Cam waited a while after the horses had disappeared before walking back to the Stargate. He and Sam in one of their downtimes had asked who the old man who had brought them to the village was and if he could show them a path back to the gate. After several aborted attempts, Sam was able to ask enough to get them to the man, and enough to understand his directions to the path that he had lead them down.

Now he found himself back on the path, whistling as the winds started to pick up. He took off the protective cover he had placed on the MALP and dialed Earth. The spinning of the Gate still amazed him after close to a year and half after first laying eyes on it. The wormhole was established and Cam sent his GDO code through, while turning on the camera on the MALP.

"Colonel," General Landry said, greeting him. "So I assume Colonel Carter and Dr. Jackson are off on their negotiating tour?"

"Yes, Sir. They left with their escorts about 30 minutes ago. They said it would take a good two days to get the other tribe to meet them and start the process," Cam said. He was about to continue when he was interrupted by a woman's loud scream. Turning, Cam hand on his gun, watched as Mize stumbled toward him and fell against Cam who caught her before she hit the ground.

"What?" Cam asked in the simple Tynirese he had learned.

"Blood," she said uncertainly. She had caught a few words of English that Sam and Daniel were teaching some of the others in the evening.

"Blood? Someone hurt?" Cam was becoming alarmed. "Wait here." He hurried over to the MALP, and said, "I would like to request a medical team. I think some of the villagers were attacked again."

He disengaged the wormhole, allowing for Landry to mobilize medics and sent them to Tynir. Cam turned back to the now weeping woman and tried to calm her. The way she carried on made him wonder if the people who were hurt were her family.

"We must go," she said as she looked at him once more. "We must go."

Nodding, Cam told her to wait as he quickly drew a map to the meetinghouse. He figured he could find whoever was coming with the medic team if they got there. "Ok, let's go."

Mize once more took his hand and led him down the path, letting go when she neared the village's edge. "Hurry, hurry," she said as they made their way to the meetinghouse. "There," she said, pointing to five hitched horses.

Cam ran up the steps and threw open the door. Inside the hall stood two council members who had ridden out earlier that day with Sam and Daniel. Cam saw that each man had cuts on their arms and blood trickled down their legs.
Oh please Carolyn come quick, it looks bad, he said silently. They saw him come in and stood to one side, still looking down at a third person that was lying on the ground.

"Din," Cam breathed as he took in the bloodied man. Carefully Cam took off his vest and retrieved a small med kit. "Does anything hurt?"

"My leg is the worst. The other cuts can wait," he said wearily.

Cam set about cleaning the wound, a long gash almost to the bone, made by a sword, one of the council members said. He was busy cleaning it delicately he did not notice the hand that steadied on his shoulder until she spoke into his ear.

"Cam. You're doing fine," the voice said.

He whipped around and looked into the familiar brown eyes of Carolyn Lam, the lovely base doctor. "I can't stop the bleeding."

Her hands closed around his as he tied the gauze. "You're doing fine. He has slipped into unconsciousness. He will be fine. Let me examine the rest of him. Sit over with Dr. Brightman; he has some water for you."

He nodded and let go of the bag of medical supplies he had been holding onto. Turning he saw both the council members being tended to and Dr. Brightman talking to two people Cam recognized instantly. "Teal'c, Vala." He gave each a hug, causing Vala to look at him strangely.

"Have you lost your mind too?" Vala asked as she looked at him. "Maybe the doctor needs to stop whispering in your ear and start examining your head."

"Sorry, it's just," he looked at both of his teammates. Teal'c bowed in acknowledgement, while Vala still eyed him. Dr. Brightman handed him a water bottle, and he quickly sat down and started to drink. He looked around the room, seeing the other doctors coming back from treating their patients, and noticed something was wrong. "Have either of you seen Colonel Carter or Jackson?"

"We have not," Teal'c answered, now looking around. "Perhaps they are in another room being treated?"

"No, this is the only room, well besides the side room and the terrace out back. Let me go look," Cam said, getting up, only to have to sit back down quickly.

"You need to drink a bit more than half a bottle to get back to normal, Colonel," Carolyn said coming over. She looked him over quickly as Vala and Teal'c went around to find the other two members of their team. "You really need to come back to the base, you look tired, and it looks like the adrenaline is wearing off, and you may have a touch of low blood pressure. Let me guess, you have not been eating or drinking much."

"You are so amazing, Lam," Cam said dryly. "I don't look forward to the lecture, but docs know best."

"Wow, you are acknowledging that I am right?" she said playfully.

"Don't let it get to your head, darlin," he smiled.

"Cam! Cam!" Vala's voice cut through the air.

Cam with the aid of Carolyn, hurried to where Vala and Teal'c stood on the terrace. "Oh Gawd, it's awful. I don't know how anyone can be so cruel..." Vala was saying.

Carolyn held up a hand to stop Vala's rambling as Cam once more went pale. Teal'c stood next to him and somberly said, "We must find out if this is true."

Carolyn made her way over to Cam, letting out a small gasp at the sight. SG uniforms - two of them with patches - were hung over the railing. Unmistakable blood marks were spattered over each, tears and nicks in the fabric indicating where the wearer was hurt. Carolyn reached out to touch the fabric, making sure it was real. Vala stood beside her and let the silent tears fall down her face, Teal'c was stoically looking forward, but was holding back on the emotions. Cam had switched into soldier mode and was slowly feeling the anger build.

Whirling around, he went back into the meeting hall and went to one of the council members who were standing up now. "Where is the rest of my team?" he growled.

"Dead," was the simple answer. To Cam it was the wrong answer.

"Try again. Where are Sam and Daniel?"

"Dead. The tribe attacked; they fought bravely, got dragged off. We went to find them. They were dead."

"Where are their bodies?"

"The tribe took them. Left the clothes. We went after them, but they were dead. We could do nothing for them."

Cam let up on the hold he had on the councilman's shirt. It was bloodied and torn. "We can revive them. We need the body. I'm going to get their bodies."

"You cannot. The tribe they are harsh. They do things... defile the dead. They have no respect for them. I am afraid your friends are gone," the man said. He smiled apologetically as Cam turned around and sought the nearest seat.

Dead. Colonel Carter and Jackson. Dead.

He buried his face in his hands and silently collected his thoughts. "I hope you understand the trade is off. We cannot trade with you when you let two of the best people I have - had - die."

The councilman nodded and left with the aid of one of the women by the door. Several women entered the room and tended to the other councilman's and to Din's side. Carolyn was packing up already and Drs. Brightman and DeBarr were ready also.

Slowly, disheartened, the team, minus two valuable members, trudged back to the Stargate, Cam holding the folded clothing of his two slain teammates.