Week 3

"Who was your first boyfriend?" Daniel asked as they walked back to the small village of huts they were quickly realizing was going to become their temporary home.

They had finished the two fallen trees and had been assigned digging duties, and warmer coats and clothing since winter had descended on Tynir, making the already gray sky feel even more oppressive. They wrapped their clothing tighter as they climbed a hill out of the valley and were met with a cold draft.

"Well that's a conversation starter," Sam smiled. "I know my first boyfriend was in kindergarten. He would chase me around the playground and class and eventually cornered me and kissed me. But if you want the first real boyfriend that would have been," Sam paused. "Brad Skky in seventh grade. He was a friends twin brother and we thought it was the coolest thing if Brad and I got married we would be friends for life. He was the one who all the girls wanted to date, and apparently just because he was seeing me did not stop him from seeing a few others." Sam shrugged. "There were some in high school, obviously Jonas Hanson - the real good find - in flight school. But really, Pete was the last boyfriend. And no matter that the grapevine says Jack and I never got together. Ok so we had dinner once after he helped Cassie move, and we stayed up until the sun cam up, but after that we could see we were not really suppose to be together. You?"

"Oh well I was considered a 'pretty boy' in school, but never had to worry about having a boyfriend," he grinned. Sam laughed and swatted at him. "I guess my first real serious girlfriend was Sara Gardner. In college not many were really into dating a guy who was high school age. Obviously Sha're and I had a rather short courting time before we went straight to marriage," he said. He looked off to the hills that already had snow on them, a thoughtful look passing over him. "I always wondered what it would be like to have someone who would understand everything I did, and in a way I had it in Sha're, but even then I felt I was settling. Ok so I was also temporarily trapped on the planet, and was married, so I did not have many options. It was kind of liberating when the Stargate was activated and you came through. With Jack and the rest of the team," he quickly added.

"I can relate to that. Pete was supportive of my job. Then he found out exactly what it was and he was concerned. It was as if I had no say in where the future of my career went. He would say things like 'our children need a mother,' as if they were running around already. I want to find someone who is willing to just talk about all the possibilities, not force one on me." She paused and looked at Daniel. "Makes me sound like a hard feminist doesn't it?"

"No, I think it's that you want to find a partner who respects you. You want to find mutual respect. Sara was willing to let me sit in the library for hours doing stuff but would cut me off when I presented a theory. Well, she knows now I am right," Daniel chuckled.

"I'm glad you are here, Daniel," Sam said softy, laying a hand on his arm. "I would be insane with anyone else."

"I'm glad you are here too. Well I guess we are not glad to be
here, but at least with each other. It does make the time go faster," Daniel agreed.

They arrived to their hut and went inside, having an hour before dinner would be served. They huddled around the small heater that their captors had brought in soon after the first frost had appeared. They were talking about what they thought that night's meal would be when the door was flung open and a guard came in. Looking over them, eyeing Sam a bit more, He motioned for them to go outside. Daniel let Sam go first, standing between her and the guard who was still hungrily eying her. He was still keeping the late night activities the guards sometimes dragged him to from Sam; she did not need to know what could be done to her.

"Okay, stop pushing. We're here," Daniel said hotly to the guard who prodded his back. They were let into one of the guard tents and stood before a man in a long fur and leather coat. His back was to them as he talked quietly to the two others who were standing before him. As they left, the man before them growled to the guard to leave.

Turning slowly, Sam gasped and Daniel felt a cold shiver run down his back. There stood the man who commanded them to go talk to the warring tribe, the man who told the guards to work the captives, and the man who had patiently taught Daniel the customs he needed to learn so he could devise a treaty between the tribes.

"Din," Daniel hissed.

"Doctor Jackson. Samantha Carter," he reached out to stroke Sam's cheek, not moving fast enough to block the total blow of Daniel's punch. "You will pay!" Din yelled as he withdrew a knife.

"Daniel, please," Sam whispered, almost pleading with him. She laid her hands on his back, as strange warmth flowing through him.

Suddenly three guards came from the side, gripping Daniel as they dragged him to the corner, giving him small cuts as he struggled. Sam watched as he bravely fought, always keeping an eye on Din who was approaching like a cat hunting its prey.

"You will do me the honor to fight me," Din hissed. "No woman can think she is worthy to be a hunter. No woman can think herself worthy to be negotiating a treaty with a man who possibly is not her husband." He yanked her hair, pulling her into a headlock. "You will be mine if it is true Doctor Jackson is not your husband."

He pushed her through the flap of the tent, sending her sprawling into the frosty ground. Sam looked up to see Din toss his knife to her and Daniel being dragged by the three guards outside as well. "You are giving me a knife?" she asked.

"I must say I had you fairly," he said as he pulled a longer knife, almost a short sword out from one of the guard's belts. "If Doctor Jackson does not lay claim to you, I will let the guards have you after I am done."

Sam looked at him and back to Daniel. She got up and summoned all the combat training she had ever had. "No man will ever claim me that I have not offered myself to first." She carefully plotted her battle strategy as Din swung at her, sending her into the snow and scraping her hand.

Daniel hopelessly looked on, wrestling against the guards and the knives that were on him. He felt the blood trickle down his throat as he nicked himself, and settled down a bit. He would be of no use to Sam if he sliced himself on the enemies' blade.