See the Sun Go Down

"Come on you guys, we are going to be late!"

Daniel Jackson, tie undone after failed attempts to make a proper knot, raced down the hallway and stood impatiently before the mirror.

"Come on! The ride is here!" Daniel yelled once more as Jack and Teal'c descended the stairs in Jack�s house.

Daniel stared at the two men. Jack - Colonel Jack O'Neill - was wearing his dress uniform, and Teal'c in his long flowing, earth toned robes.

"Never though you would see the day, huh, Danny-boy?" Jack asked as he clamped a hand on Daniel's shoulder.

"No, not really. I never imagined any of this coming true."

The three men, one in dress uniform, one in robes, and one in a tuxedo, quickly went to the car where Jacob Carter waited impatiently in his own right.


"Are you sure this is not too poofy?" Major Samantha Carter asked for the third time.

"Do you want me to agree with you, Sam?" Dr. Janet Frasier asked, staring at her friend in the mirror. Giving her a hug, she whispered, "Your mother is very proud of you. I know she had the same dreams I do for Cassie. You and Daniel are going to be just fine."

Quickly wiping tears from her eyes, Sam nodded and once again examined herself in the mirror. The satin white dress hugged her upper body, and hung on her shoulders by wide straps. Flowing from the waist was at least five yards of fabric and flowed down to the floor and behind her in a train, which was gathered and hooked to make a bustle for the reception. Turning sideways, she looked at the bustle and grew excited to see it fall on the floor as she swept down the aisle.

Meeting her own blue eyes in the mirror, she whispered, "What if we are wrong? What if everything goes wrong?"

Janet snapped her head up from the bobby pins she was sorting out. "Stop that Sam. You and Daniel both have had this conversation with me, Jack, the General, heck, I'm sure one of you has thought about asking the President. Life will be different; you'll live together, receive mail and bills there. Maybe have a family..."

"Janet..." Sam warned with a twinkle in her eye. "Ya but it is not just us. The Colonel and Teal'c have to adjust to the shift in our family. They have to worry twice as much about us."

"Carter, I believe Teal'c and I can handle the added pressure. And as for a change in the family, you will not hear about 'kissing cousins' from me," Jack said as he leaned against the doorway.

"Indeed," Teal'c agreed. "What are 'kissing cousins'?"

"Ask Daniel," Jack, Janet and Sam said in unison.

Smiling Sam knew it would keep his mind off the approaching event; for that she was grateful. She did not think she could handle thinking about him second-guessing as well.


"It's an expression used for people who are in a family and are very close. It is sometimes taken literally to mean two people - usually cousins - who fall in love and marry." Daniel finally got his tie on correctly and pointed his gaze at Jack who was adjusting his jacket.

"What?" Jack said, trying to be as innocent as possible, and finally shrugging.

"I can see why O'Neill calls you and MajorCarter 'kissing cousins.' However you are not of the same family," Teal'c said raising his eyebrow and looking at the two men.

"Why don't we go and greet some of the guests," Jack said pulling Teal'c into the hallway. "Where in Africa are you from again?"


"Five minutes!" Cassandra Frasier yelled down the hall as she walked into the Bride's room.

Sam sat in front of the mirror, her dress awkwardly around her as Janet touched up her hair and make-up.

"Oh Sam!" Cassie exclaimed as she looked at her. "You are so gorgeous! Daniel is so lucky to be marrying you."

Blushing, Sam ducked her head and smiled. "So I guess that means he has not left Colorado, or even the planet."

"No, no. He is just as anxious as you to 'become united' as he said."

Laughing, Sam stood as her father entered the room. She glanced once more at the mirror and realized that not much of the Major she was could be seen in the wedding dress she wore. It felt both foreign and right.

Flashing all one more smile, Sam walked toward the door. "Well, let's go."


"And who gives this woman to this man?" the white robed monk asked.

"I, her father, Jacob Carter, give my daughter to this man," Jacob said.

Sam was reluctant to have him leave her side; they found the strength in one another and Daniel's shinning eyes as they walked down the aisle. But more then anything she wanted to be beside Daniel who stood slightly behind Jacob.

Daniel was beaming ear to ear, and could not wipe the grin he produced as soon as the doors opened and he saw Sam standing there with Jacob and a bunch of flowers in her hand.

Lightly taking Sam's face within his hands, Jacob bent forward meeting his forehead with his daughters, one of the Tok'ra's symbols of love. Looking at her, his eyes welled up and his voice broke. "She is very, very proud, Sammie. You are surrounded by family and friends, and wrapped in love."

Giving Sam a small kiss on her cheek, he took her right hand and placed it on top of Daniel's left. "Hold on to one another as long as you live."

Now Sam and Daniel, hand in hand, walked the two steps onto the platform the monk stood on.

"Friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness..."


"...the union..."


Sam glared at Jack as he bent over to inspect the black box that was vibrating on his waist.

"Oh my" General George Hammond exclaimed as he realized it was his pager that broke the silence. Inspecting the message, he glanced at Jack, who had the decency to be a few shades redder then Daniel. He got up and moved toward the aisle.

"I'm afraid," Hammond started as he apologetically looked at the couple. "I'm afraid we all must go back to the base. An emergency has come up and we are needed."

Sam whipped around in horror to what Hammond had said. At the same time Daniel turned to his right and growled, "Jack." He and Teal'c were already backing away.

"Sir?" Sam asked, both pleading and trying not to cry. It was her wedding day, for crying out loud! Couldn't they pretend for a few hours they did not defend the world from the Goa'uld? Her family - Mark, his wife and kids, and assorted aunts and uncles - and Daniel's research buddies and few neighbors were all in attendance.

"I'm sorry Major. Both you and Dr. Jackson are needed as well. I'm sorry," Hammond said with much regret. He wisely turned and walked down the aisle, followed by a handful of officers and Jack and Teal'c.

"Jack?" Daniel tried.

"Orders, Daniel. Let's go, I'm sure we can pick up where we left off in a week."

With his mouth gapping and "you can't be serious" escaping his lips a few times, he apologized with much embarrassment, to the audience and monk.

With Sam, whose tears were now running down her face, firmly by his side, they ran down the aisle after Jack and Teal'c. Following was Jacob who yelled at the astonished crowd as he passed the double doors, "Gives new meaning to shot gun wedding!"


"What is so damned important that my wedding gets interrupted," Sam demanded angrily as the limo drove to the mountain.

"Apparently the Tok'ra," Hammond said.

"The Tok'ra?" Daniel said through clenched teeth, staring at Jacob.

�Don't look at me, I'm here for a wedding."

"Somehow I doubt the rest of the Tok'ra are here for the same thing," Jack said.

Daniel slumped into the leather seat beside Sam. Lost in his own anger and confusion, he suddenly looked into Sam's eyes and said very quietly, "You look gorgeous."


After changing from their wedding attire, SG-1 stood in the briefing room, all too tense to sit at the same table as the two Tok'ra, Sa'ne and Tow'na.

"One of our operatives has been captured, and is feared to be leaking information," Sa'ne said.

"Then plug the leak!" Sighing, Jack tried again. "Wouldn't it be easier to just let him die at the hands of the Gou'ald?" he asked, leaning next to the widow over looking the Stargate.

"No, the operative has valuable information that could benefit you as well. It took years to get one into the ranks of Anubis. His capture was an unfortunate accident that must be amended."

"Fine. So we are talking what, mounting a rescue mission in exchange of some 'information' and bad memories for what was suppose to be the happiest day of our lives," Daniel said, drawing Sam closer.

Salmak answered, "It is unfortunate that this operative has been so careless in the days leading to his return. However, Sa'ne is correct that the knowledge is more valuable at this point."

Hammond sat silently at the head of the table. Weighing the options, he asked if SG-1 was really needed.

"They have been crucial before," Tow'na replied.

"Finally some recognition!" Jack said from his position. Arms folded, he rolled his eyes and muttered about snakes.

Nodding his head, Hammond said he would authorize the mission, as long as the Tok'ra operative debriefed at the SGC and both sides benefited from the information. Agreeing, the two Tok'ra got up, having Jacob, Jack, Teal'c, Sam and Daniel follow.