There are roughly 4 to 10 men guarding the gate. Night will be falling in ..." she paused. "Night is coming in one hour ... they are coming back. Carter Out."

The wormhole, transmission and screens went dead.

"Sir, can we -"

"Gear up," Landry said before Colonel Mitchell could make his request. "Let's bring our people home, Colonel."