Sam was sitting on a rock, looking over the woods they had been crossing the previous day. She had a hand wrapped around a tin cup - the joys of coffee once more - and her other arm around her legs. As Cam approached, he really hated to disturb her; she looked deep in thought.

"Colonel?" he asked. When she turned her eyes to him and nodded, he sat beside her with his own coffee in hand. "Care to tell me what exactly happened? How you know these people? Some intel on what we may be walking into?"

"That's a lot of questions, sir," Sam said, a small smile on her lips. Sighing, taking a deep drink from her cup, she stared back at the forest. "We had no intention of ever getting married. Hell we never had any intention of staying in that damn camp. After we were basically given bodyguards to prevent us from running, we had to reassess the situation. It would look really good one day that we could bolt, but then the next moment, we would have five guards coming into our area. It just kept changing.

"Daniel started to talk to some of the other captives, and we began piecing together how some of them had found their way there. Seth, as you heard, was put in for defending his sister's honor - her husband wanted her to sleep with his friends," Sam said. Seeing Cam's face she nodded. "It was happening under my nose. Daniel would be told, after dinner, that he had to join all the men in one of the bigger huts. There were only four other women. Each of them was raped repeatedly. And not just by the guards. Once I found out, Daniel told me most were forced into it. He kept me safe by telling them that we were traders, from the Circle of Light, that we did not know the custom and we viewed marriage as sacred. It held them off me, sir."

Cam looked down into his coffee, pouring it out onto the grass nearby. "Jackson is a good man. I think I would have tried to kill each of them."

"Daniel did not go without punishment. He would come in at dawn, sometimes with a swollen lip, another time with blisters on his leg. They were not content just raping, they enjoyed torturing too," Sam continued. "We meet Seth and his hut-mate, Bis - you would have liked him, sir, he was a good scout - and we began to see that not all the men were like that. They told us that they had seen the MALP, and took us to it a few days after Din came into the camp, trying to rape me. That was when Daniel physically fought with Din. Daniel had to heal from those injuries for a while.

"Once I found the MALP, I tried to fix it, get any of it turned on. We could not leave to find the Gate for fear that the small village of captures - our friends - would be beaten, or killed. We wanted to only risk our lives if possible."

Cam nodded; Sam was a good soldier who would have put the minimal amount of people in danger. Being it she and Daniel - a man she loved - must have been hard enough.

"We heard different stories about the tribes over the mountains. Some called them vicious, decedents of the men in the main village, others said they were peace loving. But when we heard that the grounds we were building Din's new home on was a burial ground for those tribesmen, we began to question the intentions of the tribes even more. Finally Din himself gloated once that he conquered them all and viciously killed them. Hindil was also happy about that. Daniel and I figured that that was the truest story; the other tribesmen were afraid of Din and his men." Sam looked at Cam, "That is why we were getting all that static when we were offering the medicine. Why we were kidnapped, we are not sure. Maybe Din was hoping you would give him something he could use to fight and annihilate the other tribes."

"So these guys may be the scared cats?" Cam asked. "I mean they are not feared by the likes of Din and Hindil or their council members, and they just sit on the other side of the mountain and do nothing?"

"That's what we suppose, sir," Sam nodded. "We will not know until we meet them."

"Truer words were never spoken, Colonel," Cam said, looking once more into his empty cup and back at her. Getting up from the rock he nodded. "Gear up, we meet the friendlier natives in a few hours."


Jin and Seth went up first, after much protesting from Cam and the boys on SG-3. Cam did not want his two best contacts to end up dead; SG-3 wanted a reason to fire their guns. Sam and Daniel waited silently with Teal'c and Vala, trying to keep their feelings for the men out of their own minds.

"I don't see how anyone would want to live here," Vala said, suddenly. "I mean the men are hot, don't get me wrong, but there is nothing of value - "

"No treasure," Daniel finished distastefully. "We know, Vala."

"Well it has not taken you very long to get back into the swing of things, has it, Danny-boy?" Vala said, ignoring Sam's glare. "I would have expected you to mellow a bit, give a girl a break. You know it's been hard trying to get Teal'c to just stay in the same room with me."

Teal'c looked at her and raised an eyebrow. His look said volumes more then he would have to say; he had learned to tolerate the outspoken and sometimes annoying woman perhaps better then the other men of the team. Daniel imagined it was because they were both from other planets.

Cam interrupted any further discussion as he and Seth came down to where they stood. "Okay we have an agreement to meet. These guys are slow about doing things; no wonder you and Carter had to learn all that negotiating stuff for days."

Daniel nodded, wondering if what they had learned was even correct. The rest of the team followed Cam and Seth up to the cave mouth, carefully stepping on the rocks that jutted out like stepping-stones. As they came nearer, Sam watched Jin and an older man talk quietly. As they drew closer, she could hear that he was introducing them all.

"Great men from the Circle of Light," the old man began, Daniel translating. "I am Guis, leader of the Tyanar Clan, distant relatives of the Tynir Clan. Please come in, we shall take a meal and then begin to talk."

Cam looked around the cave as Guis hobbled into its depth, torches being lit as they passed cloaked figures standing against the wall. He could feel SG-3 tense up each time a new figure appeared, and they got further into the cave. Finally they came into a big cavern and were invited to sit on the brightly colored pillows that were near more rocks. Reclining as Guis and another man did, SG-1 and 3 took in the ritual of taking a meal, a very interesting flourish affair. Finally the food was presented and Cam was very hungry and was delighted to find it quite enjoyable.

After the meal, Guis introduced the other man, his son, Carm, as the negotiator for their tribe. For two hours, Daniel translating everything, Sam handing out more water when needed, Cam and Carm talked about the Tynir Clan and how Earth and the Tyanar Clan could help one another. Several breaks and a few more refreshments later, Cam was growing tired of the long intervals that Carm and his father were talking quietly. Daniel warned Cam not to say anything; negotiation was a delicate task.

Daniel hung his head as he stepped outside the cave for some air. Frustrated, he shoved a hand through his hair.

"DanielJackson, do you need some assistance?" Teal'c asked.

"No, I don't think I need assistance, thank you," Daniel said. Turning to his friend he went on. "I don't understand these guys negotiation tactics. Every time they want to be reassured that everything will be fine, nothing will happen. We will fulfill our part. I understand - they have been hunted and killed by Din and his men long ago. I would not trust anyone really either. But they keep asking about a token of our sincerity."

Teal'c bowed his head, understanding the frustration. He was about to suggest they go back into the cave when a thought struck him. "DanielJackson, they ask for a 'token'?"

"Yes," Daniel said tiredly.

"We have the necklace that was given to us when we first arrived. Vala kept it; I am sure she has it still.�

Daniel turned toward his friend. "Teal'c! You are brilliant! Vala! Vala!"


Finally coming back from another light meal, Cam and Carm again talked. It took several moments of Carm inspecting the necklace and after another hour of talking, each side trusted that the other was sincere in their agreement: Earth supplying medicines and minimal training to help liberate the other clan tribes in the area from Hindil and his men, along with a secure Gate address; the Tyanar Clan would give them the soil and several excess crops that had interested SG-1 to come to Tynir the first time.

"I think we have a deal," Cam said at last. He nodded and took the offered cup after Carm drank of it. "Here's to a new treaty - and my team together." He drank and handed the cup back to Carm.

"You are now part of our clan too. We shall show you where you may sleep tonight. Tomorrow we can begin our trade," Guis said at last.

"And I don't get the necklace back?" Vala pouted. "I kept it safe all this time, I should get something back!"

"You get their thanks, and we don't get killed," Sam said. Rolling her eyes, she sipped some more water.

Each of the members nodded. Cam sat back, letting a deep sigh escape as Guis and Carm left them. "Well, it looks like we may have started a small civil war. Well we treatied one at any rate."

"It is up to them how to use the tools," Sam replied. "We have something that could help us end famine and could slow the starvation mortality rate. They have modern medicine and the ability to defend themselves."

"You make it sound so easy," Cam muttered as they moved into the back of the cave. "Maybe some of it is that easy."


Two weeks were spent among the Tyanar Clan, taking samples, supplies, teaching the clan basic medicine and combat moves. Stepping back on Earth soil - even if it was hundreds of feet below the surface - Daniel wondered how the next round of briefings would go. Cam and the rest of SG-1 and SG-3 knew Sam and him were married, quiet happily Vala would interject, throwing meaningful glances his way, and had yet to tell Landry, let alone Jack of the new status.

"Married. Congratulations. I am sorry it was in such circumstances, but I am sure you were doing it in the best intentions," Landry said, blinking. "Well, you know the rules, we may have to move one of you to another team or onto your departments." Landry looked a moment longer at them both. "I really do wish you two the best of luck; there is no better feeling than finding the person you love. We will work it out, have no worries."

Sam smiled as she sat back from the briefing table. The briefing, almost as long as their first debriefing, but not as intense, helped close several loops. In front of her was the paper Mara had given her after her and Daniel's 'Dance of Claim', Seth and Jin helping to translate the words.


"I'm glad you are home," a male voice said, dragging Sam out of her inner world of mapping the night sky of Tynir.

"Sir!" Sam said upon seeing Jack O'Neill standing in her lab doorway.

"Carter. As you were. Is that the star constellation that you said held the freedom loving Tynir people?" Jack asked as he pointed to the map.

"Yes. We got lucky there was a perfect planet nearby. It's quite beautiful, and Jin and his wife and their family are busy building new homes for those who will come to seek refuge there. We told them that we would send supplies in a few weeks," Sam said, lighting up.

"Sounds good. Carter - Sam - would you like to have dinner with me tonight? A welcome home sort of thing," Jack asked, leaning on her desk.

Sam looked at him. Daniel had told her that they needed to tell Jack gently. He was still convinced there was a small flirty side that Jack would imply to try to make a move with. "I think that will be nice, Sir."