Daniel left the hut quickly, once more trying hard not to gag. The guards were becoming more blood thirsty, or rather more sex hungry. Two new workers had come to the small hut town, and were being �'introduced' to the rest of the men. Bis and Seth looked on with Daniel, all three of them waving off the 'introduction' part of the night. They really wanted to wave all of the ceremony off, but the guards had insisted, and Daniel really did not feel like having his ribs broken for real, or a knife dug into any part of his body.

Opening the door, he saw a sliver of light coming from the furnace, casting a light glow on Sam who was sitting at the end of the bed. A drab blanket hung over her shoulders as she clung to it, barely stopping the shudders that racked her body. Stepping across the small floor, Daniel slipped the extra blanket over her and hugged her close.

"Sam, what's wrong?" he asked quietly, her tears melting his heart further.

"I can't do it. I can't get the MALP to work, I can't figure out how to do a communication line without it and moreover I can't..." she turned and buried her head into his shoulder. Looking up to him with her blue eyes brimming with tears, she softly said, "I can't touch you."

"Sam," Daniel said, stroking her hair. "I know this is not what we envisioned - ever - but.... Sam I will not have them do to you what they have done to the others."

A loud shrill sound pierced the end of his sentence, making Sam sit bolt upright. "No. Oh Gawd, Daniel. You were... you had to..."

"They make us... watch. We don't have to ... participate. Sam, I can't let you be... violated like that."

Sam looked back to him and gave a very sad smile. "You want to be the one?"

"Sam," Daniel snapped. Closing his eyes and rubbing them he shook his head. "Sorry. No. If that is what you think.... Gawd I don't see any other way. If you really can't find a piece of your heart to not only say that you love me but act on it... I can't protect you tomorrow. I want desperately to protect you."

Sam looked away, tears once more in her eyes. She hated to have Daniel so close and not let herself be honest. She did want to touch him - be touched by him - anything to mark her as a married woman in the eyes of Din and his guards. More than just in the eyes of their captors, to be his wife in every sense of the word. In her heart of hearts, Sam wanted to know that what she had told him the previous day and what he had said back were true, and that they could go home and announce it to everyone.

"Captivity has made me realize I love you," Sam had whispered. It haunted her as they walked back, arms around one another. She had made peace with what they had to do. What her heart wanted to do for a long time. But the sun streaming in that morning, a guard grinning down at them had chased the light mood she was starting to have. His dark figure cast a dark shadow over her heart. To have
him possibly watching her, gave her shivers even Daniel's strong arms could not chase away. The thought that he could be raping her sent her into a quiet place.

"Sam? Sam?" Daniel asked softly, bringing her back into the present. Shaking her slightly, he lifted her chin up and looked into her blue eyes. "Colonel."

"Yes," Sam replied. Blinking once she nodded, chin still cupped in Daniel's hands that were slowly turning rougher. Steeling herself, she said with more force, "Yes."


"Yes, I will let you protect me; I need your protection. Yes, I will let you sleep with me; honestly I almost need you too to keep me whole." Sam lowered her eyes and brought her hands up to his face. "Yes, I love you with every bit of my heart; I fear it will burst if I don't."

A smile graced Daniel's lips for the first time that day. "I will always protect you. I will never let you break. And I have always loved you with everything I have."

Sam stroked his bearded face and returned the smile. It was one of those smiles that reached deep into her eyes, sending resolve into Daniel. "I think I can deal with this shaggy thing; I have never really been one to kiss guys with facial hair. But you," Sam looked back into his eyes, passion suddenly leaping in them. "You have been the exception to every rule."

She slid a hand behind his neck and moved closer. Before she let her lips hover over his, she closed her eyes, wanting to savor every moment. Daniel brushed his lips over hers before capturing them. He slid a hand down her back, and let the one cupping her chin stroke her cheek lovingly. Deepening the kiss, he felt Sam tighten her hold on him, crushing their bodies together as much as their position allowed. Slipping an arm around her waist, he moved to his side and laying Sam down on the bed, hovered his body slightly over her. Finally he left her lips, a sigh escaping from her.

"Coffee beans," she sighed as she opened her eyes.


"You still taste like coffee beans," she explained.

"Mmmm, good to hear. You remind me of sunshine and a cool river," Daniel said, stroking her hair away from her eyes. "I love sunshine and rivers."

"I love you, Daniel. I'm sorry it's taken so long..."

"Shh. No regrets, Sam. And I love you too." He kissed her again. "Feel a bit better?"

"If that is your version of medication, I want to be sick all the time," Sam sighed, weaving her fingers once more in his shaggy hair. "Yes. I feel a whole lot better."

Daniel smiled and leaned down and kissed her neck softly. "I can't take it all away."

"Daniel," Sam pulled his head up slightly and looked into his eyes. "As weird as it sounds, I don't care. I don't care who sees us; don't care who knows. If the only thing that comes out of our," she pulled her hands away and did air quotes, "'public pronouncement of marriage', is this, then it is worth it. I don't think I have ever been so happy."

"I want to love you, Sam-anth-a," Daniel said, passion in his eyes matching hers.

"I want to have you love me, Dan-iel." Sam laughed as Daniel made a face. "Daniel. Danny." He looked at her and smiled. "My Danny?"

"My Sammy?" he said as she laughed again.

"You and my dad. I will never let another man call me that."

"Good." Daniel kissed her, rough hands brushing over some of her exposed skin where her top rode up a bit. "Sammy," Daniel breathed. "Will you marry me?"

"A hundred times over, Danny."

"Sam?" Daniel asked once more. "May I make you my wife tomorrow?"

"Why wait?" Sam said, a huskiness coming over her as she looked into the eyes of the man she loved with everything she had in her.

"I want it to be very special. I want what was meant to be a humiliation to be a celebration."

"Daniel. I know the ways of a man; I'm not naive. Are you sure?"

"In a few minutes? No. But if you want it tonight," Daniel kissed her deeply to make his point.

"I guess we will have many, many nights to explore this. Might as well start with a bang. Might as well use it as a smack to them," Sam said as she went back to stroking his cheek. "I think they will be surprised."

"Oh?" Daniel said, an eyebrow rising.

"You strike me as a very passionate lover."

"Sam," Daniel growled. "If there is not to be anything tonight, I need to leave. I can't sleep in this bed without reaching for you and showing just how passionate I can be."

Daniel gave her one last kiss and got up. He retied his wraparound, which had come undone when Sam had raked her fingers down his chest. Kissing her lightly on the cheek he said good night and took a blanket to sleep outside on the small bench that held their huts water basin.

Sam smiled as he closed the door, reaching beside to feel the warmth that Daniel had left. Wrapping the remaining blanket around her, she smiled into the dark once more as she realized this would be the last night she would ever be cold again.


Daniel moved quietly into the hut as soon as he woke up from loud sounds coming from the main hut. He did not want to be seen sleeping outside. Of course he could always say he and Sam had had a fight and she demanded for him to sleep somewhere else. Seeing her sleep in the bed, golden locks now past her shoulders and spread over the pillow, Daniel smiled and lightly kissed her exposed nose. She smiled and sighed as she turned, still asleep.

He gathered some wood and stoked the furnace to warm the small room. He was sitting before the fire, stoking it lightly as he tried to figure out how exactly they should tackle the MALP problem. It was still covered each night, still in the same position each morning, so Daniel and Sam took a small comfort knowing that no one else had found what they were working on when they were 'delivering soil' to the dirt pile. Sam had taken to rewiring the MALP, trying to bypass as many systems as possible but enough to charge the communication device, maybe the video camera if they were lucky. The thing that still got in the way was the fact they did not have their GDO's nor did they know how to open the Gate - or know when the Gate was open.

"I think I need to worry more about you freezing than you being cranky," Sam said as she kissed his cheek. Wrapping her arms around him she looked at the furnace that was slowly dying. "We have a few moments; warm up under the covers."

Daniel poked the furnace and turned and kissed Sam on the lips. "I may not get up."

"Hm, that could be a problem. At least it does not take long to warm up this corner of the room. I swear the temperature dropped last night," Sam said as she slid beside him at the end of the bed and pulled the blanket around him. "Of course I did not have my warming blanket like I usually do. How do you stay so warm?"

Wrapping an arm around her, Daniel smiled and lightly kissed her forehead. "I knew there would be a day when I would be warming up a woman's feet. I just never expected her to be so pretty."

"Daniel," Sam sighed. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes and played with his beard, which was full, and with his long, shaggy hair. It reminded her of the lumberjacks she would see when she went to the forest with her grandfather to cut down the annual Christmas tree.

"Breakfast," Daniel said, hearing the bell. "I just need to change into some warmer clothes," he said, moving out of the blanket that Sam was putting back on the bed. They stored a pair of clothing near the furnace so they could warm up. Daniel felt a pair of eyes staring at him as he lifted the new top from the pile. Looking back to the bed, he saw Sam unabashedly staring at him. "Yes?"

"Tonight you are going to become my husband. I figure if you are going to change right in front of me, I might as well enjoy it. I have seen all of you guys before, but now," Sam paused, licked her lips and continued. "It's different. I don't have to pretend not to notice. Or like it," she added, quietly.

"You amaze me. So you're telling me there might not be too many surprises tonight, huh?" Daniel said, a gleam in his eyes, mid way through taking off the old top.

"Oh there will be lots of surprises," Sam said, blushing suddenly. "I'm sorry, I should let you get dressed." She turned and got up, moving to the door. Daniel's powerful arms encircling her and kissing her deeply stopped her.

"Don't leave me," Daniel said as he pulled her to his bare chest. "We have been denying that we have been falling in love with one another slowly for years. I can't wait for tonight to show you just how much I do love you. And if you seeing me undress helped you fall, well," he looked into her eyes, a smile and laugh hidden in them. "I would do it for a hundred more years."

Sam gave a soft smile and slid her hand unabashedly, appreciatively over his hard chest. Hard labor had sculpted it into a work of art - a piece she would gladly pay for with her own body if it kept him near. "Breakfast calls, Danny."

"So it does, Sammy." Daniel walked back to the pile and grabbed her top. Handing it to her he stole a kiss and turned around, quickly putting on his top and leaving Sam to change in private.


The Guards surprised all the workers by telling them that the ground was too cold to dig, too many of the workers would be hurt, impeding the building process more then if they took the day off. The workers looked about and muttered to each other after they all had been led down to the work site.

Bis and Seth walked with Sam and Daniel up to the MALP, making sure to cover their tracks and make new ones should the guards decide to follow. Sam and Daniel talked to Bis who was quickly becoming a very apt mechanic working on the MALP. Seth was the one who walked circles around them, covering tracks and making new ones. Sam asked about the tools Bis was able to take from the small hut at the edge of the work site, Daniel keeping an eye out for Seth and on Sam ahead.

Daniel dug deep into his pockets and fingered the round metal he had asked one of the metal workers to smooth. He had two of them and wished he could have found a brilliant stone that he could also present to Sam. Like any man, he was looking forward to the evening, but felt heavy when he always reminded himself it would not be like in his dreams. He had to make Sam feel at ease with the fact that a private matter would become very public - and for their first time too. He caught Sam's eye and gave her a smile wishing for more options.


"You're quiet," Sam said as she slid beside him on the rock formation the MALP sat next to. Bis walked back with Seth as the sun shone lower through the bare trees.

"I'm sorry I can't be more help," Daniel said, smiling at her. "I mean I can hold tools, look out for people coming, or get the occasional drink of water."

"Well you can also warm me up by smiling at me, watch out so I don't repeat myself too much, and warm my hands." Sam held out her hands, Daniel quickly grasping them and feeling that they were trembling, buried them against his chest. "And you always know exactly what to do."

"What can I say? I'm a sensitive guy," he smiled and kissed her quickly. "Hey fresh powder fell last night, care to go down one of these hills to get back to were everyone else is?"

"'Fresh powder'?" Sam laughed. "Are we on the slopes outside the SGC?"

"It's a bit different, granted, but there are hills. Besides I found the perfect sled." Daniel pulled her up and moved behind the boulder, pointing to a long piece of wood that had not been striped of all its bark. "It's a rescue. It was either firewood for whomever we are building that house for, or a sled. Care to take a sledding ride?"

"I would love to," Sam said, grinning.

"One thing before we board," Daniel said, reaching into his pocket. Getting on one knee, snow crunching beneath his feet, he looked up at Sam. "ColonelDoctor Samantha Carter, would you do me the greatest honor of my life by becoming my wife?"

"Yes, I said I would. I will become your wife everyday if I could," Sam said, warm tears trickling down her rosy cheeks.

"I did not see a snowman around, and no church, but would you mind if we do a bit of formality to this? I don't want to go into this somehow not married. It feels more complete, tonight will feel more complete," he smiled as she blushed, "if we say some sort of vows."

"Only if I get the reception and cake once we are home," Sam said, giving him a playfully stern look.

"Yes, ma'am." Daniel nodded, seeing her eyes shine with love. "Samantha, I will always love you and protect you. I will not leave you ever. You are my other half of the science equation; you are the one who makes me complete in every way. In sickness, health, rumors of death and even in the occasional ascension, I will never stop loving you. It will always be my honor to be your husband."

Sam wiped the tears from her eyes and said softly, "How can I go after that?" She smiled, giving a small laugh. "Daniel, I will always love and protect you. I will never leave you - ever. You make all science equations make sense because you are my answer. You make me compete in every way too. In sickness, health, all rumors of death - none of them true - and even if you should ascend without me, I will never stop loving you. Until I die and beyond, it will be my honor to be your wife."

"Your ring, my wife," Daniel said, taking her left hand and slipping on the ring that fit perfectly.

"And your ring, my husband," Sam said as she took the offered ring and slipped it on his hand.

Kissing, they felt snow fall down once more around them, making Sam think of them in a snow globe. Daniel suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her laughing onto the partially cut tree as they started sliding down the rather steep hill, their laughter vibrating off the trees and hills as they quickly passed them.