It took two days for Jin to find someone who would talk, and when the person did, they talked. They gave detailed maps to where the secret caves in the mountains were and when the other tribal leaders were said to meet. SG-1 reloaded their weapons, checked in with Landry and picked up SG-3 on their way out to the mountains. Seth and Jin had insisted on coming, Daniel saying it was a good idea to have people who were more familiar with the terrain.

"We are ready?" Cam asked. SG-3's men nodded and the rest of SG-1 did the same. "Good, let's move out."

SG-3 had brought several ATVs with them, cutting down the trekking time. They bumped over rocks, hills, through empty streams and even into the forest that Sam had navigated to get to the Stargate. Sam watched the hills and grass fall away as they went deeper into the forest.

They stopped for the night, Seth showing them that they were close to the MALP. The three walked around the trees, marveling that the first signs of spring were coming to the woods. Sam and Daniel stood alone watching the moon as it slowly made its way across the sky, followed closely by the second moon.

"It looks so calm," Sam whispered. "To think we were out here trying to find a way to make the MALP work, frightened by the guards should they ever find us. We are so close to freeing these people."

"But we don't have to be in fear of them. We were able to fight back, something they never expect any of their people," Daniel said, stroking her hair.

"Why not leave them and take those who want to come with us? We can disable the Gate..." Sam said, talking faster as she turned toward him. "Seth, Jin, those in the camp, Mara, Lynnita and her new baby, they all deserve to be free, live free. Why do we need to ask these men anything?"

"I heard Jin saying that the other tribe lived close by. I think Mitchell is going to ask for their help," Daniel said, kissing her head lightly. "Don't worry; these other people seem to strike fear into Din and Hindil. They may be peace loving, long ago conquered and mistreated people who now need to be shown where to start their campaign to reclaim the village."

"The bodies," Sam said softly once more. "Those holes. Din said something about the place we were building his new palace was also the execution ground for those other tribes." Sam closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Daniel. "I don't want to think about it anymore. Tomorrow will have its own surprises."

"In the immortal words of Teal'c, 'indeed,'" Daniel said, leading her back toward the camp.


The caves could be seen late the next day. When they looked hard enough, a fire could be seen, but no movement of people.

"Fire means people," Cam reminded them. "We set up camp tonight here. Tomorrow we go introduce ourselves. Get the ball rolling of sorts."

He looked at Sam as she was about to protest. Quickly she shook her head and turned back to the tent Daniel was rolling out. "Get the feeling like we are still in camp?"

Daniel looked behind him at Cam. "He is concerned. No, I'm not excusing the situation, but he has to think of things slightly differently than us. We can see that this is somewhat easy - weed out those who want to leave, and leave. Mitchell is more... military. He needs to set up with the natives and assess it from a tactical viewpoint. I'm not saying one is wrong, one is right. It's the way it is."

"I suppose I would do the same. I mean from our reports, it sounds like the men are animals, unpredictable and unreliable. It makes sense to set up allies with the oppressed," Sam nodded thoughtfully. "Maybe all this time spent in the camp has made me soft."

"Never think of it that way. We gained valuable... insight. We made friends in the camp," Daniel said, gesturing to Seth. "We learned the weakness of their fighting styles. And we have found they do not take kindly to outspoken women. For that I am grateful we have Vala with us."

Sam looked at him in surprise and then over to Vala who was talking one of the men from SG-3 into pitching her tent for her. "She has spunk."

"Yes, that she does. It seems like many men around here like spunky women," Daniel said, a twinkle in his eye. "A pair of doctors and Colonels, Vala and whomever that mystery man she is said to be seeing. Lynnita strikes me as a very outspoken woman as well."

"Vala has a mystery man?" Sam said, rolling out her sleeping bag. "What makes you say that?"

"I heard some things while we were on base. The grapevine has not shut down you know, still have the old contacts. They were more than eager to tell me about the latest news. Four months worth to catch up on," Daniel said.

"I had my suspicions about Mitchell and Lam," Sam said, leaning into Daniel. "A woman knows when one is in love."

"Really? What took you so long?"

"I did not say we know when we are in love. It's generally the other women who know such things. I will not be held responsible," Sam said, lifting her chin defiantly.

"I'm just glad you did," Daniel said, pulling her close. He kissed her nose lightly and lovingly grinned at her as she giggled. "We just now have to convince the rest of the world."

"Which one?" Sam asked as she returned the quick kiss. Once more the moons were rising over the mountains, bathing the small camp in its iridescent light, a light breeze picking up as well. Sam rested her chin on Daniel's shoulder as she wrapped her arms around him once more. "It could be a problem."

"We have not really talked about that have we?"

"Well for a long time there was not much to discuss. It just was. Now, it's more of a protocol issue. Plus I think we may get into some sticky situations with the General."

It was Daniel's turn to ask, "Which one?"

Sam nodded and smiled. "Exactly. We have twice the eyes on us. Some days I wish we were never found."

Daniel nodded; they did not have to talk about that. He imagined things differently: Din not coming to take Sam; Sam not having to run and find the Stargate and they would not have had to notify the SGC they were alive. "Complicated. We have each other to help get through this. At least that is a small thing," Daniel said, lifting her chin to look into her blue eyes. "I don't know about you but I think we may have some questions to defend in a moment."

Sam looked out the tent flap. True to form, a rather pissed off Cam was walking toward them but not looking at them. "Hmm... can we say we were caught in the moment?"

"I could always just passionately declare my love for you," Daniel said, shrugging. "But I think he may have more to say about that than anything else."

"Cheer up, we're in it together," Sam said. Glancing at Cam who was almost to them, she looked back at Daniel. "I'd rather be naked on stage."

"I think I have an idea of what is going on here, but let's just say I don't," Cam said as he stood in front of the couple. "Enlighten me to what part of this culture you have been stuck in that allows two teammates to sleep together." Cam stood still, looking back at Daniel and Sam. "Don't try to talk you way around this, don't play dumb. I understand enough of that language, with Seth and Jin's help, to have realized that 'shesan' means marriage, couple, sexual partners."

Daniel blinked once and, taking the chain from around his neck, he handed the silver rings to Cam. "Those are custom made wedding bands. One is mine, the other is Sam's. We were not forced to get married, but once we found out what we had to do, it made it easier. I love Sammy with all my heart, mind and soul. I'm sorry I did not tell her sooner," Daniel said, giving a sad smile to Sam.

She smiled back, stroking his cheek. "At first it was self-preservation, but as I thought about it, I have been in love with Danny for a long, long time. Din and his men's request gave me the reason to face those feelings."

"I am lost," Cam said, holding up his hands. "So you were in love with each other before this?"

"Yes," Daniel said.

"But a request by Din made you decide to get married?"

"Sort of," Sam said. Seeing Cam's impatience and confusion growing, she rushed on. "At night the males of the camp were gathered to one of the huts and had to watch one or two of the females of the camp be raped. I was spared because they thought Daniel and I were married. When it became apparent that we were not, Din told us we had to ... perform the 'Dance of Claim'. A twisted honor for a woman." Sam shook her head and looked away.

"It took a long time for both of us to become even comfortable admitting we had feelings toward each other, let alone strong enough for us to ... have very public sex," Daniel said.  Looking at Cam, Daniel shook his head. "You asked."

"Yes, yes I did. And I told Carolyn that I did not really want to know everything. So that's the 'missing stuff' from the briefing?"

"Yes. I know we have this off the books, sotto-understanding that if a couple is married off world, it is considered legal on Earth. We want to have an Earth wedding, or at least a reception, celebrating our love," Sam said. "They don't have cake around here."

"What's a wedding without cake?" Cam asked, distracted. "Well that certainly explains a lot. We have a lot to figure out once we get back. You can't just go off and get married to a teammate on another planet."

"Well we figured Vegas was too far," Daniel said, flippantly. "I was not going to let Sam be raped because the guards said they had the right. I don't expect you to understand; you were not seeing the things these men were capable of."

"Sounds like we should have brought a nuke," Cam said looking toward the mountains. "Tomorrow we are talking to these people, and then we will figure out how to get some of these people on a new planet." Cam's eyes softened as he added, "If it was Carolyn, I would have done the same."