She took a breath, dove under the water, turned and pushed off the wall. One, two, three, breathe, one, two, three, breathe. Arms slicing thewater, legs kicking to propel her to the opposite wall. One, two, three,breathe.

The one piece bathing suit was an old friend to her as she had decided totake up swimming again as part of her exercise. It was light blue, with whiteracing stripes down the sides, and clipped comfortably around her neck. Ofcourse in the two years she had had it, she was able to maintain her physic and it still fit perfectly. Driving to the off base rec center that the Cheyenne Mountain owned, Sam had been greeted by the utter silence that 5 a.m. brought to the pool.

One, two, three, dive, turn, push, surface, breathe. She found therepetition soothing. Comforting. Each stroke lifted another day of her worries.Each breath reminded her she was lucky to even still be alive.

Ten years and she still had butterflies when she saw the shimmering blueof the Stargate. Still could feel the prickle of the coldness that long agoshe had found away to compensate for. It was still a thrill to watch thenew recruits go through their first battles, even if it was simulated andwith fake blood. She couldn’t think of anyone else she wanted to be spendingall her waking moments with than SG-1.

She pulled herself out of the water, wringing out her hair as she walkedto where she had placed her towel. The early morning lights of Colorado Springstwinkled below the rec center. She shook her head slightly and walked backto the woman’s locker, ready to shower and change into her uniform.

She had left a lot of her worries in the water in her morning swim and decidedit was a good tradition to start when she wasn’t off-world. Yet, even asshe once more got into her car, swim suit and towel in a bag, she knew itwould be another day that would pile on more worries.

Sam smiled as she entered into the SGC. Thank goodness for water.

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