"Another dark planet, with another dark bad guys and his lackeys. I mean, can't they lighten up and maybe not be so uptight about taking over worlds?" Jack said as they walked through the woods to where three more Tok'ra were waiting.

"They only know how to be bring pain. Think uber-snake with a huge appetite eying a mouse," Daniel said, shifting his flashlight toward a bolder beside them. "If I was not so pissed, and on a mission that has nothing to do with us, I would care to inspect the writing and marks."

"Welcome, SG-1. I'm glad you are helping us," a Tok�ra who none had met, not that they cared, said. �Once inside the ship we want to find..."

"Yeah, yeah. Look just lead and we will follow," Sam said, surprising even herself with her shortness.

Deciding apologies were not needed, they headed toward the transport rings. Relaxing, she tried to shift into soldier mode, trying to push from her mind that by now Daniel and she would have said their vows, taken a few pictures and would be mingling with friends and family eating, dancing and celebrating. Not on a mission.


SG-1, Jacob and the five other Tok'ra all fanned out, covering the various entrances to the ring room. Jack and Sam held their P-90s at shoulder height sweeping the corridor, Teal'c with his staff weapon and Daniel armed with a zat.

"Clear," Jack said nodding to Jacob.

"Clear," Sam also said, watching the Tok'ra step back and relax. "Where to?"

"You three," Sa'ne indicted Jack, Daniel and Sam, "are to go around and plant explosives. Teal'c and Salmak will assist getting K'ta back."

"Not glamorous, but doable. Meet back her in what, 30 minutes?" Jack said, adjusting his watch.

"Sounds good. Be careful," Jacob said as he and Teal'c followed after the other Tok'ra.

"Have I mentioned I don't like those guys?" Jack said, leading Sam and Daniel down the long corridor.

"They are not high on my list either, Jack," Daniel said as he placed a piece of C-4 on an electrical panel.

"Not getting an invite to the continuation of the wedding, nor are they getting 'thank you' cards," Sam quipped, sweeping the control room.

"I don't know why..." Daniel said sarcastically.

Continuing around the ship as quickly as the band of Jaffa marches would allow, the three of them were all unhappy on their assignment. Jack because he could not rescue anyone, Sam because she was not needed logistically, and basically pissed that it was her wedding day, and Daniel was wondering whom he could call to officiate the rest of the wedding since the monk, who was a friend from his travels, was due back in Tibet the next day.

Finally, 30 minutes wasted by putting C-4 in a ship, the three humans found Jacob and Teal'c standing around the operative.

"Great, can we go?" Jack asked before any more discussion could ensue.

"Everything planted?" Tow'na asked.

"Not hard when that�s all you are doing," Daniel said moving closer to Sam inside the rings.

"Right, well let's go," Jacob said.

The group carried the fragile operative back to the gate, Jack pressing the timer as he went through the event horizon.


Sam stood in the shower wiping tears from her eyes. She was deeply wounded more then from any other mission, yet she did not have a scratch.

After coming through the gate, and being welcomed back by Hammond, the Tok'ra refused to let Janet look at the man who could hardly breathe, let alone stand. Janet, shaken by the apparent lack of concern for their own, stood silently by as Hammond took over.

"If you will not let us take care of him, please let us send you where he can be helped," Hammond said as Tow'na walked into the control room.

"I will permit this."

"How else were you going leave?" Jack asked, turning slightly. His distain for the mission and their uselessness was evident.

Bowing her head at this remark, Tow'na tried giving the coordinates to their home world, but was reminded by Hammond of their deal, and that they would only be allowed to go to the Alpha site for the moment until the briefing took place. Reluctantly she agreed and turned to Jacob, "We will leave now. Salmak, if you would join us."

Jacob, who was busy watching Sam, turned a worried eye toward the woman. "I don't think that would be wise. The Council has permitted me time with my family, and I do not feel one and half days is nearly enough."

"Fine." Tow'na left the control room, joining the others as the gate opened.

"Don't let the gate close on your ass," Daniel muttered as the wormhole disengaged.

Smiling, Hammond turned to the five remaining people. "Get checked, cleared, and come back for a quick briefing."

Now, toweling off, Sam tried to erase the ease in which the Tok'ra had dismissed them and wanted her father to come along. Gathering her black shirt, Sam smiled as her father's remakes had quelled any further questions.

Hurrying back to the briefing room, Sam's mind was revolving around the mission, not the fact that it was still, barely, her wedding day.

Climbing the stairs, she was busy reading new analysis that one of her scientists had just given her. Teal'c stopped her, as she was about to collide with a chair, causing her to look up.

Teal'c, Janet, Jack Jacob and Daniel were all lined up beside the table.

"What's going on?" Sam asked as her father took her hand.

"A wedding. There was a short delay, but on with the event," Jacob said, tears glistening in his eyes.

"What? I... oh," Sam stammered. Taking Daniel's hands, they faced Hammond.

"The monk had to go home, and I figured so do you," Hammond said grinning. "This is how I figured it would be. Well maybe not with an interruption, but surely me officiating as your Commander."

Daniel leaned into Sam, causing her to blush as his breath tickled her ear. "Shall we continue?"

Nodding, Hammond gave a hearty laugh and asked them to make their way to the gate room. Sam moved with the group but was stopped by Janet.

"Sir? Do you think we can have a moment?" Janet asked.

"Sure. Just don't take too much time; we still have two SG teams coming in," Hammond said, nodding.


In a record 10 minutes, Sam was once more in her wedding gown, Cassie had worked on her make-up while Janet had twisted and clipped Sam's short hair. She once more felt like a princess, and more then awkward as she made her way down the stairs and into the gate room.

Five rows had been set up with some of the personnel of Daniel and Sam's departments, most of the on-world SG teams and the control crew. Some how they had found the time to string a white rope down each side, and brought in the two big bouquets of flowers from the church.

She beamed as Hammond started the ceremony, knowing he was right that he should be uniting them.


"I know this will be a wedding no one will be able to live up to," Janet said as she sipped her Champaign.

"Maybe I will scratch the getting married on a beach dream then," Cassie said, giggling. "You think I could get married off world?"

"Only if the guy makes it past your mother and I, and can still get security clearance," Jack said.

Sam smiled and patted Cassie on the arm. "Just remember his bark will get only louder and his bite will become none existent." She giggled as Jack shot her a look. Moving away to see how Daniel was, she noticed he was talking to Sergeant Walter Harriman.

"I don't recommend P3X-8756 during this time of the year, acid rain. But beyond that it is a wonderful place. M8P-5980 is very nice. It's a desert, but has some nice villas and cliff dwellings," he said. Pausing a heart beat, and looking between Daniel and Sam he nodded, "Oh I know, P4X-3547 - it has this valley that has a nice stream flowing through it, a waterfall, and the natives are very friendly."

Daniel glanced at Sam who was smiling. "Thanks, Walter. I think we will stick to the one I choose."

Sam found herself being pulled away by some of the other scientist and did not notice Daniel slip away. As more people said good-bye and gave their congratulations, Sam noticed that Jack, Janet, Teal'c and Cassie were standing in a corner looking at her. Saying her last thank you, she went over to the group, concerned that she did not see Daniel.

"Have you seen Daniel?"

"Already lost him?" Jack said, earning a small swat from Janet. "Aww common, it was like an open invitation."

Janet gave him another pointed gaze and turned to Sam. "We wanted to give you guys this for your honeymoon," she said holding out a pink bag.

"You did not have to do that," Sam said, taking the bag. She gave Janet and Cassie a quick hug. "I wonder where Daniel is though."

"Here," he said as he walked up to the group. Giving Sam a quick kiss, he slipped his arms around her waist. Daniel met Jack's amused eyes. "It's not some trinket you lifted from my office is it?"

Sam was busy taking off the wedding bells and opening the box inside the bag. "Oh!"

Her exclamation caused Daniel to look down at what had made Sam start. In her hand was a glass paperweight with a butterfly on a rose. "That is very nice."

"Jack got it," Janet said.

"Thank you, Jack," Sam said giving him a hug.

Jack raise an eyebrow, he asked, "'Jack'? Umm I figured the butterfly was appropriate. It does symbolize new life, I figured it fitted with you getting married."

"Thank you, Sir. It is amazing," Sam said as she placed the object back into the box.

He gave a smile and a small huff. "It's a special day; special present. Daniel, you do another move like that and I will not let it slide."

"Which one Jack?" Daniel asked as his eyes danced with amusement, pulling Sam against him and planting another kiss on her lips.

"Ya that would be it..." Jack muttered, rolling his eyes. "Don't you have some other shindig to get to?"

"Hum? Oh! Yes, yes... Sam we need to go, if we hurry we can catch it, if not, we have a week to perfect it," Daniel said, disentangling himself expertly.

"Oh make me gag," Cassie said mockingly as she turned toward the wall. "Let me know when I can look."

Sam pulled her a hug and laughed. "Oh please you will be like this some day."

"A long, long time, some day," Janet said, with Jack nodding.


As Daniel entered the gate room, he gave Walter a nod, starting the Stargate's dialing sequence.

Hammond and Jacob stood facing the couple as Jack and Teal'c entered after Sam and Daniel. "The Colonel has informed me that for the next week, under no certain terms, am I to contact you, even if there is an inter-galactic battle in progress," Hammond started. "I agree. You too deserve an uneventful time, especially after today."

They both thanked him. Jacob came up to Sam and hugged her fiercely. "I'm so glad this old man could finally see you get married. And Salmak says she would have married Daniel if you hadn't. Let's say we are of different opinions."

Sam laughed as she pulled away. "Well thank you Salmak for not taking my Daniel away."

Daniel also got a hug from is new father-in-law, getting the "keep my little girl safe" line, quickly followed with "welcome to the family - formally."

Teal'c pulled them into a bear hug telling them that he was very proud to see them finally be married. "'May you love and fight like warriors, just not with each other.' It is common blessing for the married couples," he explained.

Jack merely hugged Sam, and winked at Daniel. "Can't have your show waiting now," Jack said as they moved toward the ramp.

Daniel picked up the bag he had packed for the trip and moved up the ramp with Sam. "Hold on," he said, Sam pausing to look at him. In one easy swoop Sam gave a startled gasp and laugh as he lifted her into his arms. "Much better. Let's go see the sun go down."

Daniel carried his new bride through the event horizon, unable to wait to start his new life.