"...But I always thought he would win!" Jack said, laughing as he sat back. Sam smiled and gave a small laugh. "Well enough of why I think the 'Simpson's' should get an Emmy. Carter - Sam - I wanted to tell you that... now that you are back, and I have had much more time to think about this.... I think we should give us," he made a loose gesture indicating them both, "a chance."

Sam quickly swallowed the last of her wine, thankfully without choking. She knew it would come up, but still having him ask - and in the way he asked - was still a bit surreal. "Sir, I am flattered, but there is something I need to tell you. I am sorry I was not able to tell you sooner; you having to go back to Washington so quickly the first time, and then me being gone for another few weeks."

Jack looked at her with curiosity. "What is it? You found you do not like Gate travel anymore? You figured out that off world food and friends seem to always be lacking? You fall in love with someone and had hot monkey sex with them?"

Sam was blushing, and placed her glass aside. "Sir," she started, looking away. "Well I guess that's one way to describe it," she said at last.

"What?" Jack asked, picking his beer up and looking bewildered. "What would describe it?"

"Falling in love with someone and having hot monkey sex with him," Sam said calmly. Jack's eyes went round and he had the grace not to spit the remaining traces of beer in her direction.


"The reason why I can not 'give us a chance' is because I am already," Sam slipped on the ring Daniel had given her - now complete with an engagement ring. "Married." She held up her hand and smiled.

The color drained from Jack's face. "What? Who? When.... Oh Gawd! Oh... oh Gawd."

"Married, Daniel, on the planet. I'm sorry sir," Sam said. She was concerned at the paleness of his face. "Sir? Are you okay?"

"No wonder you had the," he held up his hand and pointed to his own bare ring finger, "the tan. You have a wedding band on it. Daniel?"

"Ya. No it was not forced; we knew what we were doing. We first were going to 'do it' to make sure we were not hurt anymore - mainly so I would be marked as a married woman, and not raped. But really, we have been suppressing our feelings for one another for years. You and I, Sir, was a place we could throw around our feelings and not have to face them. Daniel and I being prisoners made us realize we could not dance around the issues. Din forced us to look at one another and talk. For that, I thank him," Sam said softly.

"Oh. Well, yes, I suppose it was," Jack said slowly. "Well I still feel like a fool. Who knows?"


Nodding slowly, Jack said, "Of course. Everyone would have to know. Well I suppose you and Daniel are being transferred."

"We have not discussed it yet. General Landry said SG-1 is on stand down for the time being. I feel really bad, sir," Sam said, looking at Jack again.

Jack reached out and laid a hand over hers. "Don't be. When love comes you have to take it."

Sam laughed. She placed a hand over her mouth and nodded. "I'm sorry. You are not the only one who told me - Daniel and I, really - that." She reached into her purse and took out the note Mara had given her. "We were given this after our... wedding night. Mara - one of the ladies who was there to help - gave this to us. Neither Daniel nor I could translate it, but having a few native speakers around helped."

Handing the note over, she pointed to the sprawling script. "Kika dui inga gige um - 'Love comes and you must obey it.' It's an old proverb that is given to newly wed couples."

"Well these people sound like smart cookies," Jack said, handing it back to her. "I'm happy for you and Danny-boy. You are both good kids."

"Love will come for you too, sir. Maybe you are denying it too," Sam said smiling at him.

"I guess. Sara called a few days ago. I guess now that I have no excuses - and I am in town - I should go over and see her," Jack said, looking at the fire in the fireplace.

"Do what your heart tells you," Sam said softly. Leaving him to stare at the fire, Sam let herself out and drove to a small apartment Cam was able to secure for Daniel and her. Slipping her shoes off, she wandered into the small living room, smiling as she saw her husband deep in a book.

"I take it, it went well?" he asked, not looking up for a moment. Turning his blue eyes up to her, he closed the book. "He did not fight it?"

"Well he was shocked -"

"Weren't we all?"

"But came around. I think he may still be in love with Sara."

"His ex?"

"Yup. Now if we can get the other Colonel/Doctor pair to move in a direction," Sam said, sitting on Daniel's lap.

Wrapping his arms around her he kissed her. "Match maker, huh? How about we forget about the rest of them for a bit, and just concentrate on us?"

"Oh you are so romantic," Sam breathed as Daniel pulled her into another kiss. "Let it never be said that captivity can't have its own glimmer of hope."

Pulling Sam with him to their make shift bedroom, he glanced at her. He turned, taking Sam into his arms once more. Daniel brushed a strand of hair away from her face and smiled once more. Slowly taking off each other's clothing he held her and breathed, "A strange hope, but hope nonetheless, Sammy."